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Monday, August 22, 2011

I know you are there in India...

I know that you are in Madhya Pradhis, India. I think the land is calling me. I know this is where you are. I feel it in my heart that you are home for me. You are Bartsham princess.

I see you with your dark flame red gold hair, golden eyes, and tanned skin; when I close my eyes. I hear your deep tone of voice caressing my ears, along with your deep echoing laugh. I get a pain in my neck looking up at your photos. I know the feel of your skin, the intoxicating scent of your skin, the hard planes of your body, and the familiarity of your voice and the unlimited dialogue. Your honesty, trust, loyalty, and caring endear you to no end. The intelligence, boldness, and courtesy shows you are the rock I need. You will always provide and I will be content I think..

You haunt my dreams. I will long for the day to meet you. I know that I must be open and ready to receive the happiness that I will get after meeting you. I am ready now.
This is my missive to the universe. Bring her who I am destined to be with to me, I want the other half of my soul. The throbbing grows ever more obvious. I wait on you with open arms.

Don't mind!!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tomorrow might be too Late

When I’ll be dead, your tears will flow,
But I won’t know
Cry for me now instead!

When I’ll be dead, you will pray for me,
But I won’t see
Pray for me now instead!

When I’ll be dead, you’ll say words of praise,
But I won’t hear
Praise me now instead!

When I’ll be dead, you’ll forget my faults
But I won’t know
Forget then now, instead!

When I’ll be dead, you’ll miss me then
But I won’t feel
Miss me now, instead!

When I’ll be dead, you’ll wish you had spent more time with me,
Spend it now instead!!

Spend time with every person you love, every one you care for. Make them
feel special, for, you never know when time will take them away from you

Friday, August 12, 2011

College LifE : Outcome

The moment when I saw -you are selected for BE courses for example on the declaration of the selected students in the respective colleges under RUB, my thinking actually was or is never an intention to work hard and come out as successful person. I think only to see and enjoy the beauty of charming and sexy girls, jam session where most of the student will be a first timer.

College years have a lot to teach one individual and each one will stumble upon their path in their own time. But in the mean time it is all about experiencing opportunities at every corner to find what you like. I guarantee very few people will stick with the first idea they decide to pursue and discover the real diamond in them. 

Industrial tour

scene from industrial tour to calcutta

Tag nite,2010
Having learned and developed the skill to think for our self instead of what we were being taught in the classroom should change our life and it will be wonder to mention tremendously. Everyone has to travel their own path and in this time we will discover what makes us happy. For me that will be learning to think for myself.

Therefore, college will be definitely the best years of my life because these years will teach me the best lesson in life: be content in whatever we do and happiness will follow.

Enjoying football match

The most basic thing is to study, work hard and discover what is within oneself. Jamming, romancing, partying etc is like part time work.


Infants learn to walk,
They keep falling and hurting;
But to them it is not failing,
It is a great learning – to walk.

Infant learn to talk,
They keep saying Apa, Ama… A a e e …;
But to them it is not murmuring,
It is a great learning – to talk.

Infant learn to get involve,
They keep doing naughty things;
But to them it is not mischief,
It is a great learning – to play and keep involve.

Infant cry when they are scolded,
They keep crying and trying;
But to them it is not blunder,
It is a great pleading – “please forgive me”.

Infant days are the most cheerful,
These are the days where good seed are planted,
And to be a good garden in future,
Just prevent weeds to grow in garden!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Through the window of my Room

I, Edc2009077 look through the window of my room.
I see beautiful girls, handsome boys and intellectual lecturers
Walk beneath the giant tree – laughing, chatting and discussing.

RK, Rinchen Khangzang!!

I, Edc2009077 looks through the window of my room.
I see an angel who has descended from heaven.
She called herself Om and she calls me Sangay.
Tip of giant tree at CST!!

I, Edc2009077 looks through the window of my room.
I see my mother wrapped in the colours of my village.
In making my dreams come true, she has beaten me
As if I am not her beloved son…...

I, Edc2009077 looks through the window of my room.
I see my innocent father in his best short smile.
He is never been a father to me …
But a life time best friend who coaxed to me be
What I am today…

Monday, August 1, 2011

Beauty-Chemical OreinteD

When I think of beauty I always visualize the charming, slim and sexy ladies of town. The real meaning of beauty has changed by the time passed by. Everywhere in the early age or in olden days, the responsibilities and the acts of women justified their beauty. In the olden days, girls never want their body to be shaped and slimmed. Their hard work and acts in front of people and family define their destiny and moral characters. Obviously such girls will be married to a noble family and is described as noble women.

But today "due nam mee jur mee nam has changed a lot". With the development, men considered as the highly developed brain has invented/developed numerous cosmetics. And all most all women believe in NO- MARKS theory. They want their face mark less. It gives them the confidence to walk free of self - doubt. Today's generation is generations where the people's make up are chemical oriented. 

People shun their natural beauty and go for artificial beauty. Alass!! No wonder to see women without eye brow. A dark thin line drawn instead. Though it is eye-catching but not eye-ful. For one eye - eye-shade, eye-shadow, eye-liner, eye-bath, eye-wash are used. Today's women are describing by those accessories and necessities. 

Real beauty comes from within. But beauty is also a skin deep. And ultimately it is a look of a person now a day. Actually looks is not about how good looking we are physically - because there is nothing like good looking and bad looking. What is 'good looking' to KINZA OM may be bad looking to CHUNDU OM; what is good looking to CHENCHO ZAM might be bad looking to RINCEEN OM; and what is good looking to RINCEEN OM may be ugly to SONAM LHAM!

Looks is about the way we present our self. The best example is the National Assembly of how our MP's - all with different physical looks- come across as looking good. Why? Because regardless of the colour of skin and physical appearance, when they stand for summit wearing intricate Ghos and Kiras, a fitting Tshoglham, Kabneys and Rachuss and hair neatly done, they are bound to be beautiful and make good impression. 

Don't mind!!!