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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Shingkhar GC road Construction I

Road construction is the top most priority for the government of now and then and it is the basic necessity for the socio-economic development to prosper. Considering the vital importance of rapid economic development, the Department of Roads (DoR) started improvement works on existing highways. With the fiscal policies and measures of the government for quality road construction and as being state for the road development network of the country, Department of Roads took over the construction of Gewog Connectivity (GC) roads from Dzongkhags (district).    
Therang - Shingkhar GC road alignment
DoR, Regional Office Tingtibi, took over the GC roads on 2nd July 2013. During the time of handing taking, Shingkhar and Bardo GC roads of Upper Kheng were under construction under Zhemgang Dzongkhag. Lower Kheng is factually connected with well-developed road networks.
It was my pleasure to take over the projects of Upper Kheng in the capacity as fresh college passed out Project Engineer.

Upper Kheng is the most remote part of the nation. People had to walk days and nights to reach at Dakphey, current takeoff point of Upper Kheng roads. Many repeated pleas in the past regarding the road construction were made to the government but in vain.  The settlement are scattered and it would cost huge amount. At some point people were asked to resettle at the southern Bhutan considering the difficult geographical terrain.

With major fund from Government of India (GoI), road construction to UK was begun in early 2000. The road was only till Buli, Nangkor Gewog. Ministry of Agriculture constructed the road as farm road. It is said that people with joy prostrates considering the road as craving gift for the Khengpas. The tears of happiness wet the eyes and relieved the hardship of mundane suffering to walk and walk.

That was the welcoming moment happiness for the Khengpas of UK and the beginning of economic development with road connectivity.

In 2007, Dzongkhag started the road construction from Buli until Therang junction that benefits Bardo and Shingkhar Gewog. The road passes through Malaya, the highest peak between Shingkhar and Nangkor Gewog.

From Nimshong till Therang, DoR took up the road construction as deposit work. From Therang junction, road to Bardo and Shingkhar Gewog are separated. 11.34km road to Shingkhar gewog and 27.1km road to Khomshar is under construction that was started in 2013. 

That was the beginning to road history in UK and how controversial it became will be posted hereon soon. 

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