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Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Perspective on MP Ugyen Dorji

I am sorry for those who may think that the article is persuasive. It is not intended at all to change your mind set. Vote for whom you think will be the most capable.  The whole lot is in your hand, so try for the best exercise. 

I am from Wangphu gewog which falls under Deothang-Gomdar constituency. It was bifurcated from Gomdar gewog. It is small gewog that host sixteen villages, 380 households with population of approximately three thousand. I was lucky that MP is from wangphu gewog. Lucky doesn’t mean his partiality over developmental activities or anything sort that the people may think. Lucky only justifies my indulgent frankly or with no tension in public meetings at geowog and village and the promises that he made during his campaign were all fulfilled. 

My Cambridge Advanced Learner Dictionary says politician is a member of a government or law- making organization. I was in fact looking for something that will describe how and what type the politician should be. Should he/she be talkative or persuasive? What qualities doe’s politician should possess? 

What should be the characteristics of politician? I think the qualities of politician are his natural characters, while may be some of the qualities are as a result of external influences. The best quality in politician is honesty and loving. Reliability and trustworthiness can rule the faithful and effective politician. The politician who is promising is naturally -backed by skills, experiences, intelligence and integrity. When all combine together they achieve their goals.  What is he preaches must be captured and displayed through truth, sincerity, frankness and practice. The responsibility must be accounted to accountability. When he/she makes decision, he/she should accept responsibility for his/her actions and his words. The same should be when they deal with people. When he/she makes promises, he/she shouldn’t be otherwise for to keep the same. Loving people with all his heart, mind, soul, and power and striving to help them label them as a responsible politician. 

No doubt, MP Ugyen DOrji suffices all above mentioned. He is a politician who keeps his words as the top priority. He speaks less wherever he is. Be it in the National Assembly hall or be it with the people, he always talks less but when he does, he targeted to the point. 

The only major promises that he kept during his campaign was farm road to gewog and further to Yarphu via Pangthang village, electricity in the gewog and mobile services. Soon after DPT government started ruling the promises that he kept started flowing in one after another. Among all, first the gewog got its mobile services connectivity, both Tcell and Bmobile. When the people were struggling to get charged of their mobile phones from the solar batteries, soon the villages were brightened up with electricity.  The seasonal mandarin business became so easy pertaining to the transportation when the snaky farm road made its way through the maize fields decorated with mandarin trees and rough terrains. Thus the major campaign promises were all fulfilled in Wangphu Gewog. 

There are many accomplished minor developmental activities which is ultimate necessity of the people in the gewog. Two hostels for the students of Yarphu and Wangphu Community Primary School were constructed.  Construction of BHU (Basic Health Unit) and gewog office were completed. The drinking water in the villages were renovated and supplied with extra pipelines. The crucial striving for the people when they have to feed water for their cattle during winter was sufficed when safe Drinking Water was made available in the sloppy terrain around Om Zor Nay. Anyone making a trip or journey through the gewog won’t have to get in the wet valley looking for streams.

Among all for the depriving parents and the hard working sons/daughters, the issue of Security Clearance Certificate (SCC) or No Objection Certificate (NOC) was resolved. Now we can see Wangphupa students pursuing higher studies to become doctor, engineer, teacher…. 

Seemed the gewog was waiting for to bifurcate from Gomdar. Soon it was bifurcated and DPT (Druk Phuentsum Tshogpa) government started functioning, the developmental activities started blooming like the sky with stars. I on behalf of the people of the gewog and on my own behalf I would like to thank DPT government and in particular our honorable MP Dasho Ugyen Dorji for the having developed the gewog which make people ease to work which ultimately is thy hundred percent fulfillment of promises and wish Dasho a good journey ahead for the upcoming election.

Monday, February 25, 2013


Entertainment industry is blooming in the country. If you want to get your imagination tune to the romance in the screen, there are always explicit movies releasing every year, best of the best. And if you want to get entertain involving physically, there are Drayangs. Irrespective of what you do and where you work, only one common thing that we people need is entertainment. Entertain to relieve you from stress, burden, and depression and entertain to entertain! 

People from all walk of life visit drayangs, May be most the lonely punks. I was astonished for when I saw a man with walking stick!! For me I was first timer on Friday (22/02/2013). There were mostly young guys, middle age tummy oriented men, and few ladies. The entrance was air tight and the moment it open to welcome me and my friends, we are lucky that we didn’t blown off by the loud music ever heard.

