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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Dedication to Lyonchen Jigme Yeozer Thinley - II

Beyond the law of the land there is a law of humanity which is way above

Beyond the law of the land there is a law of humanity which is way above. I was into social networking sites since the day I joined the college. It is the platform use for both good and bad. There is a choice of anonymous and real. Users go for anonymous to defame and allege someone. But the truth behind is never known to be unknown and defame to the best possible extend with whatever vocabulary they choose to portray. Given a choice of anonymous, people overlook the human ethic and self-censorship. 

In the little country that is hardly known to outside world and that people believe in lay jumdray the proximity of social division is questionable. It is not more than even a decade being into a democracy. But the things shapes like the democracy was legendary. 

It is indeed very sad that the person who was involved in shaping cause of the nation way long ago since the start of his career ultimately step-down. It was celebrating for few and a great lost for many and to the nation. What were done and contributed to his motherland became agenda for few groups to defame and allege him on baseless ground. The endless debate about the seeming negligence of the former government resulted nothing but a division in unity that we were.  But I hope the successful formation of new government was the best rejuvenation. 

Every step that the country and its people move ahead is a success. It is the new thing for the new times and change for the cause. Definitely people yearn for the change. But the change with unfairness and involving outside force is not a good sign of good change. It is indeed very sad that the India was involved directly or indirectly in the second general election. It is the direct question that we subject need to ask about the sovereignty of country. 

Does the meeting with Chinese government was clandestine? Or does it was a clandestine operation of JYT? Does JYT’s act really contravene? Does this was the caprice of one man? 

Involvement of India in Bhutanese election has resulted to the question of sovereignty of GHN Bhutan and the dignity of first democratic leader is completely spoiled. 

Don’t we need to optimize our own unity and identity?

It is the remedial measure we have opted for by rejecting JYT? 

So, lastly I wish his Excellency the former PM a good and healthy life ahead. You will be in the heart of many no matter what few social media users defined to tag you for. 

My simple poem dedicating for your excellency; 

The horizon was clear and wide,

The beautiful flower was in aroma of midge.

The country made a long journey,

The bounty was not like in tourney.

Jigme Yeozer Thinley, the ex- PM,

You will be remembered round the a.m and p.m,

Round the clock the country desires you,

Abiding memories under thy leadership,

True citizen is inscribed in you - the son of Bhutan!!

Trashi Delek!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Dedication to Lyonchen Jigme Yeozer Thinley - I

I am enjoying everything by default. I am loyal son to a humble father and caring mother.  I am Bhutanese. I am Buddhist. I am student trainee. I am devoted citizen to the country that is roughly six years old after it was transformed into democracy. I have my own default right and responsibility. I do what is directly default under me by the law of the land. 

Let me introduce my village first. If you turn the page of history you will see the history stained with the name Gomdar. The slogan “drowa meyee wangcha go rang go”, will be bold on the page of Bhutanese history. My gewog, Wangphu was bifurcated from Gomdar gewog as par the 85th National Assembly resolution. Up on the plateau which is vividly seen as tabled on the slope, it is my village Bayyuel Pangthang. 

Until the first democratic election, the village which I seemed remains untouched. My father in particular and villagers never remembered any high officials paid visit to the village when it was under Gomdar gewog. Some grandparents said once upon a time a minister named Tamshing Jakar visited the village when the gewog was under Trashigang Dzongkhag. There was no electricity, farm road, mobile network connectivity, neither enough drinking tap water. People had to walk hours to attend meetings at the Gewog. The staple crop of the community is maize and it has the potential to produce huge quantity of mandarin. Mandarin is the commercial crop. Everything was struggle. People had to wake up as early as 3 am in the morning and prepare to reach mandarin to the road point, Tokorong, which about 8 hours walking with mules and horses. The sweat of hard work paid them and they were on the margin of self-sufficient and poverty. 

After the 2008 election and with the unanimous majority of the people elected Ugyen Dorji as MP Representative from Deothang-Gomdar constituency, the faith of the community under Wangphu Gewog was changed. 

Everything said and promised were fulfilled under the dynamic leadership of ex-Lyonchen Jigme Yeozer Thinley. Whatever ex-MP UgyenDorji made pledges were all delivered. First the community got mobile connectivity, both TCell and Bmobile. When people were struggling to get charged their mobile phone, the villages were brightened with electricity. When people were happily in the light of modern facilities yet the winding road made its journey through the sloppy terrain of the community. It suffices all the tediousness of transporting the mandarin. Within short span of five years under the DPT government everything in the community were rewarded. And they are now self-sufficient. 
Like my community I am sure that almost all the pledges promised were fulfilled because 99% of the pledges were reported completed. 

