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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wedding Message to His Majesty and Queen

Your majesties- the King and the Queen,
the living inspiration to the world.
Seeing you, we realize that
Soul mates can find and keep each other,
Commitment means something,
A great team can overcome life’s troubles,
And love triumphs over all.

May thy love continue, warm and bright;
May it shine throughout the eternity.
You’re an example for the rest of us.
Your faith, optimism and kindness are qualities that we treasure.
But most of all we appreciate the love you give without measure.
As King and Queen you both have that very special touch.
So we celebrate your union on your royal wedding day.

We love you more than words can express,
The love you share is immense and sweet.
May your love never fade.
I wish you a marriage filled with joy, love and care.
May your love for each other grow profound and strong with time.
On this beautiful and joyous occasion,
As two souls unite to seek love and happiness for life,
I wish to congratulate your majesties,
All the best for the times ahead.
Congratulations on your Wedding.

May God bless your love,
With loads of happy and memorable times.
Congratulations on your Wedding.
The intense light of happiness is rising form the horizon.
And we feel the ascent of Happiness flourishing under
Your peaceful decree and dynamic care.

                                                                Thank you madam Sangay Dee for editing it. 


  1. hey... that was so sweet of u to mention me though I didnt do much of editing :)

  2. its my pleasure and thank you so much for your time madam..

  3. Nice one bro. Loved it. :)


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