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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Shingkhar GC road Construction I

Road construction is the top most priority for the government of now and then and it is the basic necessity for the socio-economic development to prosper. Considering the vital importance of rapid economic development, the Department of Roads (DoR) started improvement works on existing highways. With the fiscal policies and measures of the government for quality road construction and as being state for the road development network of the country, Department of Roads took over the construction of Gewog Connectivity (GC) roads from Dzongkhags (district).    
Therang - Shingkhar GC road alignment
DoR, Regional Office Tingtibi, took over the GC roads on 2nd July 2013. During the time of handing taking, Shingkhar and Bardo GC roads of Upper Kheng were under construction under Zhemgang Dzongkhag. Lower Kheng is factually connected with well-developed road networks.
It was my pleasure to take over the projects of Upper Kheng in the capacity as fresh college passed out Project Engineer.

Upper Kheng is the most remote part of the nation. People had to walk days and nights to reach at Dakphey, current takeoff point of Upper Kheng roads. Many repeated pleas in the past regarding the road construction were made to the government but in vain.  The settlement are scattered and it would cost huge amount. At some point people were asked to resettle at the southern Bhutan considering the difficult geographical terrain.

With major fund from Government of India (GoI), road construction to UK was begun in early 2000. The road was only till Buli, Nangkor Gewog. Ministry of Agriculture constructed the road as farm road. It is said that people with joy prostrates considering the road as craving gift for the Khengpas. The tears of happiness wet the eyes and relieved the hardship of mundane suffering to walk and walk.

That was the welcoming moment happiness for the Khengpas of UK and the beginning of economic development with road connectivity.

In 2007, Dzongkhag started the road construction from Buli until Therang junction that benefits Bardo and Shingkhar Gewog. The road passes through Malaya, the highest peak between Shingkhar and Nangkor Gewog.

From Nimshong till Therang, DoR took up the road construction as deposit work. From Therang junction, road to Bardo and Shingkhar Gewog are separated. 11.34km road to Shingkhar gewog and 27.1km road to Khomshar is under construction that was started in 2013. 

That was the beginning to road history in UK and how controversial it became will be posted hereon soon. 

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Fourth King’s Birthday Celebration

11th November, the day marked the 60th Birth anniversary of His Majesty, The fourth Dragon King of Bhutan, and the undeniably legendary of our times. He was enthroned as king at the age of seventeen. His majesty abdicated the golden throne after his prosperous reigning for 34 years.

The nation celebrated the joyous occasion of 60th birth anniversary. To mark the day and to offer humble dedication and prayer, picnic was organized at Chamkhar Chu for the construction workers under Nimshong Sub-division office, Upper Kheng, Zhemgang, Department of Roads. Almost around seventy individuals joined the picnic and celebrated the day in presence of Forest Range Officer from Nimshong Forest Range Office and site engineers from various sites under the sub-division office.

Project Engineer of the division read out the message of honorable minister of Ministry of Works and Human Settlement to the workers. Project Engineer informed the gathering about the economic and social development benefits of the road construction and he is conversant with the benefits that the road will provide.  He also informed the workers and thanked them for serving the nation in every possible ways by working in road construction works in Bardo and Shingkhar Gewog. He also acknowledged public of Nimshong village for rigorously helping in maintenance of Buli-Therang GC road.

Project Engineer reading out the honorable minister's letter

The day end with smile on everyone’s face with contentment to serve best able they can. Thank you people for making the day wonderful and I wish happiness and prosperous welfare and public friendly road construction. 

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

If I die young....

Thank you people for making me believe that such people do exist in those seem mundane world. If I die young, I wouldn’t have face to know all those grievances that they have to claim for.

People say life is all about experience. It is all about to serve other. I am serving other and I don’t mind getting lost to the service of others.

Today people say something and tomorrow they are otherwise. Here in front of me they will promise and tomorrow they are otherwise. People are unbelievable. Today the river is flowing down and tomorrow it is same. Here in front of me sun rises from the east and tomorrow it is same. Nature remains unchanged. It is people who change not the nature. If I die young, I wouldn’t have to face the dishonest nature of timid mind.

Within not even a year of my working life, from grassroots to the top, I got to climb. The journey got to deal all about fear and challenges. Why should the root be strong? And why should the tree topple if the roots are not strong? United we stand. Divided we fall. If I die young, I wouldn’t know the reality of united we stand.