Every nook and corner of the nation with human settlement were connected with roads, mobile network connectivity, electricity and safe drinking water. 

Sooner or later the new campaign for the current government begun, the poor quality – muddy road, became the main agenda to criticize the former government. Even too few section of electorate – apolitical body, utters the same reason.

It is sometimes very funny when I relate such to the technical reality. Nobody questions and allege the government on the eco-friendly construction of the road though everything is mourn for budget constrain and the economy of the nation. It is impossible for the road to be stable and mud free within this short period of time. Way below the cutting edge of the road, the beautiful and pristine slope became bald. The cultivated field below is spoiled with boulders and filled up with excavated earth materials. That was the real trouble of the villagers. 

Travel back home. See and feel the development done by DPT government. 

Part II about various allegation on him and his resignation,  coming soon......

Monday, August 12, 2013

History that I'll Remember - I

Bhutan, the land of thunder Dragon, is best described and also known as the land of happiness where development strategy is driven with Gross National Happiness (GNH). The story that I am going to narrate has happened when I was kid and when the philosophy of GNH was not into action. 

I enjoyed the well preparation and honor for the first time in my life for the Rinpochhe, Chabjay Drodrup Rinpochhe who is currently at Gantey Goenpa, Sikkim. His eminence, Rinpochhe visited Yarphu community. As a kid it was bother less for me to know about religion and politics but I was there with my parents to receive blessings from the Rinpochhe. The celebration for the visit and blessing were immense and all the people were incalculably happy. I, as a little naughty boy just enjoyed the beautiful preparation and honor for the Rinpochhe

Since then due to the initiative of the community and the Rinpochhe’s compassion, the monasteries of Yarphu and Shugung were constituted as the Buddhist College, Sheadra. The left out children of the community as cow boy, helper at homes were admitted as monks. 

Beautiful lawn at the back of Shugung lhakhang with lone Chorten
It was in 1993 or 1994 when I was in class two. I can’t clearly state the reasons why and how it happened? But it happened! It may be because our main state religion is Drukpa Kajue. We consider it as our main Buddhist religion in our country which has loads of historic significance and validity to live it as our religion specifically. But that particular year brought tears to the devotee and the monks of the community. 

I was not definite when it first begun but I clearly remember when it ended. It was misery for the already admitted monks and to the locality as a whole. When I knew, already big building for monks were constructed and used as an accommodation in Yarphu Shaedra. A new building which was twenty to thirty meter long was under construction at Shugung Shaedra. With full support and hard work of the villagers it was successfully accomplished and ready for to use as an accommodation for monks. 

Dodrup Rinpochhe is Ngyingma master. When every masters/Rinpochhe in religious discourse admit - it doesn’t subject what religion you follow but the master of our body – mind matters irrespective of Ngingma, Kajue, Tersar you follow etc...  But why this big discrimination? May be it was national issue but I am still waiting for the right answer for otherwise in their wish of irrespective religion. Yes the history told me the civil war in the country was mainly due to different religions and due to the fact of every master’s wish to flourish their own religion in the region. 
Dodrup Rinpochhe

It was one fine afternoon when I saw a bald man with three policemen. From my grandmother I knew that he was Dzongrab (Asst Deputy Administrator). I didn’t know the reason for his sudden visit! We need to prepare a lot for officials’ visit otherwise. After an hour I saw few monks loitering around Yarphu primary School with their robe tight on thigh nonsensically. And I saw few police walking to and fro in front of the monastery. Still the reason wasn’t clear for me as a little kid who doesn’t know to intone numerical from 1 to 100. 

Both Sheadras were closed forever. Days passed with all monks were left in respective home as farmer. The new buildings built were left in vain. All most everything seemed was blank for them and villagers too. They could not go against the will of government but left only option to follow their great master to Gantey Goenpa, Sikkim. All most all of them went there to pursue and fulfill their dreams to cram religion in life.

From then what followed beyond my village and school were not known until yet except that the Rinpochhe went permanently to Sikkim.

