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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Are we Helpless??

Let me represent our dear youth, young men and women. This could me what our youth strive for. And here it goes…..

There is no guide book to this game we call life. There are no wrong or right answers; our only clue to living life is our heart.

But what’s one heart without another? What be the point of living life only to fade back into black in the end?
All I ever asked for is a friend or two, but no one ever hears, am I not loud enough? Not clear enough? Or is it I’m not good enough? Is it what I’m asking for not what I need, because in this moment I’m empty inside?

Tonight I’m so insane I want to leave home and scream in the middle street “Hey everyone, I’m alive! I exist! I’m actually real, I’m here.”

Maybe then it’ll be clear to the world what I want is only friendship, love and job, nothing more.
I’ve never asked for money, an unfortunate lesser person could use that prayer elsewhere. I’ve never caused harm to anyone, so why it that I’m treated this way?

Why can I never be happy?
Who am I?
Where and why am I here?

My body’s young, my memories new, yet my soul seem old. All I know is love, yet I’m always kept back in the shadows, no one knows I’m here.

Now I’m making sure tonight someone will know I am here. I’m waiting to meet them, and for whatever is the reason, this mysterious force we call life is keeping me from them.

And I’m sorry, I’m not sure I can make it through alone, please help me get by. My strength has been drain throughout the years, I feel like I’ll break. Help me before I snap into 2 more incomplete parts.

My wish: I will sleep tonight and hope to see you there where I go every night. Only this time it won’t be a field of nightmares but of freedom. And when I wake, beauty will illuminate my life.

But in reality: I know I will wake up to the same world as today is. And so I will keep losing and losing my sanity at age 17. Dealing with depression, with no love, no friends.

So please listen. Please tell me you can hear me; please tell me you know I exist. Tell me I’m not alone; tell me I don’t HAVE TO be alone anymore. This is the last straw, before I become lonely forever, heartless and cold, the one thing I truly despise is the thing I’ll become soon without you. Someone save me.

Help our youth to discover diamond in them. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sex and Society

 As a man who passed the youth stage and twenty two year old male, my mind often ends up in the gutter and thinking something nasty, people may say. Impure thoughts about the opposite sex are a common part of our day to day life. Yet we should never use sex as a game.

As we go through our adolescence stage, exploring our sexuality comes naturally. It is something that we thoroughly enjoy, but when does curiosity actually kill the cat?

A good friend of mine was telling me the story of how a bunch of people decided it would be fun to play a sex game at a very wild party.They placed a bag over a girl's head, put her in a room and then the young men would take turns of having sex with her in the room. It ended up that her brother had sex with her because her face was covered.

I can't tell if this story is actually true, or a terrible rumor, but the level that our generation takes in exploring peoples’ sexuality disturbs us.
I am not saying that sex is only appropriate, when we're in love. Sex is great, but when do you begin to lose your integrity?
The way people view SEX in today’s society is basically the total opposite of how people viewed it 50 years ago. Back then it was seen as something to do in privet. Today it’s seen as a way to sell clothes, cars, movies, etc.

The real problem in today’s society is how teens view sex. We the youth should know such stuff about sex. Some guys may view it as something that the sooner you have sex the better, and the more you have it the cooler you are. Girls see it as something to do after you've been dating for around 6 months.

In today’s world there's no such thing as innocents. For all the parents reading this if you think your kid is having sex your right and if you don't then think again. As far as how adults in today’s society view sex it’s pretty easy to guess. Everything we see on TV, Internet ads, newspaper ads was conceived by adults so there view is clear.

I think we should start to curb our curiosity and gain a little self-control, if we want to look back with pride at our youth. If things continue the way they're going pretty soon it'll be a common thing to see middle school kids buying condoms and 12 year olds having abortions.

I’m not saying the way the world view's sex is apocalyptic, but changes should definitely be made if we want to retain some sort of innocents and decency in our society.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Goodbye Rongthong Kunley Dorji

 Trees’ shedding their leaves, death of Giddafi and your death, once again brings home the universal truth of impermanence and decay, the weather becomes dry and crisp.

