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Friday, July 24, 2015

Two Lines Poem

Far and beyond the legend by the name Moon,
Shine to the lost man in the jungle to be a boon.

Love intricate shalt thou felt in thy purest heart
Giggling to thou boos when my hand on thine breast

Craziest is that beast for me to dangle down thus far
Come on; worth thy life mingle in the bar

Blind I am to see the faith and fate
Else, the flower would bloom in the beautiful lawn.

Lunatic I am for writing these shitty two lines poem
Fanatic I shall ever fly with the rhythm on biome.

I love thee on that lanky mad chic

Heart shalt thou bereft if betrayed. 

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Desktop Background

The passion and desire to be a good photographer comes with challenges and frustrations. To photograph those moving objects are much more exasperating. I was hunting for the best to capture and save it as my screen background in laptop. Finally, I could capture which I can level it as good and I hope for more best to add in my list henceforth.

Zhemgang is rooted in jungles. These jungles houses millions of beautiful flora, fauna, animals, birds and creatures. Loitering and leisure in those seem mundane world is best to be. I love to live and see those beautiful lively aroma of nature surrounds me. Yes, I love Zhemgang and I am serving people in remote villages of Upper Kheng. 

Beautiful butterfly sit on the golden flower
Never knew that time to capture
Yet blind I am to see Faith and fate. 

The Desktop background 

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Started What I Love to do...

Do the call of what thy passion desire
Struggle to reach where it might take thee
Just start and go...
Don't wait for tomorrows to come
For Tomorrows never comes!

I started to photograph. Those are few shots that I think its good! I hope I can capture the beauty of heavenly Zhemgang and its rich in the wild. Wish me luck!!!

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