Democracy isn’t all about to shout grievances. It comes with responsibility and accountability. I am not responsible to teach you democracy. I am responsible to serve you best I can. Let democracy flourish not blemish with autocracy. But first understand it and act. If I die young, I wouldn’t have to bear the grumble of misconstrued democracy.

Sun as it claim fearless.  Through my lens...

The sun flower claims to be sun for its own, be idle and firm where I am. From the mild bud to the sunny fearless flower, I shall accomplish….

Life is all about experiences and if I die young, I wouldn’t experience what life is.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Two Lines Poem

Far and beyond the legend by the name Moon,
Shine to the lost man in the jungle to be a boon.

Love intricate shalt thou felt in thy purest heart
Giggling to thou boos when my hand on thine breast

Craziest is that beast for me to dangle down thus far
Come on; worth thy life mingle in the bar

Blind I am to see the faith and fate
Else, the flower would bloom in the beautiful lawn.

Lunatic I am for writing these shitty two lines poem
Fanatic I shall ever fly with the rhythm on biome.

I love thee on that lanky mad chic

Heart shalt thou bereft if betrayed. 

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Desktop Background

The passion and desire to be a good photographer comes with challenges and frustrations. To photograph those moving objects are much more exasperating. I was hunting for the best to capture and save it as my screen background in laptop. Finally, I could capture which I can level it as good and I hope for more best to add in my list henceforth.

Zhemgang is rooted in jungles. These jungles houses millions of beautiful flora, fauna, animals, birds and creatures. Loitering and leisure in those seem mundane world is best to be. I love to live and see those beautiful lively aroma of nature surrounds me. Yes, I love Zhemgang and I am serving people in remote villages of Upper Kheng. 

Beautiful butterfly sit on the golden flower
Never knew that time to capture
Yet blind I am to see Faith and fate. 

The Desktop background 

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Started What I Love to do...

Do the call of what thy passion desire
Struggle to reach where it might take thee
Just start and go...
Don't wait for tomorrows to come
For Tomorrows never comes!

I started to photograph. Those are few shots that I think its good! I hope I can capture the beauty of heavenly Zhemgang and its rich in the wild. Wish me luck!!!

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Blogging vacation for long

The situation left me idle, idle that was total silent.
The fact is simple and straight forward - I was new to work.
Study and work is two complete different things to consider and believe.
Yes, working with no guidance is tough and challenging.

More challenging is, you are someone's immediate head,
When I have to decide and give directions that is tougher.
The toughest is when you have to deal for larger interest, the public.
More controversy it becomes when many grievances collide.
Yes, I am working selflessly dedicated to benefits for larger interest.  
The UK times in those seem mundane arena shall prevail ever.
Good news is that UK is developing as the time gallop.
I am living a life in Upper Kheng, the UK times of my time. 

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Go, Go, Gone~

In those colours of maroon and saffron robes; I see the dharma breath high and varied.
Flapping through the zigzag path to the hermit top; flap my ears – I hear
The bounty rich religious cymbal enticingly entangle my thoughts,’
The thoughts of worthless lone being mystified in an arena of Nirvana beyond concept. 

At Terday nay and Nabji Lhakhang

I sing and sing until thy hear my song,
The song that was composed for the selfless.
Come little butterfly, at your pace you carry my message.
Well the river shalt be fast, else I sing to the wind, the fastest.
I am deep into the emotions, emotions unveils the laconic of my song. 

Fortunate was I, to visit Terda Ney (secret place) at Nabji under Trongsa Dzongkhag. I hope I can visit more to such places in near future. 

I am frequently away to the places where it is worth to be. Bloggers, I plea  for mercy in failing to read your updates. 

Thank you

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Wonderland

Sometime one time in lifetime,
One day that day in that time,
You and me in our time together,
It was fun time transient well in our arena.

Good and bad the thing may be,
Sad and happy the moment be,
Hi and bye thy utter in succinct
Life shalt worth living for tomorrows leave past.
image from www.khinsider.com

Among those huge rich mountains,
Dwelling for the good of people,
Leaving the self for sack of others in hermit
Thou shall be the legendary archetype.

A fine white steed gallop steadfast,
Esoteric taste in clothes thy fear,
Oh! That is not that to consider…
I dream my wonderland 

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