I still remember narrated story of your deeds from my friend Ngawang who is now working as Police. We were too small to understand such stuffs but he was well understood because the so called marching for the right of people (Drowa meeyee wangcha Gorang go) in 1990 in Gomdar Gewog-my prior block, instigated from his village, near his house. And his father told him in brief.

You have lived 73 years. And I know you are founding president of the so-called Druk National Congress (DNC) in Nepal. I know that at 11pm on October 19 you passed away at Manipal Institute of Medical Science in Gangtok, Sikkim. Due to your deeds many innocents were affected.

You were great enough to cause national threats but dull enough to know you wouldn’t be living long and fulfill your futile dreams. May be you thought that you are to live thousands of years and forgetting the basic fundamentals of life. And finally you are now once upon a time Rongthong Kunley Dorji.

It is nice and appreciated to know that you regretted just before your last breath. You left this wonderful heaven earth with full of regrets.  Carrying tones of regret and reconciliation you knew that, at a dharmic level- as Buddhist, the suffering one has to endure is a consequence of one’s Karma. “Thus, with my body, speech, and mind, as far as my mortal human capacities allow me to, I hereby forgive all those who have wronged me”, “And if I, knowingly or unknowingly, have caused hurt or harm to anybody by my aspiration or actions, seek forgiveness of them”.

Due to your activities many innocent, most Sharchops were affected a lot. They were deprived, once from getting Citizenship Identity Card (CID) and now continuing not getting No Objection Certificate (NOC) from police. Many intellectual youth and logical people were just left helpless because the record - involved in a demonstration was bold and red.

I too was not spared. Record showed that my mother was involved in demonstration. Impossible!! My mother just went to attend census meeting, where all the people of the Gewog were summoned and to their dismay it was not census, it was the arrest of the commoner who mostly are innocent and don’t know about the situation. Due to this trick, all people who were there was recorded as involve in demonstration.

Came 2005, I was qualified to study in higher secondary school with distinction. The big dilemma was whether I’ll get CID or not. I went Thimphu with my friends and luckily I got. Again time passed by with full of zeal and hard work, came 2007 where I was halted for a year due to the above mentioned problem of involved in demonstration. How much I tried it was in vain. Starting from the office of Gup to the Prime minister’s office visiting was only just. Nothing happened. To come tomorrow, after one week, after two weeks… were the Officers’ best words, And Dashos prolonged it even to a year and so on to solve the problem. And that one year story continues still for few. I was not only the one but many students who have had distinction in academic.

What so ever be, I am now happy that the people who were recorded as involved in demonstration now are rectified and issued NOC and CID card.

And one thing that I always rejoice due to this problem is the golden opportunity that I got to work as an Assistant Chemist for a year. It was life time experiences. And after that I resume my studies again.

Hope in future Bhutan will not have any Rongthong Kunley and Gidhafi like who on no account think prior to and regret only when death is right in front and wish to say: “To my country and my people, I pray: may all the gods, goddess, guardians and protectors, and all those of cosmic lineage, who command coincidence, always guide to protect you; may your positive karma, and your outer, inner and secret obstacles, be purified and cleared, may your negative karma, and your positive aspirations and actions, consequence glorious merit; may the times ahead bring you good future, prosperity, happiness and peace, and may all be auspicious for you”.

Pelden Drukpa Gyello!!! Not Drowa meeyee Wangcha Gorang Go.

Friday, October 21, 2011

People Cheat

People cheat. They cheat on their husbands, their wives, their life partners, boyfriends and girlfriends. Anyone can be a cheater and lots of people have cheated. Lots of members of the same group have been cheated on. Unfortunately, it has gotten to seem like cheating and being cheated on is a rite of passage. It shouldn't be, but it is. Most people set aside the potential health risks and justify their cheating as "not hurting anybody". Until the person that they've cheated on finds out. The emotional ramifications of being cheated on can be devastating and take a long time to get over. Not to mention the destruction of a relationship, way of life and in some cases, a family.

