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Friday, August 8, 2014

Thank you

I am Sangay Duba and let me declare as an author of the blog Sangay Cholden’s Random Thoughts.

I Hope my fellow bloggers and readers are doing great with your family, friends and anyone that are related to you, one way or other.

I am writing this post to share my smile and happiness at the turn of the century.

I started blogging three years ago when I was in second year. Whatever thoughts come in my mind I try to pen down in black and white. The journey is tough, tough and blank most of the time. It is a difficult path strewn with slippery wet leaves. 

I write about anything I want and the assigned topics. These are two opposite instructions for me and the common reaction to both – a big blank. I don’t have enough past experiences that I’ll pour upon. I don’t have gift to get mesmerize by the enthralling beauty of nature and forecast the futile future. Even then I keep my blog up to date.

Basically I write my random thoughts.

Within those past years, I am one among bloggers in Bhutan who blogs regularly.

It is my great pleasure to thank all my readers and followers. My follower counts has already crossed 100 plus. The count of page view is gaining its momentum.

image from nyccakegirl.com
Through blogging, I came to know many people – intellects, college student, great writer with whom we share our common interest, to write.

Worth nowhere among thousand intellects,
I was born to be blogger fanatic.
Within those few years from my start,
Century behold the destiny of onward.
With utmost dedication I tender,
My gratitude for you being an ardent reader.
Thank you followers and readers!!!

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