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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Graduation Day

One time in my life my option was to become a teacher. That was either to study in Samtse or Paro College of Education. It was nobody’s influence. But my own genuine call of heart. That was when I was in my middle secondary school.

I studied hard.

With very good marks I got to opt for science as my major in higher secondary studies. There were three options again. Either I am to opt for Biology or Mathematics. Or else study both as Bio-maths. I was in dilemma for few months whether to leave Biology or take both. Yet finally my decision was bold. I major my studies in Mathematics.

More hard work I had put in.

I have my own reason for the hard work. I am a son of farmer. The suffering of my father and stature of have-nots of my parents impel me to study hard. With unexpected result in twelfth standard, I was qualified for professional studies outside my country.

Hard work alone doesn’t count all the time. For poor boy like me after my class twelve, there was no one to help me. When my friends went for selection interview for professional courses I was left behind.

I can’t forget the moment in my life. It was 6th March 2008, the day of selection interview for various professional courses. That time I was doing temporary job in Kuensel store. It was heavy job shifting heavy bulks of paper.  I saw my friends waiting for other friends near Thimphu Chorten. They were going for the interview. They saw me passing down the footpath with my lunch box. I was totally sad at that moment and I couldn’t wish them good luck nor could I look at them. Same feeling was felt on them too. They were helpless. I cried for the first time as grown-up boy.

It was a moment of real sadness in my life.

Within a year after serving as Assistant Chemist in private organization, I got an equivalent opportunity to study again. I got admitted in College of Science and Technology with major in Civil Engineering. I studied hard and now it is time for me to leave this wonderful college.

As I fold my arms today I feel proud to be ONE!
Today as I complete my training and fold my arms I feel proud to be ONE. I dedicate the moment and degree to my great father who is happy with the news. I miss you dad. See you soon back home.

Tomorrow is my graduation day.

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Finally he came up with a Blog

I am going to introduce to Bhutanese bloggers and in fact to the world that a new blogger was born few days ago. He is no other then my good friend Jigme Tenzin, he who likes to spell his name as Jigmey.

We have been together for many years. I have known him in depth in those years. We didn’t realize how those years passed so swiftly. We are nearing to the departing point. Within few days we are departing. Yet everything will be cherished and good memories shall remind us wherever we work in future.

I am not a good writer. I write my random thoughts randomly because of my interest. I don’t think I can inspire anyone to write and blog. I am not worth it. Yet he is the one who was inspired by what little I do regularly. He read whatever I write and sarcastically say that I am a good writer.
Author of the blog!
At last he came up with his own blog to share his thoughts. He kept the name as Jigmmey’s Thoughts with description, in view of developing habit of writing down my thoughts and ideas.

I wish him best journey ahead in the blogging world. I hope he will come up with inspiring articles and photographs which he promised me.

Trashi Delek

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Monday, June 23, 2014

The Walk - Rest in Peace

When I am left with nothing to do I feel bore for doing nothing. When I have many things to do, I feel bore to involve myself. It is heck in itself for I am human and is human tendency. I blame that. Simple as it is.

Due to damn shear boredom I went for walk with friend towards Reldri. We walked till the PWD colony. It was cool with hardly any drops sprinkling continuously from above. Surrounding was green and fresh.

We were stopped by a beautiful concrete bench. It was decorated with catchy slogan whole heartedly dedicated to someone. It was written with beautiful note, in the loving memory of. Someone was scribbled handsomely with the name Tara Man Ghalley.
Handsome Tara
His date of birth was written followed by date of departure from this world. His photo was inscribed on marble slat. He lived for 28 years. I presume he had wonderful life with his wife and brother.

How he left the wonderful earth was uncertain for me. But the agony left behind was clear and bold. Moreover I could sense the lost that his wife and brother accepted. Yet death is the apron that we can’t escape to wear.
Embraced my gratitude for him! 
Sitting comfortably on the bench that was build in memory of yours, Tara Man, I offer my deepest appreciation, for you had wonderful life with your wife and brother. Hope everyone who sits on it will remember you and pray for wonderful afterlife. Rest In Peace Bhaii.

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

She was Beautiful

I want to share beautiful grandma who was so jolly and lively at her age. I met her when I was at Lingmethang five months ago. She was living near Kuri Zampa bridge. I went there to meet my relatives, who are monk at the monastery.

It was sunny day. I was with camera hanging from my neck. Far near the bridge she saw me taking picture of the bridge and swimming bird in the river. She was waving her hand, very happy with open smile. I felt the genuine welcoming call that she wanted me to come near her. I went near her.