So, why do people cheat? If it's so potentially dangerous and has all kinds of side effects, why would people take the chance on cheating? It's important to remember that some cheating takes place when people are young. They might be a teenager and on a "self discovery" kick. It isn't uncommon for college students to cheat and be cheated on. This type of cheating is usually more understandable, because this is the time that we are discovering life on our own, how to be grown up and deal with grown up situations. If we were dating someone before we went to school, it's likely that for a while we will try to hold on to the best of both worlds. For lots of young people, this results in cheating and being cheated on.
This type of cheating can be hurtful and potentially pose a risk to the health of the people involved, but it isn't necessarily devastating. Most people who are cheated on at a young age recover emotionally and are able to move on with little or no relationship issues later.

The other type of frequent cheating that occurs can be found among committed couples, such as people who are married. While the excuses for this type of cheating run rampant, the real reasons usually amount to the same thing: dissatisfaction in their current relationship. This can be due to any number of factors: money, lack of communication, lack of understanding and attention, etc. The bottom line is, though, that cheating is often the result of one or more aspects of the relationship that cause unhappiness.

A cheater will often fantasize about the act for a while before it happens and many times, it's purely luck that they don't get caught the first time around. Since "cheating" is often brought about by a buildup of negativity and a need to gain immediate gratification, these situations may not be very well planned out at first. If "cheating" moves on to an affair the situation will usually take on a more planned and secretive dimension that is meant to keep people from finding out about it.

So, what is it that keeps some people from actually getting to the cheating stage, anyway? We all go out, we all meet new people and statistically, there are at least a hundred people that might be perfect for us. There is always someone out there that each one of us meets who we will find very attractive and they will find us to be the same. Why are so many people who are in committed relationships able to refrain from cheating?

The long and the short of it is that cheating is the result of an immature or selfish person who isn't looking into the long term of their relationship. They aren't considering what they could lose and at the moment, it doesn't matter. Lots of people entertain the idea of cheating, but when it comes to it, they never would. It's because these are the people who are committed to their relationship and everything that it encompasses; it would be foolish to ruin what they have for one night of instant gratification.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Royal Wedding In Punakha

Usually I set alarm to get up early in the morning to study. Whatever other work be I never set alarm to wake me up early. On the 12th midnight I was not sure whether I set it but early in the morning I heard my mobile alarm ringing so impressively. Out of my zeal to witness the joyous occasion I thought I have set it to remind me to witness the present that is going to be ultimately the history of nation. Immediately I took shower and get primed to sit in front of 24’’ TV.

The rising sun and its shining rays casing uniformly all the country, chirping birds, cool wind and smiling people was what I could feel and see soon I sit on the blue chair. The novelty of Phungthang Dewa Chenpoi Phodrang and it’s around serene scene adds more live to joy of the people. Soon the arrival of King, royal family, government heads, Je khenpo and guests from outside country ingredient the real feeling of witnessing the present. It is eventually the history. Sometimes history is painful and sometimes joyful. History can’t be written without pain or joy. But this was the day where history was decorated as a most joyous moment. We have won and we are victorious.

Everything was traditional. The sacred nuptial ceremony was sanctified in a traditional religious ceremony, which was performed in the grand Kuenra (congregation hall), the main seat of Drukpa Kagyue tradition. The religious ceremony had begun with His Holiness the Je Khenpo conducting the prayer of Zhabdrung Dag Nangma at Machhen lhakhang; while other Lopon and monks initiated Tshepa Mey prayer at the grand Kuenra.

His majesty the King received the Dar Na Nga, an arrangement of silk scarves in the five auspicious colours, representing the five elements. The Fourth Druk Gyalpo received the Dar Na Nga for the royal bride from Machhen and bestowed the silk scarves on her in the antechamber.

After receiving empowerment from the Zhabdrung Machhen, the sacred nuptial ceremony was performed. Je Khenpo initiated to chant sutras, Ngoe drup Langwa and offered Tashi lekdar. The representatives of government and the people offered the Mendrey, Ku, Sung, Thud and Thrinley (mandala, body, speech, mind, qualities and deeds), Tashi Ze-gye (eight auspicious articles), Gyal Sid Naduen(symbols of the universal emperor) and Tashi Tagye (eight auspicious symbols) to their Majesties the King and Queen.