The ambiance was totally different. May be since I am for the first time, I intuited wrong. I was totally lost in gloomy introspection. Girls, employee of the drayangs, entertained patrons through the so called, request.  Everything for me seemed sexually alluring. They dance or sing depending upon the comment from the customer whom they requested. Actually it will be worth visiting with exact goal of entertainment. 

I was wedged in between my friends to prevent unnecessary slip-up. After a while, a girl came with a book for the request. I was smiling for when my friends parley the request. My friend dropped a bombshell by asking the girl to go for me for the same. I didn’t know anything to ask or do. I gave her wide smile. Then she asked for a request with a story, which is heart touchy for me. She was so please!

One that came to me has a different story to tell. Everything for her is shrouded in secrecy. She is in agony of her separated parents, lost of her dear mother and the misery of mistreatment from step mother. She is the one that suffer melancholy once she gets dress up for the duty and undress for the bed time. And she forgets her grief in the loud music. 

When you get to them, they will have their own touching story to tell. After hearing those stories, you’ll feel like to blame our society. Definitely society isn’t fair for them. All most everyone still looked down as a mean job. We need to change our attitude. Change an attitude. Have an ethic and be ethical for what purpose you go there. Better we don’t label their profession with prostitutes or call girls. They are standing on their own feet and better we not generalize and downcast their state of survival. Definitely if we change our notion, their profession will become desirable to all and at this age such entertainment platform should become most sought-after leisure.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bureaucrats and Politicians Vs Engineers!!

“hey man can u come up with an articles which mainly beats around "how challenging to an engineer" initially struggle with the studies, once in service it’s even more challenging to face all sort of bureaucrats and politicians, where nobody appreciates the efforts engineers put in instead we bear brunt of everyone...”

Firstly let me thank Mr. Phunthso Wangdi, Chota Don for having suggested the topic on my facebook page.  Because may be he is afraid of bureaucrats and politicians, maybe he finds engineering too difficult  and challenging while in study plus in field that’ll nullify his effort when bureaucrats and politicians get involve.

Engineering in Bhutan is associated with all hype and popularity. Only the top students from various high schools get admitted in the only engineering degree offering college in the country. Only few students are sent ex-country for various engineering courses to meet the market demand. Still the demand is so high and the benefits and satisfaction that the rank offers is excellent. 
P Wangdue, Don who suggested the topic

 Students opt for engineering basically for two reasons. One reason is the parent’s insistence in greater choice of career.  No parent wants to see his/her son/daughter just living for hand-to-mouth existence. Number two reason is own interest. If someone has joined the engineering colleges because he/she loves engineering, he/she will be well informed about the future and the enormous effort he/she will empower to substantially contribute to the growth of the country. 

Pursuing engineering isn’t easy as sometimes you may expect. There are loads of burden of analysis, research, project etc... you have to bear and sometimes you get buried under. Scoring highest possible in high school and expecting the same in the engineering college won’t suffice your survival in engineering studies. But definitely we should be good in maths but not necessarily genius. We should have logic for solving problems scientifically.  

Since Bhutan is in the developing stage, maximum of the students choose for the traditional engineering – civil engineering. Everywhere we can see construction blooming in the country. The fresh green forest is revolutionizing to concrete jungle. A civil engineer is responsible for using their civil engineering background to plan and oversee various construction efforts in many different areas of this field. They will apply civil engineering principles to ensure that structures are constructed in the safest, sturdiest manner.

Daily basis Civil engineers engage in many general responsibilities. They analyze various factors concerning a construction job. They analyze the proposed construction site location as well as the entire construction job which is to be done and completed at the site. They will analyze the process for completing the construction job every step of the way.

The civil engineer must also plan the construction project that will be taking place in conjunction with the results they found due to their analysis of the proposed project. During the process and at the end, the civil engineer must inspect the product to ensure that all rules, regulations and guidelines have been explicitly followed. 

When country develops, there are always conflict between bureaucrats, technocrats and politicians. The need of bureaucracy results primarily from modernization. Due to the progress of bureaucratization it encourages to democracy. And now we are democratically elected monarchy. It is well known fact that the government accomplishes its precision, speed, and consistency through well-trained staffs of bureaucracies.

In practice of civil engineering, government bureaucracies’ main function is to ensure fairness, procedure lapses and shield the negative externalities of development. However, in process to maintain fairness and equity through bureaucratic process, administrators end up processing a high amount of discretionary authority. Citizens too has the right to investigate alternatives and to participate in the decision making, how to go about the agenda which ultimately affect their environment, which is the democratic standard.