She looked straight into the lens!

She said; ‘your camera isn’t worth for the bridge and river only. Instead capture my beauty and smile’. My friend was smiling and giggling behind me. I felt, oh! Really? Yea she was happy at her age and she was beautiful.
Her smile was bright!

Even today when I see her photos, it gives me moment to smile and remember her.  The short converse we had was wonderful and her dialogue was insightful.

She laughed at last!!
Long live grandma. My prayers are always with you. 

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Birthday~

I have known my day to celebrate as my birthday ever since I joined facebook. Thank you friends on facebook for wonderful wish and I anticipate your wish will make my life unending with loads of happiness and comfort.
I was surprised when my brother send me picture message adorned with beautiful happy birthday note on it. I didn’t believe him. Immediately I crosschecked with my citizenship identity card. Yes, the date match up exactly and on June 17, 1989 I was born. Big thank you brother, your big brother got instant to smile.
It is not my obsession that I consider seriously. What is the logic in counting my days of becoming a useless inefficient man lol? It is not very dignified celebrating my own birthday. But it reminds me to pray for the peace for everyone. I love doing that. Let each and every individual who breadth to die contain happiness before the exact day to the tomb lol!
Jokes apart, Once again I want to thank people for wishing me and my prayers are always with you all. Be happy and smile.
I want to share very recent photo, which was snapped 8 hours earlier than my birthday on the helipad above my hostel in College of Science and Technology. It will be memory since I have few days left to leave this wonderful college.
8 hours prior to my birthday
One gentle reminder to all – yea I am going to get off with beer today and it will be my souvenir in my entire life!!!
Thank you all.
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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Time for the lotus to bloom

Never in my life will I hate mud. Sometimes I assure the rose and the lotus poignant the charm of my serenity being. My heart became bustling with enchanted ecstasy and agony then. And again it is not my right to hate those.

Learning is the most beautiful phenomena in the world. Ofcousrse, the highest, that is true, we are mundane matters without learning.

I have seen lotus and rose grow from the dirty mud. They come out of the mud. I was dirty even. I don’t hate mud. I behold and blend those to define my tune characters to be good gentleman. Yes, it is time for the lotus to bloom. Otherwise how can I help the mud to release the lotus?
Image from: danpani.org
Helped the mud; taken care of the mud, so that I can conceive of handsome gentleman. If you see the lotus, you can’t believe that it comes out of dirty mud. But it comes: it is the expression of dirty mud.

Not many days are left for me to get pluck from the campus garden and work somewhere. And yes, I am graduating soon. 
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Monday, June 9, 2014

My update~~ (Life Cycle Costing in Bhutanese Construction Industry)

I was away for long. Final semester kept me busy. Yet, worth it! The research project titled; “Life Cycle Costing for Building” was completed successfully. I have to prepare final conference paper and left with presentation for the external examiners which are due after exams.

Exams are going on. Last paper is due on 14, Saturday – Hydraulic Structures and Water Power Engineering. 

If I have to swear, I should swear that I won’t be doing research on Bhutanese construction industry again. Nothing is maintained in the industry. Not even a single data is available. Anyways the research was worth accomplished. Better I don’t complain!

I want to share abstract of my research project.

Significant knowledge gaps exist in the knowledge of Life Cycle Costing and the alternatives selection of building materials in the construction industry. In order to fulfill the gaps a questionnaire survey was developed for 319 respondents in using the Life Cycle Costing for the Bhutanese construction industry. Life Cycle Cost Analysis of selected components of the selected building was done taking into account relevant economic factors: initial costs, maintenance and operational costs. The maintenance and operation costs are generally ignored in building industry especially in design stage. For this research, the method of LCC, present worth cost approach was evaluated with projection of building service life as 60 years, inflation rate as 9.07% and discount rate as 0%.

About 52% of the respondents do not have idea about LCC when making investment decisions nor do they not take maintenance, operation and replacement cost into consideration. The lack of significant input-cost data and lack of experience appears to be the most important problem supported by 78% responded lack of experience and 62% responded lack of significant input-cost data.

The LCC analysis showed that ceramic tiles, pre-painted CGI sheet and LED lamp has the lowest life cycle cost among the many material alternatives available in the market, that is, 16% for LED lamp, 13% for ceramic tiles and 64% for pre-painted CGI sheet.

Life Cycle Costing comparison

I would love to share the document for educational purpose if anyone wishes to go through. 

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