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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Congratulation to the New Cabinet Ministers

It is indeed great and jovial for Bhutanese to see the second batch of elected competent cabinet ministers after so many allegations between two parties.  I, with immense appreciation congratulate the ten ministers and wish loads of luck in their future seem challenging endeavor.  Now people are taking turn to allege the new Prime minister for failing what he promised during campaign. Mr. Leki Dorji didn't make to be minister of Information and Communication. May be it is for the change and cause. 

I can’t think what is happening with the society and sometimes I doubt myself, do I live in Bhutanese society? Every topic that pertains to politics in social media is chased with grievances and allegations. People forget everything if given a chance and choice of anonymous identity. The chaos and riots on social Medias has disturbed the peaceful mind of people and what next is the biggest question mark.

 Is this the outcome of democracy? Is this the way people act in democracy? Do our ethical values vanish in democracy? Is politics really dirty? I am vexed after reading the editorial article ‘Crossing the Red Line” in The Bhutanese news paper. It is really disturbing to read such article. The aroma of politics is not really sweet. 

Being engineering student, it is great and inspiring to see first Bhutanese woman engineer stepping on the seat of minister as first woman minister. It is yet another history in her life and Bhutan. 

As per the promises, it is one now delivered and one broken that the five member representatives from eastern Bhutan got to be minister and one from central didn’t make up to the list. And among, it is in fact great that my constituency, Deothang-Gomdar, got education minister. 

I once more congratulate all the cabinet ministers and hope every promised made will be fulfilled as a team,  party and moreover as a government.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

To First Year Students

Welcome my dear friends. Welcome to the College of Science and Technology. It is indeed great pleasure for me to see all young and energetic fresh ladies and gentlemen walking to and fro. Welcome once again. 

I want to share something that is relevant and you should know being a fresher in the college. Let me declare myself that I am not responsible to bluff or responsible person to let you know which sometimes you may think, ‘it is mere rubbish and I know how to act’. 

I know almost every high school friends these days dream of coming to CST. Courses offered are more or less same as what you want to pursue through government scholarships pertaining to technical trainings and studies. Moreover job market is good as compared to graduates from outside country. It is indeed the place where you can sigh for the hard work that you have put in. 

Many of you have come here out of necessity and few out of luxury. Every parent wants to see his/her son/daughter become either engineer or doctor. For the under privilege parent like me, it was my necessity to get admit here and support my parents and long chain relatives. And for those well-off, it is their luxury to become an engineer. My dear friends get inspire you and motivate to become good engineers. 
When I was in first year, our previous director was worried for when College of Science and Technology (CST) is said to turn out to be the College of Sever Tension (CST). It was like virus among students and it goes viral to those coming as first year and I know you are aware of it. Getting in nineties and eighties or seventies in high school and expecting the same isn’t possible. Impossible because it is technical. I don’t mean someone should be genius like Einstein rather it is your logical power to get work done and be an exigent student and I know you all were toppers in school. Everything counts for hard work. You have a mountain to climb up. 

I know many of you have already chosen the narrow conduit, ‘what to do’. It is always great to know beforehand, what you are going to do. It is truth in itself to get enlighten yourself, what you are going to do and what you are going to be. Now you have come out from the narrow conduit and it is for you that you need to again get in the sharp conduit of ‘how to do’. Every possible and expected guidance and care will be given. The way which you need to go will be vividly shown adorn with the exigent character that you should not forget to nurture. It is in your hand as to how to manage you. 

You can’t expect the next four years to be like the last two years in your high school. Everyone is treated as an adult. No one will come forcing you to do what needs to be done for your own goodness. It is you that you are adult that need to be careful to maintain the journey and fuel accordingly. It will be your own dignity that needs to raise your head held high to justify that the college life is golden life. It is your own responsibility to get transform from and lazy sluggish caterpillar to a beautiful and lovable butterfly. And hope that transformation will be each and everyone’s definition to consider college life as Golden Life. 

Anywhere you go and dwell, there are assured rules and regulations that you need to abide by. The difference and privilege of seniority will be there. It is your stupidity if you can’t align to the norms of what is expected by universal. No senior will rag you neither scold you for nothing. It is their duty to remind you if you step away from your desired manner. Don’t feel bad instead except it as good and you should not forget that your turn will come to do the same as perceptive senior. 

So, lastly, where the knowledge is free; where the seniors aren't dominance; where you will learn to attain the ultimate joy of golden college life as caterpillars and worship to fly away as beautiful butterfly, I once more welcome you to the College of Science and Technology.

Thank you!! Be happy!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Rose

I didn’t go out to see what the nature and surrounding is like. For three days I was doing nothing inside a room except that I read a book authored by Indian youth from West Bengal. But one day I heard a sound. It was nothing but a sound of showering. It was the rain at Lumang. I was at Lumang Gewog for about a week during my summer break. 