Lhakhangs were taken care by the locality with directive from the government but not the buildings that was built for the monks. It was so sad to see the building collapse bit by bit. And elders used to shed tears looking at the collapsing and uncared building. The very atypical observation was the building collapsed bit by bit only on the auspicious occasions. It was a wonder for the entire locality. It is the power of religion, they use to say. And a statue in Shugung Lhakhang still changes its position, as said and observed by few. 

Statue of Guru that turn it's position
From then Bhutanese followed Rinpochhe and every year thousands of Bhutanese visit Gangtey Goenpa

Still the stigma of forbidden and derelict building is in the mind of old people in the village of Yarphu and Pangthang. 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Serga Mathang

An attempt to translate the song Lay la dey khan Mathang by Ata Yeshi. Hope I haven’t diverted from the real meaning of the song. 

Walking mildly away from the distant place

Is the beautiful Serga Mathang of mine?

Turn one time to have a glance.

The destined loving khodkin of yours’

Don’t let him feel poignant.

Galloping like the mild horse in best of your walking style,
Is my beloved Serga Mathang.
Better than the precious gem of the earth,
Think and reorganize the stature of me.

Slim is thy precious body like that of model,
Eyes like that of an angel of heaven,
Adorn with such beauty and novelty;
You walk like a mild gorgeous angel.
Image source: https://goldentimelover.wordpress.com/

Walking mildly away from the distant place

Is the beautiful Serga Mathang of mine?

Turn one time to have a glance.

The destined loving khodkin of yours’

Don’t let him feel poignant.

You are my Serga Mathang,
Do you have the intellect to think?
Think beyond the limitation of asset and ethnics.

When faith destine to merge us together,
That is why I love you further.
Give the best to think over the matter,
And talk with best to handle with me.

Don’t stay at a far flung place,
Think over and come nearer to my place,
Better than the thoughts of our parents
Let us merge to form unity.

Walking mildly away from the distant place

Is the beautiful Serga Mathang of mine?

Turn one time to have a glance.

The destined loving khodkin of yours’

Don’t let him feel poignant.

Heaven of Happiness

From the heaven of thy presence I can hear the shower of blessings coming in. I am not your fan. I am not your brain. I am not your enemy. I am the one that’ll stand all alone for the defense of your state. 

No one will try to destroy your stature. No one will say untrue about you. No one will be allowed to murmur nonsense about you. 

In the aroma of your walk to and fro, I see the little flowers happy and adorn with morning dews and freshness of morning scent. The roses say hi. The daffodils say hello. The sunflowers say, this way. And I say; you may. Thus your journey to your destiny – office is wonderful. 

I am not a banana. I am not apple. I am not peach. I am not chili. I will not be victim of monkey. I will not be victim of Einstein. I will not be victim of Bhutanese Ama datse lovers. I am just the seed inside that wherever it is thrown away; I will try for to erupt from somewhere again and show my budding talent to the world. 

I am not Gasa Lamai Singye. You are not Changyuel Bumo Galam. We are not who they were. You won’t die for me. I won’t die for you. If you die I won’t jump in the fire of your funeral. I will try to endure the pain in silence. 

You won’t deny me. I won’t be alone. You won’t reject me. I won’t be sad. You will not say bye. I will not say take care instead I will utter, see you soon. Feelings will be high. I won’t sigh. You won’t bias our feelings for you are angel on earth. 

I don’t have Mercedes. I don’t have big bungalows. I don’t have bullock carts. I don’t have horse too. I have an old honest elephant. We will go for slow and steady ride in the middle of the thick jungle of loneliness. You will not lead. You will not be afraid. I will not lead the way either. I will let to lead the way. He is an honest brother for me. Trust me that we are cared by him in this thick jungle. 

You say I am selfish. You say I don’t know the tactic to bait fish. You were afraid when I show you the long big fish hooked and you screamed and hugged me for help. How lucky you are for you didn’t slip away from the slippery sea stones. You are so cute in your smile. You struggled to fight my strength like a fish but you failed and I can’t forget your angst still. 

My arms aren’t warm. My bed isn’t comfy. My home isn’t well furnished. I am not well-off. You aren’t choosy. You aren’t moody. I am happy with you. You are happy with me. We are happy together. Look their! Our kids are happily playing in the sand. 

“Come in lets have dinner. It is getting late”, I said. You came with little son like me in your right hand and little daughter like you in your left hand. You are a good mother. And we are happy family together.