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Friday, February 21, 2014

Liebster Blog Award - II

I want to thank Tashi Gyelmo for nominating me back for the Liebster Blog Award and a big thank you again for the wonderful new questions that you have framed for the bloggers. I wear beatific smile though my answers may define otherwise. Thank you Tashi.

What is the motive behind your blogging? Or I would rephrase my question in this way, what do you actually intend to convey to the world through your blog posts?

Just randomly as is my thought, I started blogging when I was in first year. By the time I penned down my rationale behind playing with words, I was into the pool of the blogging world. Sometimes back in 2012 I have written a post titled Why I Write. Let me share few lines from the article. ”I began blogging three years ago while I was in first year. The purpose was not defined. After a year of blogging I realize the rationale of my amateur interest. I write for the purpose. I have something to say. I have something to say to someone. I have some purpose for saying it. Information is constantly available – from other people, television, radio, newspapers, books, world wide web and many other sources and why not from my blog?”

 What do you aspire yourself to be within the next five years?

Hehehe… every time when I was ask this particular question I just smile. When I was a little school boy I just dream to be a simple school teacher. Just that was my genuine ambition. When I was in high school I dreamt to be doctor. Ironically I dropped Biology and studied mathematics. Then I struggled to be civil engineer. Yes, my hard work in 12th standard rewarded me with good marks. It was a joy that awake me whole night a day after result was declared. Soon I will be done with my training. I expressed my interest in teaching to the college and I am now frequently reminded to come back as faculty. I nod with smile and say yes. But I am not sure whether to continue with my genuine ambition to be academician or otherwise, civil engineer. I am waiting for the time indeed! Hehe…

In general, how do you view at your life? You may jot a few sentences on your attitude or perception about life.

For me life is being simple and helping as much I can to anyone that’ll relate to me. I am human for I am related to all people and they are to me as well.

Someone said, your attitude define your altitude. Hope it is true but not universal. For some, altitude is their attitude. Once they are raised to certain height they forgot some human instincts. Anyways in all way round people with good attitude act well, fit well in society and they are being loved.

Something that is hidden behind everyone is their attitude – values, standards, judgments, motives, and ethics and believes. These will have impact on their behavior which is known to others in the form of knowledge and skills. So whether is if the glass is half-full or half-empty, depends on the attitude of the person looking at it.

  Bhutan is regarded as the land of Gross National Happiness. How far does the philosophy comply with the real lives the Bhutanese people lead and what is your perception on this concept?

It is the greatest philosophy that I have ever read and known. Yes, I am proud to be the citizen of beautiful mountainous happy Bhutan, the birthplace of GNH. Every value in every steps of our movement is taken care under the four pillars, nine domains and 33 indicators. The nation has felt the need of the value that is universal and aspiration of its people. The development paradigm gears with the philosophy.

It is human values at individual level. Those human values are taken care under cultural domain. It gives importance to ethics and morality. With those values we can excel as single person, move as family and develop as nation or society. It is good that Royal University of Bhutan has now started with human values classes for all the colleges under its umbrella. Yes I am fortunate to attend those classes and learn to have right understanding to be good human.

 Can you usher the youngsters who would emerge as future bloggers with some inspirational lines?

Whatever your thoughts may be jot it down. Keep the flows going on and a day will remind you what you are doing. If you feel the work you have done is worth sharing, there are many free platforms like bloggers, wordpress.com, blog.com, tumblr, LiveJournel etc… and join in the pool of blogging world. It will be worth thinking, writing, and reading. Just feel it!!! I welcome you!!! But it is your choice!!! 

My nominees this time will be my inspiring blogger gurus:
  1.  Sonam Tobgay (And there's more to life), an Architect.
  2. Langa Tenzin(Langa Tenzin's Blog), Law student at Nalsar University of Law, India
  3. Monu Tamang(The Abyss of Freedom), Medical student at Navodaya College of Physiotherapy, India
  4. Pelden Sonam Nima (Writing my Own UnwrittenLines), Custom Officer
  5. Lethro (The continuity of Fate), Forest Officer at Department of Forest.

My questions for them are:
  1. Say something on if given a choice Will you do if you could?
  2. Are you happy?
  3. Are you helping people?
  4. What are you doing differently and how will that impact on people?
  5.  Bhutan is regarded as the land of Gross National Happiness. How far does the philosophy comply with the real lives the Bhutanese people lead and what is your perception on this concept?

Monday, February 17, 2014

~An Agony

Freshness in your looks
Kindness in your heart
Boldness in your pronounce
Determined in your act
Best in your benevolence
Mildness in your walks
I love the way you were!
Even in my dream
Even that day in the frame
You look so visual  
Attempted not to fume in usual
I was attached in realism
Made an all-out effort to brainwash
The fatality of impure life
Indeed in the jealousy that you are good wife
Yet impermanence wipes you away
From the hand of caring husband.
Still our Sonam is sleeping in his best innocent


Unaware yet in his come back from dream
Broken father contemplate how to comfort
The sleeping child yet the jewel you left behind.
Still on the pillow of our juvenile love
I miss those giggles and annoyance
Mixed with emotion and pleasure
Yet I assume you’re come back in afterlife
I miss you!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Liebster Blog Award

Well, I am flattered by the nomination. I was wondering on what is Liebster Blog Award and never remind myself to browse net for the important information going viral among bloggers. It is fun indeed to read diverse answers to more of same questions and participate.

Madam Rima, a mistaken Bhutanese, you deserve a big thank you for nominating me for Award and enlightening me about the award. Thank you!!! I never expected maim to be a Singaporean. I thought you were a Bhutanese by citizen living in Singapore. This is true that I was mistaken for when I knew that you were on tour in Bhutan. Anyways let me answer the questions. I think all most all questions are tough for me. Really!