There are instances where the effort of the engineer is never appreciated and had to ‘bear burnt of everyone’. It may be because we don’t have the form of government in which experts in technology controls in decision making – technocracy. Engineers are tagged corrupt. People say engineers are corrupt because they get more money and are well-off comparing to other professions. Their incentives are good. Their work other then office works paid them well. They use more energy, time and skills to get work done. What is there when someone use more effort for the benefits of others? 

In the eye of Bureaucrat whatever visual inspection possible will not be technically feasible. Their visual possibility of judging may prove wrong technically and scientifically. The technical possibilities and stability for the safety and welfare of people is must for the engineering works and in fact politicians and bureaucracies shouldn’t blame for the work done by technocrats. Administrators should not at least wish to get engineering work done according to their lame excuse of authority they possess. 

Yes, everyone has the right and responsibility if the structures or anything that is the result of engineering fail before stipulated time and cause nuisance instead of mitigate. Whatever burnt and consequences there will be, engineers should be responsible and questioned for. And we all should have the fact intact that, through mutual cooperation we can move ahead for the betterment of our promising tomorrows. 

So, we should never forget that Civil engineers work hard. Hours can be long, government funding cuts can destroy a project, deadlines are firm, and weather can throw projects off schedule. If the timetable degenerates, an engineer has to overcome scheduling obstacles with ingenuity. Most of the engineers who are employed under government sector must be ready for bureaucratic delays, political stalls, and lots and lots of paperwork. Satisfaction is strong; most wouldn’t trade their occupation for any other.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Special Funny Valentine Message!

Definitely sometimes we have feelings for someone but we are not sure if they feel the same way. To share our feelings straight out is scary and leaves us very vulnerable.  On Valentine's Day or mostly on Fools’ Day (April fool), we write a humorous poems or epistle one that feels light and sweet, in order to find out whether they have feelings for us. In this way we won't get hurt if they are not interested and you've shown that you are interested if they are. This is a safe way to make our feelings known without getting hurt and rejected. 

There are always more singles then couples in whatever institutes it may be. Whenever the day in which couples celebrate, singles folk together and have loads of fun reminiscing past and foreseeing the blind alley future. 

For sure almost all the conversations shared from every individual are hilarious. It is so droll, when we wish for, what if there is Night Hunting practice in colleges. And what if there is in rotation shifting of a guy from one girl to another! It is so funny that whenever we meet everyone giggles.
Anyways those are the funniest wish if and when singles gets together for time pass. No hurt feelings for anyone. 

Hope the day signifies the dignity of your love for your closed dear that you wanna hold for the rest of your life. It is the day where you tell your significant others how much you love each other. Hope the gift that you got is filled up with the hunted happiness of the world, which is molded to simple thing if you may seem. Hope your partner talks through your eyes, lives in your heart and shower the nectars of happiness ever!

Happy Valentine, happy Valentine, Happy valentine!!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Trashi Delek!

The sun was clear and shining to its paramount beauty. The day was clear and jovial. The night was cool when I felt a cold draft and the torch started to flicker. Everyone was asleep. I was waiting for the world to end! But it didn’t happen. The globe is still revolving. Everything is as usual and it gave me a thought to condemn who the damn idiot was, who envisage to end the world in 2012. 

I was at village when the 2012 ended and when fresh new 2013 began. I couldn’t wish anyone, except my village friends, a happy new year 2013. And thank you all who tagged me on Facebook for the wonderful and inspiring New Year messages. I had wonderful New Year Losar and hope you all had the same. 

World will not end. Sun will not set permanently. The seasons will not change. The people dwelling on earth will change and say whatever nonsense they can. They will predict that you will die soon or may be after few years. He/she will be tagged with expiry date. But the fact is that person will laugh after his expiry date too. And to the extent of great nuisance people predicted that the world will end in 2012! People don’t have the limit!

And now let’s hope for the beautiful times ahead. Let’s look back and be thankful for the wonderful memories of previous year. There is Fork in the road of life and Hope you choose the right way that’ll not lead to the misery. May we live in a world at peace with the awareness of God's love in every sunset.  May every flower's unfolding petals will remind you of blooming journey ahead. May every baby's smile will remind you of new life and fresh idea. May every lover's kiss will reminds you of love and compassion.  And may every wonderful, astonishing, miraculous beat of your heart will remind you of having a better smiling tomorrows. 

Hope, may you remember or wish to say I love you at least once a day to your spouse, your child, your parent, and your siblings; and hope not to your secretary, your nurse, your masseuse, your student or your instructor. 

Happy New year 2013! and Happy Losar!