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Monday, July 18, 2016

Financial Year 2016 - 2017

The road history of Upper Kheng (UK) is under making. The most controversial GC road construction in the history of Department of Roads has been completed. Formation cutting for additional length of 1.24km to the newly proposed Gewog centre is yet to complete with trace cutting already reached its termination point. Formation cutting of Bardo Gewog centre road (Therang - Khomshar GC road) will be completed within this financial year 2016 -2017. Trace cutting has already been terminated at the Gewog centre. 
Beautiful Khomshar before road construction
Survey work for the new road that will connect Khomshar under Zhemgang and Wama under Mongar Dzongkhag is underway with Lingmithang regional office undertaking the feasibility survey. The road construction activity is in 12th fifth year plan. The road will connect central and Eastern Dzongkhag. 

Construction completion of GC roads has welcomed many farm roads under Shingkhar and Bardo Gewogs. Within 2015 -2016 financial year, two farm roads to Radhi and Thrisa village with 7.10 km and 9.17km respectively started its construction. Another two farm roads to Changkhar and Thajong is yet to start. 

Bardo Gewog's farm roads to Phulabi and Dratshang (Gonpa) awaits for trace cutting of GC road to reach Gewog centre since all takeoff points of the farm roads are from Gewog centre. Factually, UK's development mode is on. 
Thrisa Farm road takeoff from GC road
With Chamkharchu Hydropower soon to start, roads condition and people's lives will be drastically improved. 

Nimshong Sub-division office is mandated for management of road projects of UK. It has blacktopping and maintenance of Buli - Nimshong (30.2km) and Phumithang Dratshang (3.35km), formation cutting of Shingkhar and Bardo GC roads works at hand. 

Budget proposal for the fiscal year 2016 - 2017 amounting to roughly Nu. 150.00 million was farsighted move. Among various proposed improvement activities of GC roads, budget for construction of only three Bailey bridges were approved with RGoB financing. 

Government has pledged and prioritized blacktopping of all Gewog centre roads within 2018.  Within those two financial years period, Shingkhar GC and Bardo GC road till Bardo contemplate to complete. The total GC roads to blacktop lengthen to 59.06km after completion of Therang - Khomshar GC road. 

Therefore, as per the fiscal budget approval and work plan accordingly, I wish for timely release of the budget and timely completion of work. 

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My driver got a Gift

I and my teammates consisting of forest range officer, junior engineers and driver were on excursion one fine sunday to Chamkhar chu and nearby small stream. The day was filled with joy. We collected fern and mushroom. We tried luck to bait trout. Not for killing and eating but for outlandish study by engineer. It was long wait sitting on the huge boulder eyeing to feel the jerk. There was no bite. 

Crab found in Sibjigang stream

After that we went on to small tributary. We left no stone unturned in search of trout to see how really it look like. I heard, it is one among the most delicious fish. Finally, we got one. Ranger confirmed it to be snow trout. I photographed it.

In the meanwhile, I posed for photographs with fish on palm. I directed my driver to focus on trout on the palm with blur background. The fish was stifling without water. After few shutter sound, I said, "it is ok, enough. The fish is dying". 

Snow trout found in tributary of Chamkhar chu

After awhile we took rest under the cool umbrella of huge tree. We drank Foster and juice to self refresh. I was going through the photos snapped during our course of exhaustive fishing.
'Where is my photo with fish', I enquired him. 'Here', he pointed to the photo below after scrolling few photos

A gift or token of remembrance. Simply cool!!

I was like WHAT?!!! after seeing the photo. He was simply smiling and said; 'keep it as a token of long remembrance sir'.

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Therang - Shingkhar GC Road construction II

Starting from feasibility study to construction was divisive. Those Controversies hindered project about three months. Initially people discussed and minuted to change alignment diverting away from the mandate of having the GC road shortest possible. Initial construction by Dzongkhag administration diverted it mandates from the Guidelines Specifications. The gradient was high enough for vehicles to ply. Department had to propose for the gradient correction work for 3.18km length and unluckily certain length of the road pass through private land. Repeated bulldozing through private land proved injustice. Yet, holistically it was discussed with land owner and it was a success.

The target for this fiscal year was 8.1km. Total length of the road as per feasibility survey report was 11.32km. 3.18km was already trace cut by Dzongkhag but left with high gradient and department had to do correction work. Despite public unfriendly with the construction work, management risked to complete whole remaining length (8.1km) in this fiscal year.
Road is the top most priority of the government and people's want and need either. It is the crucial facility for the development to prosper. Impossibility is guaranteed to develop far flung villages and communities without road network.
Gradient correction work through pvt land. 
Everywhere the concern may be similar. People granted and sign for no objection agreement if road pass through their private land during the initial stage of feasibility studies. During construction stage, people aren't happy because they care their land since it is their livelihood. And this disagreement surfaced at construction of Shingkhar GC road. It marked as the most controversial road construction in the history of Department of Roads with frequent media reports in national level.

Despite hectic pressure from the public, management was challenging. It is best to act holistically considering laws of the land. No one is above law. The last resort for every disagreement is with laws and the system to decide. Decision taking is the toughest and pronouncing for advantage of larger interest is best. Never decide in view of self gain. Lead with laws and every problem will have strict solutions. Finally few individuals were apprehended.
Lyonpo Lekey's recent visit to his Gewog connected with road. 
People tense when the law act. After apprehension apprehensive thought about project was ended. Construction progressed well and it is my glory to inform general public that the construction of Therang - Shingkhar GC road is completed. Yet additional length of 1.24km to the proposed new gewog centre is under construction. Hopefully by the beginning of fiscal year 2016 - 2017 it will be completed.