Describe your blog in 3 words.

~ Diary – When I look above sky is the limit. When I think there is no limit in my thoughts. When I think to pen it down, here is my dairy – Sangay Cholden’s Random Thoughts.
~ Reference – I think and act hilarious, good and bad… I dream of all…. When I look back I am reckon with those memories… and yet I read and learn from the updates of my fellow bloggers.
~ Friend – Many a times I am left alone. I have learned to smile. I have learned to learn from those mistakes of mine in you.   The sheer boredom let me suffer sometimes. When I browse you, yes I am relieved! You are friend indeed!

Describe yourself in 3 words.
~ Funny – My first choice is being funny, my second is being sweet if possible as sweet as honey or at least as sugar beet. But sometimes I can be sour too. I will make you laugh but not frown. Yes I am one of a kind!
~ Philosophical – I am bit philosophical though what I say can be subjective.
~ Amiable – yes I am friendly to all and smile a lot. 

What kinds of blogs do you like to read and follow?
I have no specific choices. I follow and read any type of blogs. The information can’t be same in all blog. Be it good or bad, to digest and learn from those boundless pool of blogs is in my court. But if definitely I have to choose I will go for the blogs that say about life and human values.
What is something you wished more people knew about you?
I wish what if people know that I am one hearted man!

You’re in an awful mood. Who is the first person you call to cheer you up? 
I can’t pour happiness onto others unless I get few drops on myself. I will call my dad, my inspiring guru, as I always do. He would smirk and say, ‘you are one of a kind! And I appreciate it. Never feel bad to others and do always good. Don’t bother for what others do badly on you. But thank from your heart if they good to you’.

Who is the one person who knows you inside out and will always be there for you?
Hope I find one soon.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?
Anywhere! Because I love travelling to places where I haven’t been before and I would prefer mostly the religious sites. 

If there was one thing you could change about the world, what would it be?
I would change human with two hearts to one hearted good human. I am sad when I see and read about being born someone with two hearts, one of which is devoted only to destroying humanity and nature.

If you had a day all to yourself, what would you do?
I would learn more to be good human with values by reading books that contain loads of values.
Favorite food and why?
Hehehe…. I prefer nothing yet I have it all. Just something eatable needs to be on my plate!

My nominees for the award are:

Jigme Zangpo (Thoughts of Jigme Zangpo) third year student, College of Science and Technology. He is new blogger from the college. He writes nothing more than his expression of heart and soul.

Pema Wangyel, (As I Travel My Life’s Journey), civil engineering student from Bumthang.

Madam Launna (Letters from Launna) is my ever inspiring blogger friend. Her ‘blog is about her life one letter at a time... the many different layers and facets of what make her who she is today. She is very friendly, she can talk to just about anyone, and she love to get to know new people’.  She loves her David with much dedication!

Tashi Gyelmo (Once Along the Journey of My Life) B.Sc. (Hons.) Horticulture who is from Bumthang and she writes interesting short stories and beautiful poems.

Sonam Rigsel Dorji (SONAM DORJI'S BLOG). He completed Bachelors in Computer Application from Royal Thimphu College and currently he is pursuing Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration in Royal Institute of Management.

Sangay Tshogyel (Tshogyel’s Memoir). BE Electronics & Communication Engineering who is at Italy on exchange program from College of Science and Technology.

Sonam Yangdon (I wonder and I still need answers...) ‘someone who finds solace in writing and music.....and lending help to others. Someone who never gets bored with oneself. Someone who is too lazy to update her blog......sometimes it makes me wonder why I am sooooo carefree. Currently pursuing Bachelors of Journalism and mass communication in Punjab’.

And my questions to the above nominees are: 

  1.  Describe your blog in 3 words.
  2. Describe yourself in 3 words.
  3. Who, what, and/or where does your blogging inspiration come from? 
  4. What kind of blogs do you like to read and follow?
  5. Create a new list of questions for the blogger to answer.
  6. What time of day do you write the best content for your blog?
  7. What is your favorite social media?  

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I am There

High up beneath the beautiful sky, down on the wonderful earth, careful on the lawn
I am there waiting!

Down at the base of the huge mountain, there near the wavy meander, next to the dried log
I am there walking!

Top on the rock feeling the zephyr, looking at the flying birds, feeling the rhythm of love
I am there smiling!

Near at the base of scented cypress, holding the little petal, reminiscing poignant melody
I am there navel-gazing!

Walking by the leading road, near the legendary bridge of truth, head held high
I am there coming!

Holding the mightiest pen with the thought, nearing to play to construe, joining each and every words
I am there writing!

Waiting near the garden of roses and daffodils, considering the beauty in it, folding my arms with poise
I am there enjoying!

Today in my room, tomorrow out in the air, yesterday in the past
I am there chanting!

Hidden in the mood of angst, fighting for the right, seeing the conflict
I am there wondering!

May not the world be ruled with injustice, may the peace prevail, and may someone lead to be good
I am there praying!

I hate not anyone, I love everyone, I care all and that is my potential
Yes I am one of a kind!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

I am back~ !

For almost twenty days I was at my hometown. I felt superb indeed to meet my parents, relatives and friends doing good back home after my OJT (On-the-Job-Training) and I enjoyed Losar (New Year) with them.

Everything seemed excursion at rural community. The access road is bumpy and cloudy with dust. Walk everywhere – for the diverse works, the daily routine in field. I enjoyed helping my parents.

Losar (New Year) made everything at ease. People relaxed and enjoy with various games and Ara (local wine).There was archery tournament with the neighboring village. I wasn't a player yet I enjoyed journey to the village about 4 hours walk and the match.

Soon after the celebration, I came back for the last semester.