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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Why I write?

I began blogging three years ago while I was in first year. The purpose was not defined. After a year of blogging I realize the rationale of my amateur interest. I write for the purpose. I have something to say. I have something to say to someone. I have some purpose for saying it. Information is constantly available – from other people, television, radio, newspapers, books, world wide web and many other sources and why not from my blog? 

I like to work with words, using them to reconstruct my past, foresee blind alley future and bastardize current.

The journey is tough, tough and blank most of the time. It is a difficult path strewn with slippery wet leaves.  I write about anything I want and the assigned topics. These are two opposite instructions for me and the common reaction to both – a big blank. I don’t have enough past experiences that I’ll pour in black and white. I don’t have gift to get mesmerize by the mesmeric beauty of nature and forecast the futile future.
I tried to remain faithful to my past experiences. Whenever I spark with my past experiences it drags my hands on the keyboard. And whenever I think to create something that is nonexistent and rhythmic it turns into poetry. And moreover writing about those and feelings helps me to learn more about me, whether or not I share with anyone else.

There are always charms and pride of writing. Just as you take one final look in the mirror to fix whatever isn’t just right before going out, I take a look at my writing to face readers. And it is finally publish to share with audiences. Reactions from audiences are diverse. They criticize weaknesses and give positive comments for improvement. A criticism of weakness without any ideas for fixing it is a negative. 

Some readers which happen to be friend certainly call me to say, how nice my articles are. May be I provoked and astonished them though I feel my writing are as bland as oatmeal. It is more surprising and proud to see and grin to read few of my articles being published in few national news papers. And the biggest encouragement is when the page -views is never constant on my blog. 

Therefore Writing - blogging is a journey maintain through fine diary of our thoughts.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Look there!

Look there in the evergreen forest.
Can you see the blooming dandelion foretaste?
Visualize the invisible singing bees from here.
Can you feel the rhythm of their dance without dare?

Look there in the mightiest ocean.
Can you see the beautiful bright lotus blazing?
Seems the petals on august lotus are in motion.
What, if you and me dance their? Will it be amazing?

Look high up in the sky of widest memories.
Can you count how much you cry for my tricks?
Those were to distinguish your beautiful cheek adorn with tears.
Will you now cry for this joke too?

Look here in the mirror near the window.
Can you see you are in floods of tears?
I discern these tears are your tears of the afterglow.
Can we begin to hear wedding bells and cheers?