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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thy name became My Password

The Korean may be rare as it sounds in Bhutan, but they are always special – as is every glorious Bhutanese youngster are fan of.
I still remember you were in red coat and white pajamas, with long auburn hair and exquisite eyes. The distance was far. You were in the West and me in the East. Thank you, Bhutan Times for their story and the beautiful photo. I was astounded for Korean studying in Bhutan.
You were studying at Ugyen Academy, Punakha.  I read the story more than thrice. And went through the photo to judge which one is you, Esther Yue Suel Kim, Esther Kim (English), Ye-Seul Kim (Korean).The difficulties that you faced especially with food and lack of recreation facilities were your grievance. Your likeness of Bhutanese was cool when you loved Ema Datshi.
And my curiosity to build friendship with you exploded high up in the sky. The Korean may be rare as it sounds in Bhutan, but they are always special – as is every glorious Bhutanese youngster are fan of. I got your name from the paper and instantly I wrote an epistle for to be pal. I sensed so cool to write such an epistle to an unknown.
I was totally overwhelmed for your response. The envelope was decorated with little daffodils and a couple walking through. It was just a short introduction. My zeal aroused for when I read – ‘I’ll send you my photo next time and send me your photo and please write with your hand in next reply.’ your legible hand writing and questions to know my interest, hobbies, and anything about me was chill to make chemistry laboratory fume free.
With smile on my face, I wrote her reply. I mentioned all my interests from playing Chinese checker to writing anything that comes in my mind.
I received her reply again. I knew her better this time. She felt sorry for late reply. She was busy with her monthly test and horrible homework. It was funny for me to visualize when her friends called her Yeseura, Estee, and bathroom singer….etc. Her hobbies were to sing, play guitar and hang around with friends, visit pyramids of Egypt. Her dream lands are France, Israel and Egypt. She wants to see the red sea where god divided for his loved Moses to walk within, and the mountain where god gave him the 10 commandants. Her dream was to travel all around the world and visit all countries and see different traditions, beautiful and wonderful people.
The message of her letter was inspiring: “I think no one is bad in this world and everyone has his or her own beautiful flowers in them but they can’t find it as it remains in the form of seeds… so did you find that flower in you?” there were some situations when she land up with the thoughts that she is the most useless and miserable person in this world…. But she prays in those moments and keeps all her burdens and logs under the foot of her god. “He tells me to close my eyes and open my eyes and makes me to see the people around me and I become most happy person in the world whenever I find the flowers in me…”. “So hope you will also find those seeds in you that will bloom in later stage so beautifully, so all the best in every step that you take in your life”.
Hope I have found those seeds and seem it is blooming. Thank you for the wonderful and inspiring message for stranger which you feel weird!!!
Hope to see you sometimes somewhere and thus with journey of missing you, thy name became my password as esangayther.