After that the celebration with public started. There were special dedication songs and dances performed by different schools, senior citizens and dancers from RAPA. With delightful smile and curvy body movement, all dancers performed to their best.

His majesty the King and Queen met personally with all the people gathered and talk with them. The peoples’ wishes were conveyed. Guests from outside the country got golden opportunity to wish and converse with the King and Queen. With no encumbrance the day was ended with Tashi Labay. And let’s all reminisce with smile the history created together.

Palden Drukpa Gyello!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Little Bird

Remember my story about Little Bird? You know the bird that I had to push away?

She didn’t want to go anywhere…she took walks with me perched on my finger…but one day, I had to push her away. I had to fling her up,up,up into the sky with a great big PUSH and JUMP. I had to fling him up as high as I could reach! Not because I wanted to…it’s the last thing I wanted to do! But because I knew he would be happier up in the trees and flying around in the sky with his family and friends…you know…where he belonged.

When I got her (my dad and I found her wounded in one wing, lying by the wayside), I loved her so much, and I wanted her to be mine forever. I nursed her back to health, and she became a part of my everyday life. We would take walks and she never tried to fly away.

But then after a while of having her, I found out that I loved her more than how I first loved her. I loved her so much now, that even if it would tear my heart out to throw him into the air under those big, big trees arched above me, I knew I had to do it because up there… in those trees… was where she was supposed to be. That’s where she would be really happy.

Even if she didn’t know it yet.

I did.

Some of us have little birds…but a different kind…a kind without wings. And some of us are little birds…someone’s little bird. We love so much that we want to keep forever. Then we fall even more in love later and we have to push away. Or we let someone take us in…someone who wants to keep us forever. Then they fall in love with us more and with a big PUSH and JUMP they fling us up,up,up into the sky as high as they can reach! Not because they want to…it’s the last thing they want to do! But because they know we’ll be happier somewhere where they can’t go…somewhere we belong.

Even if we don’t know it yet.

They do.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Smile when you read your Diary

For me everything I do is Random and Thoughts too.

I am in fact a fun loving person for which my name Duba justifies nonetheless. Fun is what I need really and enjoy all times, everywhere and with everybody. This is what gives me refreshing atmosphere and enjoyable jiffy. The instant I say something I feel myself smile and laugh for which my friends sometimes call me psycho. Whatsoever may be, the more you are witty, and more you are joyful. This is the real power of being comical.

When I was a little boy way back in my village, I used to do mischievous and take advantage of certain situation. I have my links with my friends who are all of same age. Together we did everything. Once we went to filch peach from an orchid. We knew that an orchid is guarded by a lady who can’t speak properly but can understand. We were five of us and went with bag each tied on back. We were tempted and rushed to the orchid as soon as we see a tree replete of fruit. We climbed up and got our own share. Suddenly we heard a familiar sound. To our dismay a lady was shouting to her pitch and was running to us. Without knowing anything to act we immediately ran. We were broken down of fear. And we cried a lot. Auuf!! What a great fear.

At the age of six I was admitted to school. It was three to four hours walk for kids but roughly one and half hour for adult. It was embarrassing for the first time with so many kids together. We had one Karalian Mathematics teacher who used to beat more than teaching. The moment he enter the class he’ll search for my friend Sonam who is his favorite to thrash him with slight mistake. “You you, Pangthangpa Gopoen (head of Pangthang village)” with this dialogue he will hit on his head. But he wouldn’t cry. We had terrible teacher while we were in primary school. They wouldn’t spare us for simple mistake. They would beat us as if we are not kids that we are there to learn from them.

Once, it’s my friend Pema, who is now employed as health professional, we were in class one. There was no teacher in EVS class. We were shouting and chatting. All of a sudden he unconstrained huge gas. The moment he stood up I saw a potato slice that was popped out from his ass. We couldn’t control the situation. He was blushed. From that we called him Joktang.

