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Friday, November 28, 2014

Album Series III

It is when you look back; there will be beautiful things to ponder upon. I have an old album that was maintained long ago during my schooling days. When I open after many winding years, I find beautiful things adorn in it and short good stories born out of old photos. It is beautiful reminiscence indeed! This is my third series. 

The Boyhood

My boyhood was intellectual beginning. It was during the prime exist from primary education, I stood academic position. My dad was proud of me and it wasn’t fair though since I have to walk a day to reach junior school. Finally it was worth walking and experiencing the boarding life for the first time at Martshala Junior High School which was upgraded later to Middle Secondary School. 

It was a school of complete freedom. I had to attend morning and night study for at least two hours. To go out from the school and loiter around was a choice. The time was vulnerable. 
my times at Tashigang Middle Secondary School.
I shall thank for having met with good friends and brought up away from the modern world. Drugs and substance abuse were there. I have seen some of my friends indulging in it. I have seen couples dating. I have seen the drama of sexual relationship. But I was innocent that ruled me enough to stay away from those. More than anything, I feel proud myself for having put more time on studies despite being no one there to guide. 

I studied my Middle Secondary education at Tashigang Middle Secondary School. This time I was bit naughty. I was naughty enough to join friends to see the privacy of girls in their dormitory. We used to study till late night.  By the time we stop studying, girls would be snoring. Without much fear we sneak around the girls’ dormitory to see how they sleep. Sometimes the scene would be funny, sometimes sexy some friend would say, and sometimes terrifying when matron chased us. Luckily we were never caught. 
First from left - myself at Martshala
Life past was like science experiment. I have experienced marijuana, smoking and drinking. The results were that I was negative to drugs. I never like drugs though drinking has become sociable. More than anything, without forgetting my father’s wish to study well, I studied well and I was known by my teachers and friends as good and simple student. 

Games in schools were part-time. I was never good at playing any games neither I was too bad. Given a chance to play and engaged an opportunity, I never let my team down. Almost half of Saturday and few hours during week days were spent in co-curricular activities. 

More Series coming soon....

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Album Series II

It is when you look back; there will be beautiful things to ponder upon. I have an old album that was maintained long ago during my schooling days. When I open after many winding years with, I find beautiful things adorn in it and short good stories born out of old photos. It is beautiful reminiscence indeed! This is my second series. 

The young

For every life, there are hoods that we go through. It is not happenstance rather it is river of life that we should pass through those hoods.  Initially from childhood we are young and innocent. In the midway manhood is the hood of joy and an educative experience. In fatherhood we opt to see our offspring enjoy and come through those. And then grandfatherly we become an old child. 

I don’t remember how I spent my childhood. I only remember beatings I got from my mom. It is pain to remember but gain to see what I am today. My childhood was not actually bothersome hood to parent and friends. 

Almost entire six years of my tender age was spent naked and bare. Pants and shirts during my time were not popular. I permanently wore the gho with no care at all about underclothing. It was bother less who sees my little ball and penis. Walking was completely on bare foot no matter what! Childhood was worth learning to feel how I was in dearth. I was dirty. Certainly! 
That was long ago....
I have only picture of my boyhood that was snapped when I was seven. I guess it was during celebration of accomplishment of Tshampas on their seven months of meditation. 

I had to walk miles to reach school. I have to wake up early in the morning. I spent my primary schooling walking to school and back home. Basically my childhood life was worth living in dust that taught me uncountable lessons in life to mold myself to fine man.  

More series coming soon.....
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Monday, November 10, 2014

