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Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Dedication to Lyonchen Jigme Yeozer Thinley - I

I am enjoying everything by default. I am loyal son to a humble father and caring mother.  I am Bhutanese. I am Buddhist. I am student trainee. I am devoted citizen to the country that is roughly six years old after it was transformed into democracy. I have my own default right and responsibility. I do what is directly default under me by the law of the land. 

Let me introduce my village first. If you turn the page of history you will see the history stained with the name Gomdar. The slogan “drowa meyee wangcha go rang go”, will be bold on the page of Bhutanese history. My gewog, Wangphu was bifurcated from Gomdar gewog as par the 85th National Assembly resolution. Up on the plateau which is vividly seen as tabled on the slope, it is my village Bayyuel Pangthang. 

Until the first democratic election, the village which I seemed remains untouched. My father in particular and villagers never remembered any high officials paid visit to the village when it was under Gomdar gewog. Some grandparents said once upon a time a minister named Tamshing Jakar visited the village when the gewog was under Trashigang Dzongkhag. There was no electricity, farm road, mobile network connectivity, neither enough drinking tap water. People had to walk hours to attend meetings at the Gewog. The staple crop of the community is maize and it has the potential to produce huge quantity of mandarin. Mandarin is the commercial crop. Everything was struggle. People had to wake up as early as 3 am in the morning and prepare to reach mandarin to the road point, Tokorong, which about 8 hours walking with mules and horses. The sweat of hard work paid them and they were on the margin of self-sufficient and poverty. 

After the 2008 election and with the unanimous majority of the people elected Ugyen Dorji as MP Representative from Deothang-Gomdar constituency, the faith of the community under Wangphu Gewog was changed. 

Everything said and promised were fulfilled under the dynamic leadership of ex-Lyonchen Jigme Yeozer Thinley. Whatever ex-MP UgyenDorji made pledges were all delivered. First the community got mobile connectivity, both TCell and Bmobile. When people were struggling to get charged their mobile phone, the villages were brightened with electricity. When people were happily in the light of modern facilities yet the winding road made its journey through the sloppy terrain of the community. It suffices all the tediousness of transporting the mandarin. Within short span of five years under the DPT government everything in the community were rewarded. And they are now self-sufficient. 
Like my community I am sure that almost all the pledges promised were fulfilled because 99% of the pledges were reported completed. 

Every nook and corner of the nation with human settlement were connected with roads, mobile network connectivity, electricity and safe drinking water. 

Sooner or later the new campaign for the current government begun, the poor quality – muddy road, became the main agenda to criticize the former government. Even too few section of electorate – apolitical body, utters the same reason.

It is sometimes very funny when I relate such to the technical reality. Nobody questions and allege the government on the eco-friendly construction of the road though everything is mourn for budget constrain and the economy of the nation. It is impossible for the road to be stable and mud free within this short period of time. Way below the cutting edge of the road, the beautiful and pristine slope became bald. The cultivated field below is spoiled with boulders and filled up with excavated earth materials. That was the real trouble of the villagers. 

Travel back home. See and feel the development done by DPT government. 

Part II about various allegation on him and his resignation,  coming soon......


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