As a young boy I have to walk everyday three hours to school and back home too. In total I had to walk six hours daily. The journey was challenging during summer. Many hungry leeches, snakes, ugly langurs, naughty monkeys and cute birds were what we used to encounter daily. This incident occurred one fine afternoon when I was on my journey back home after Saturday classes. My friends were together with me. All of sudden we saw a big grand monkey collecting maize in the field below the path. We shouted at, but no damn. Then I told my friends to be silent and I said “Oii zala meymey hang aancha?”(What you are doing monkey grandfather?). he happily smiled back at us. We were shocked and busted to laugh. Again my friend asked, “nan ga aabee ooga deewa ya?”(Where is your mate-grandmother?). He was silent for a while and walked away in the forest. That time we were young to think, why this monkey smiled at us and why he went silently in the forest when we ask where your grandmother is. When I think today I feel I am smiling inside. May be she is death. May be he came alone or maybe she gave birth. We can see how understanding the adult animals are like human adults.

It was again one fine Sunday afternoon; I was on journey with my friends to attend the evening and night study. I was suffering from diarrhea. We had one girl with us. In fact most of my friend loves the girl but they couldn’t confess to her. We were chatting and walking. All of a sudden I lost control to hold; luckily I was with my long pant. I thought she heard the sound. I was blushed for a while. Thinking off I looked at them, they were on the go. Slowly I dragged myself back from them and changed my pant and thrown away in the bushes. By then I was in class six. From that day I comprehend never to walk with girls if I am suffering from diarrhea. It’ll be terrible if she knows.

Here in CST there are many red dogs. They know who are residing in the campus. If we hear them barking cruelly, it is for sure that the outsider is inside the campus. Once I was walking to my class. A dog, oldest of all was waiting, May be not for me. But he was looking to me as if I have hit him. When I was near he is still looking to me. Then I instantly took my book and hit on his forehead. Immediately he ran away with sympathetic mourn. Sometimes I feel animals too cheat me .. hahaha..

When I share these to my friends they all laugh hysterically. They even told me not to repeat such in future since they can’t bear to laugh tearfully.

Our life is uncertain you know. We in no way know when we will eternally leave this wonderful mother earth. Actually we are born to die. In the journey of our own life we face with any kind of situations. When we think back, it seems we are reading our diary. And it gives a refreshing and jovial instant. Whatever the situation be, it is for sure that one day or other we will remember it. So, that is why once when we are having the golden opportunity to be as human, write your diary to the fullest and smile when you read it after long long time back.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Feel thy Love

On the joyous occasion of historic wedding I would wish if all the Bhutanese couple, who were married, who are engaged, who are lovers and who that is going to be a part in their life to celebrate to the best and feel the essence of love. It is golden opportunity to show your best love and get blessing since the day is very propitious. Don’t miss it!!!

Show the real love like that of Singye and Galaem. Tomorrow might be too late, act now and let your partner feel the power of your love.  Let the chill wind of the day bring brightening happiness and showering blessing to all the love birds of the country in their future love life.

It’s for sure that in the journey of your love life you face lots of problems, forget all those faults on that day instead and spend more time with your real angel.

Make them feel special, for, you never know when time will take them away from you forever!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wedding Message to His Majesty and Queen

Your majesties- the King and the Queen,
the living inspiration to the world.
Seeing you, we realize that
Soul mates can find and keep each other,
Commitment means something,
A great team can overcome life’s troubles,
And love triumphs over all.

May thy love continue, warm and bright;
May it shine throughout the eternity.
You’re an example for the rest of us.
Your faith, optimism and kindness are qualities that we treasure.
But most of all we appreciate the love you give without measure.
As King and Queen you both have that very special touch.
So we celebrate your union on your royal wedding day.

We love you more than words can express,
The love you share is immense and sweet.
May your love never fade.
I wish you a marriage filled with joy, love and care.
May your love for each other grow profound and strong with time.
On this beautiful and joyous occasion,
As two souls unite to seek love and happiness for life,
I wish to congratulate your majesties,
All the best for the times ahead.
Congratulations on your Wedding.

May God bless your love,
With loads of happy and memorable times.
Congratulations on your Wedding.
The intense light of happiness is rising form the horizon.
And we feel the ascent of Happiness flourishing under
Your peaceful decree and dynamic care.

                                                                Thank you madam Sangay Dee for editing it.