I applaud and thank my concern site engineer for the dedicated work and as a team we grow. 
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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Golden Langur

Mostly wander I swing deprived missing nearby eatable,
In the golden fur of beautiful covering as raiment.

Jumping madly off the branches with mates
And peaceful rest to feed kiddo makes the wander wonderful.

Profound dark face; golden raiment cover of gold & long extreme tail
You are named Golden Langur.
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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Dove

Walking lone silent on the highway befits solitary smile.
Perch on the seeming rotten branch,
I see the dove.

For that intricate pattern of beauty what  I call,
The stunning dove. 

For your serenity to the adjust of lens onto your beauty what I call,
The honest.

The praise for the lost shot of thy flapping wings makes me wonder,
My leisureliness. 

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Monday, May 2, 2016


Sunday morning, near my home
I was sitting on the bench idle.
I was waiting for the sun to rise.

I could hear the beautiful chirp.
That was soothing beautiful!

Before the rise, beautiful bird welcome the day!
Thank you. The day was awesome hence. 

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Update from Zhemgang

No information garnered. Just I was alone sitting on the bench outside my little new home. Sun was above bright and it was noon. The branches of peach tree are green. I felt mild afternoon fresh air blowing gently. I could hear chirping sound sharp. I looked above. I could see nothing but the dancing of those green fresh leafs and the chirp was continuous. Gently I turned around. There I saw on the fencing of my friend's home, little bird. You are beautiful! Beautiful enough!!!  Still no information garnered! 

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Shingkhar GC Road

It is almost two years conceded with the construction of Therang –Shingkhar GC road with total length of 11.32km and Nu. 48 million fund from Government of India (GoI). It has become the most controversial road construction in the history of Department of Roads (DoR). Many unfolding history and important happenstance has to be told and learned. Yet within a year of my handling the project in the capacity of Project Engineer has worth progressed with few hundred meters left to reach termination point, the Gewog center.

There were countless hindrances and misgivings from the public nonetheless, I feel content to share the good news.  

It is not only the project management deserves the big applause but almost all relevant agencies from grassroots to the prime concern ministry.

Road construction reached Shingkhar village. Image date: 31/01/2016
Most probably by mid of March construction will be completed and as per work plan, within this fiscal year project shall be completed. It is indeed good news for people of Upper Kheng and mostly for the people of Shingkhar gewog. The hardship days of walk shall be history hence. And the first ever road project in the community is yet again a history to remember.

Therang – Bardo – Khomshar GC road (27.1km) will take another year for completion and the progress until date  is good despite encountering tough geological terrain for both trace cutting and formation width cutting.

Buli – Nimshong – Therang GC road (49.6km)  is under maintenance and road stretch from Nimshong until Therang has improved.

Budget proposal for various constructions of permanent structures and bridges along aforementioned roads under Nimshong sub – division office has been proposed and submitted for fiscal year 2016 – 2017.

Thank you public for the support and giving me vast opportunity to learn numerous new things in my professional life and I shall remain grateful ever. 

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Moon

It is my privilege to work for the people in little less known village called Nimshong in Upper Kheng where my project office is base. More privilege I am getting to know many new people and new places under my jurisdiction. Places are beautiful. People are awesome and learning Khengkha (local dialect) is fun. Sitting with old people and knowing the new culture and tradition is even more source of pride.

On reclining seat through bumpy road and thick jungle grumble in my mind of journey. The journey for site visits is tiring yet it is jovial in the wild to see beauty of diverse wildlife. I have to travel day and night sometimes. More or less I have become a rover. Least I get to stay idle in office relaxing with paper works. At the end of the day I am even further happy to know that I am balanced with office work and site work. This is what my life should be. Yes definitely!

That day was fine. It was my time to complete paper works. After office hours I went for walk in dusty road. Singing with the evening dawn chorus of little birds and seeing the preparatory dance for their evening time was wonderful alone. By the time I remember to return back, it was already dusk. Oh! Remember, I was dating with those little birds.

I came back. The light from the above was on. I stared up. There was a full moon glowing fresh. The beauty in it captured my mind to focus my lens. Though it hides under the blanket of cloud, the real inner beauty is seen illuminating. The moon is beautiful with lovable activism. I miss my angel then.

I had to quicken my pace in between. It was dark. Back home alone again waiting for the next day and routine to follow-up. 

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Bless the Year

2015 was a fruitful year. Many wonderful accomplishments were added up in the chronicle of my life revolution. At the very beginning of the bygone year, I got my appointment order from RCSC with Department of Roads further with the Regional office, Tingtibi. After commencement of office in Regional Office, I again assumed the huge responsibility in the capacity of Project Engineer to take over the road projects of Upper Kheng. Among all, the most controversial Shingkhar GC road construction is challenging. Many new knowledge, skills and technique and technological advancement regarding road construction made a list in my professional life. Yet, again with new 2016, I beseech; “Bless the Year”

Welcome, 2016. I don’t have any specific resolutions for I am sure I’ll be best to anyone that’ll relate to me. Happy 2016!

With the year end, I want to share beautiful pictures of little birds captured in the wild of Upper Kheng. 

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