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Friday, October 29, 2010


LoVe is undefination thing

wHo make good anything

Can maKe sMiLe iN tHe sadNess

aNd maKe cRy in tHe happiness

It can FLy in tHe wing

tUrn oN in tHe LaNd

make soMeone stiLL to Life

with tHe Kind oF beYond beLieVe

LoVe is not beaTifuLL tHing

but aLso sTuped tHing

maKe a SmiLe aNd cRy

iN tHe LiFe of Die

LoVe iS a FrieNdsHiP

maNy PeopLe wanT to get iT

I doNt Know wHy iT haPpeN

tHis siTuation maKe "LoVe"


To Dear Kinzang (It is not to hurt you)

This is not to hurt you my dear..... love you 

Respected Miss I'll say;

How do u do these days? I think you are fine without any problem and doing your training productively and you are destined to be fine. And i pray for the success of your profession as teacher. Be prepared to generate the best future citizens of the nation.

Here I am fine and everthing is in good health except my outline mentaliy. Everything more will destroy the atmosphere of the professionals. Let me not stop to say about you and your very excellent characters!!! Again though it will spoil your blissful mood I am now in destined position to convey it. Sweet and bitter is my past. Everything changes on the road of life but when we look behind, we label our past with memories. God knows what might happen next and our reason to be in this world. Yes! Our life is like a river. We donot know how many twist and turns we will face. What ever happen, the only certainty is that only memories are left behind. Being born and departing is the law of nature. When we leave this world, we should leave behind good memories. BUT...............

2005, 7th October was fine. 2006 was also fine. 2007 was bit fine. And 2008, worst of all. 7th October, 2005 was the year where I achieved two goals. First I stood third position from tenth standard: I aimed for that. Second I got you as my best friend: I intended for. Time had passed like that for one year, 2006; class XI Science, you at Baylling and me at Rangjung, approximately 150km away. Nothing bad happened. XII Science, 2007 very busy with deep integrated books. We were bith worried about  the final  (BBE) exams. 1st December, 2007 we have done common exams. Result were declared. My happiest jiffy was on that day, where I didn't sleep hours of darkness. I got professional courese in professional country. In the year 2008, my hardwork proved me and i got in ENggineering courses. But due to my security problem I couldn't grab an opportunity to study in-country also. How sad!!! In 2009, its not my hard work counts but this is the gift from GOD ( Ken chok Sum). I got to be member of CST Family. And I don't blow my own trumpet.

My heart is, was, were, will be always wth you. For those simple grounds you suspected me.How much I have to explain and how much you'll understand. You said, "once you make decision its like that". It may be right or wrong. I explained you but in vain. From this , I understood that you have been waiting for this chance to come and break relation with me. I assure in the name of dear GOD that actually I donot have any fault that can be assualted. And I doont have relation with any girls. Any how, how much I have to pour water inthe upside down pot?? Since you ahve decided to end relation with me, its always exact and wise.

You have an affair with others. You told me. My simple advice in this regard is, "one who touches your heart will never touch your body and one who touches your body will never touch your heart". Please remember it.
with her friends!
Another thing that I want to tell you is, please try to learn to except your own fault. DOn't always go for allegiing others. Till date my mind is always with you and it will be forever for you. A lover departs but their loves never depart. Since you have decided  to break it I have to accept your decision. I have heard many unwanted and unbearable news of you while you are at Baylling and currently where you are. Even then I didn't tell you, thinking of, it wouldn't be true, i never expect from you and it would severely hurt you. But today I can;t bear the burden that you have given. You never think how others suffer. You only know how much and how you suffer. My mind never stays cool. Its hot and boils. In the vapor of my boling mind I visualised what I have heard about you. Firstly, I was told that you have an affair with other guys. Not guy, guys. One you have expressed to me. There were and will many.

Secondly I was told, "please leave such type of sexually abused girl; no use. How great! Oh! GOD. How dare it have to snoop? Many guys touches your body, i was informed. Even then I stayed cool, thinking that it wouldn't be 100% true. I have never hate and neglet you. Instead how great! For this, not calling and suspect, everything spoiled. Though I am not a psychologist, one thing that I have learned is, I ahve eccepeted my fault of not calling, after exposing all these reasons u pressured me to break relation: that means what i have heard were all true and that is why you have not send your photos, telling that its summer and the river has swollen. What I have heard were all true and that is and will be your moral characters as teacher. When I tell all these, please I request donot get frustrated where anger is only a self demolition.

When I meet my friends all ask me about relation between you and me> What i can or will tell? The moment I heard words about you, my eyes filled with tears. Its very embarassing. What to do? For love I am not That weak to sacrifice my tears. Once upon a time everybody praises your good characters to me. Thats the reason why I have not believe what i have heard. But, "LOW JAPHU TAE RUNG JAPHU TOEM" and"LOW TAE ME ME GE HING KU" is you. Frankly saying, you are a coward, thae goap thae tsharwa dalu, ther is no points of thinking and regreting.

I am sending your letters and all. Its not to hurt you. Its useless keepingwith.It gives nothing than sadness and make eyes wet. I am keeping your gifts and photosas long remembrance. One thing I want to tell you regarding this, please ............ donot throw my photos in the dust bin. Instead you please........ burn it.

Any how I end here and say, "Best wishes and good luck to get thousands of stars. You aim it carefully and shoot it. Please...................... I tell in mercy, donot let your good story end like the true story of "FLY AND THE SPIDER"

So, lastly i end here with lots of best wishes and good luck to have very successful life ahead.......

Yours truely  

Sangay Duba
Asst. Chemist (Quality Control)
S.D Eastern BHutan Fesi (P) Ltd
Phuntsho Rabtenling (Plantsite)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


For the first time on 17th june 1989 I was born. I am from Shokshi Pangthang  Wangphu Gewog under S/Jongkhar Dzongkhag.I started my schooling at the age of six. I completed my primary education from Yarphu Primary school which is 3-4hours walk from my village. Then I completed my junior schooling from Martshalla Junior High school under Martshalla Gewog and too one day walk.

 Then I completed tenth standard  from Tashigang Middle Secondary school and went to Rangjung higher Secondary School for +2 where I studied science as major.

And now I am here in College of Science and Technology. Civil is my major and I'll be passing out by 2013..

I am not sure when I'll leave this beautiful and wonderful world.