A King - The Selfless

It was a greatest gift for Bhutanese from heaven on 11th November 1955. His majesty the Fourth Druk Gyelpo was born to King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck and Ashi Kezang Choden Wangchuck in Dechencholing Palace, Thimphu corresponding to the Wood Sheep Year of Bhutanese Calendar.
From a very young age, his majesty received Buddhist as well as modern education. He grew up with the pace of modern development of the nation which his father had set in motion. He was trained by his father in governance from a young age.
It was indeed unfortunate for the young Crown Prince and Nation on 21 July 1972. His father passed away at Nairobi in Kenya.  It was on June 2nd he was officially enthroned as the Fourth King of Bhutan. He was the youngest monarch in the world then. The Nation made him to shoulder the daunting responsibility of steering the nation on the path of progress.
Bhutan saw enormous progress in the reign of the Fourth King. The independent and sovereign status of the nation was cemented further with country joined many regional and internal cooperative bodies.
His Majesty the Fourth Dragon King of Bhutan
It was during his reign Bhutan began to steadily progress towards democracy. In 2006, the king announced to hand over the control of government to the people. The work for the first democratic government began. The constitution which constitutes 35 articles was written in consultation with the people and the election commission was set up. Finally in 2008, Bhutan saw its first parliamentary elections and began the new system of governance according to the wish of His Majesty the King.
The major achievement of the fourth king was the Philosophy of Gross National Happiness. GNH was offered as an alternative measure of development of GDP. Development progress should be measured by how much people are happy rather than how much money the nation made – this was the essence of GNH.
Bhutan had been a hideout to the ULFA (United Liberation Front of Assam), the NDFB (National Democratic Front of Bodoland) and the KLO (Kamtapur Liberation Organization). These insurgents had established several bases in the Bhutanese forests across the southern border. This was threat to the national security and the centuries old Indo-Bhutanese relationship.
Despite several peaceful talks with the militants to leave the country and having failed the deadline, this was indication that the rebels had no intention to leave Bhutan. They rather established new camps in more inaccessible areas of Samdrup Jongkhar region.
At last when every possible peaceful request to the militants failed, Bhutan had no other choice but to take up arms and launch a military attack against them. The day was on 15th December 2003.
His Majesty himself led the operation to flush out those militants. It is perhaps the only King of our times, Jigme Singye Wangchuck who has led his army into a battlefield, who willingly put his life to risk for the sake of people and the national security. The selfless, My King.
As we celebrate 60th birth anniversary of your majesty, I pray for the long live and even better prosperous life ahead in times to come.
Happy Birthday your majesty and Long Live. Trashi Delek la
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Monday, November 3, 2014

Album Series I

It is when you look back; there will be beautiful things to ponder upon. I have an old album that was maintained long time ago during my schooling days. When I open after many winding years with so called technology, I find beautiful things adorn in it and short good stories born out of old photos. It is beautiful reminiscence indeed!
His Greatness

The first topic for the series is dedicated to my great father who value life in being a simple human being with dignity and honor. I remember his boldness in heart to be good no matter what the situation is. Little Buddha nature he considers he has and what I consider that is great, never someone like me will find safe place to get loads of blessings and be proud to be his son.

On the first page of my album, I see him with camouflage semblance. It was in 1990s. He was recruited for militia training at Samtse when the country faced interethnic conflict.

The tears of fear shed down continuously from the eyes of innocent mother. The little toddlers were left watching the sadness of his departure for the country. That time was time for nothing to my grandparents, mom and villagers, but a fear. Fear to be killed. Fear to be gone forever. Fear whether they can be able to unit again!

With no option but with carrying the heart to serve for the larger interest, he reached Samtse.
Dad with his comrades

The story is interesting. He grins when he narrated the whole story. He even opposes his commander. He was indeed sad and angry for mass punishment.

One day they were punished severely that he vomited a lot and that day he got very angry. He suddenly stood among the troops and said so harsh.

“I haven’t come here to get punish payable to someone’s mischief. I have come here to serve my country not your punishment. If you continue punishing in name of others, I don’t want to continue. I want to leave. I have left my kids back home. I am not a permanent troop. Even I can’t do penance for, if I am morally wrong to go against you.” Dasho (commander) was totally silent and from that day they were not punished much.
Look good in camouflage dress

I was impressed and grin when mom defy his deed. He was ethically right to go against.

More series coming soon……
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Cold in Thimphu

It was in July mid; I reached Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan. It was moderate then. Not many months passed by. Within those few months I appeared for Royal Civil Service Examination which included written examinations and viva voce. Not so many vacancies are announced and still I am waiting for the corporations to announce their vacant posts for civil engineer. In fact the job market is mute.
After Going through the Labour Market Information Guide for University Graduates, 2014 I am not that much worried about my employment. Many vacant posts for civil engineers are remarked immediate in private sector. Definitely if the RCSE result is as expected, I shall join one. Private sectors in not so bad for civil engineers!
Thimphu has become very cold within those gone few months. As it get colder day by day, my body battle to it. It resist in the form of various pains. My chest pain upsurges. My leg doesn’t wish me to walk more. My back doesn’t desire to endure long hour cold. All in all my body don’t suit in cold. It is not acclimatizing.
I don’t see people roaming through the city as much as I could see few months back. City dwellers fortified them with cozy jackets, long boots, and comfy hats. Shops get closed soon after the sunset. Karaoke doesn’t get busy so early. Not many people date in the branded clock tower.
But many gather and circle the porridge sellers. As they sip the hot porridge and breathe out, I could see the beautiful faces through the haze of warm air in the cold. And within few minutes I get dissolved in the arena of hawkers. I move back home and wait hours to get my body warm in the thick blankets.
Snow on the mountain above Paro valley
Yes Thimphu is cold. Do enjoy the cold and wait for the departed lovesome warm summer.  
Wow! I could see beautiful snow on the cap of mountains above Paro valley. Journey has begun.
Have a nice day!!!
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