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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Shingkhar GC Road

It is almost two years conceded with the construction of Therang –Shingkhar GC road with total length of 11.32km and Nu. 48 million fund from Government of India (GoI). It has become the most controversial road construction in the history of Department of Roads (DoR). Many unfolding history and important happenstance has to be told and learned. Yet within a year of my handling the project in the capacity of Project Engineer has worth progressed with few hundred meters left to reach termination point, the Gewog center.

There were countless hindrances and misgivings from the public nonetheless, I feel content to share the good news.  

It is not only the project management deserves the big applause but almost all relevant agencies from grassroots to the prime concern ministry.

Road construction reached Shingkhar village. Image date: 31/01/2016
Most probably by mid of March construction will be completed and as per work plan, within this fiscal year project shall be completed. It is indeed good news for people of Upper Kheng and mostly for the people of Shingkhar gewog. The hardship days of walk shall be history hence. And the first ever road project in the community is yet again a history to remember.

Therang – Bardo – Khomshar GC road (27.1km) will take another year for completion and the progress until date  is good despite encountering tough geological terrain for both trace cutting and formation width cutting.

Buli – Nimshong – Therang GC road (49.6km)  is under maintenance and road stretch from Nimshong until Therang has improved.

Budget proposal for various constructions of permanent structures and bridges along aforementioned roads under Nimshong sub – division office has been proposed and submitted for fiscal year 2016 – 2017.

Thank you public for the support and giving me vast opportunity to learn numerous new things in my professional life and I shall remain grateful ever. 

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