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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

For You are!!

The lucidity of thy beauty is my trust and hearty.
The irresistible and my love to you is your Bounty.
Gorgeous is the moon up in the sky,
Letting not to set to the west is my Spy.

We were anonymous when I whispered hi.
When times come for perceptive you said bye.
Thought I am to live all alone.
But you appear again to consider my lone.

Passage to our life is clear.
Message to you is sheer.
Let’s not waste time,
And merge for unity!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The scenery moon!

Today, during the day of amusement and serenity,
With you, my angel and jewel of my soul,
You manifest the power and divinity of thy love,
And the day is your birthday!!

To love and give my love to you is what I owe,
Your beauty and charming smile best suits you,
The precious gems and value gold – may not shower like rain,
Since I am a poor boy but I value you the most.
For you to be free from illness and live prosperous life
Is what I pray for you, my sweetheart!

Crossing skye!

The prettiness of cheery moon,
Is the merit of the sky and you - my life!
And please gorgeous moon please!
Remain always there serenely.
Or else I will be saddest person this Earth.
My eyes won’t stop to shed ocean of tears.

In the world of uncertainty life,
With you, my dear feeling the merit,
Disappearance of thy presence,
Shall distinguish me worthless!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's not the end of Road

No matter how sensitive and conflict-ridden the consequences, failure in exams don’t spell the end of the road in a student's life. Success is not destiny. Failure is not fatal.  Evaluation is an important part of an education system, and failing is a part of it.

Failures at times can bring about an attitudinal change in life. Many students try to change their ways after they experience failure. The guilt of letting the parents and teachers down brings about a major change in their personality.

Exams are benchmark for judging a student. It is true that failure is not the end of the world but teachers are the ones who have made the student believe in this. The student cannot escape this pressure because the entire education system is geared around exams.

When failure isn’t expected, students get severely tensed and devastated.

When we fall short, experience a setback, or things just don’t go our way, we have two choices: give – up or regroup. One of the biggest problems with failure is when we think it means something to our worth or our value. If we can frame failure differently instead see it as an opportunity to learn and grow, then it stops being a source of self – criticism and self-doubt, and becomes a tool for self- improvement. And we can do it.  

CST, College of Science and Technology is only college in the country that offers various engineering degree courses. When it produces maximum engineers for it is sure the quality isn’t compromise. For that matter failure is guaranteed.