Slowly dragging myself from the comfy bed I went out. Wow! It was cool and fresh. The nature was crying for the benefit of locality and indirectly shed tears for me to encounter the beautiful rose behind the building. 

Carefully with tight and fearing tension on the slippery veranda, I went behind the building. Beautiful red rose captured my attention completely the moment I turned myself to adjust from the slippery mossy concrete veranda. 

Wow! I yearned. It was so beautiful. It was dancing to the rhythm and the weight of little rain drops that falls on it. It was completely drenched in the aroma of fresh dews formed by the loving rain. The petals were so young. The leaves were exceptionally green. The stem was sturdy with the thrown still angry for the supposed protection that is accountable for if the roses are attacked by outsiders. 

It was lucky. There were no lovers around in the vicinity. If there was, it is the curse on every rose to endure. Rose is use as a symbol of our heart and deep colour of love between the partners. 

Day after days I was observing the status of the beautiful rose. It was so fresh and jovial when I saw for the first time. It was mesmerizing. Time passed by with intermittent rainfall and sun light. It was so beautiful and it has the power in itself to move the human to feel love. But it is sad that with time its beauty fades away. The petals lose its rigid position. It started getting apart. The colour fades away. And finally the beautiful poor petals fall on the ground. 

The stems and the leaves are still young and sturdy. They have hope. They can bloom until someone plucks it and give to someone depriving it of beautifying the nature. It is indeed great for human to accept that the real beauty is always with nature. And hope nature with rose and human with rosy heart will fill the earth for our times and future generations.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Heaven on Earth – Bhutan!

It is my immense pleasure to congratulate PDP (People’s Democratic Party) for the victory. Majority of the people of Bhutan preferred strong horse instead of strong flying birds for the change and cause. Because everything said and promised seemed too heavy for horse will be the right Giant to carry the huge load. And accordingly the promises and pledges of three cranes can’t equal the horse in whatever sense except it might fly away fearing the difficulty. 

Congratulate DPT (Druk Phuentshum Tshogpa) for definite strong opposition that you will undeniably garner for the new government. It is a victory in itself for Bhutan, be it ruling or opposition. I salute for the work you have done for past five years. 

Both winning and losing party has their own grievances of the result. PDP won because whatever manifestos and pledges hereafter to be fulfilled can be cited as the real happiness gear for the people of Bhutan. Whatever sense and tone it is, greeting of for your manifestos acclamation was profound. Civil servants idolize the 20% increment of salary and housing allowance.  Armed forces venerate the vivid said of increment in their salary. Villagers revere for your brave slogan to have Bolero in each Gewogs, each power tiller in every Chiwogs and census problems for the southern people. Youth, the future of nation got the magic to idolize when they are enlightened to guarantee 100% employment. As whole, the people of Bhutan choose horse for it will equal flying birds with two helicopter ambulances. Everyone believes the allegation of the muddy and rough road constructed by the former government to each gewogs and other needy communities. And it is for the cause and change to blacktop it for the current government and hope the country’s tourist visit will skyrocket and complains will be less. 

The new opposition party, DPT (the former government) became the target for various allegations. Starting from corruption to the sovereignty and independent of the nation, the Indo-Bhutan friendship, concreted the arrow that pierced hard in the soft mind of electorates. It is the best lessons that DPT learned. 

Everything was over now. The pledges of government are fascinating. It is the best new chapter in the life of every Bhutanese and PDP. It is time for to ‘walk the talk’. If all the pledges get fulfilled Bhutan will be like heaven. People will be happy. And I am sure that the government can do their best to fulfill the aspiration of each and every inspired and distressed Bhutanese.  Hope to see smiling people under the elected dynamic leadership.

I Wish Happiness for all.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Modern Dwelling

We are in the age of diverse modern dwelling. The societies are different, with different culture and tradition. We blend those cultures into the power of modernity. The result is clear – simplicity changes to complexity. We get drunk on the power of modernization. 

What people do when they get drunk? How do they behave? Walking style of the person gets changed. Talking style of the person gets changed. Thinking power and style of the person gets changed. What do you do when you get drunk on the power of modernization? The Hair on your head will glow to different colures. Paints and shirts that you wear will have different patterns that show your nakedness. Your face will be filled up with drawings and paintings. Ah… these are just the look of the person, more important thing is we become an addictive personality. 

When you commit crime you become criminal. Is it crime to walk naked in the street, when you are not doing any violence, hurting no one and you are absolutely innocent? Immediately police will lock into jail. You will be beaten up for doing nothing. Why society is angry for innocent naked man when they don’t get the same annoyance against murderer? Is not this strange? What is crime? Crime is something that is said to be committed when you do something. 

However hidden behind clothes, the animal is there, the nude, the naked animal is there, and the naked ape is what we were!

When you do sex for intend to make money, you become prostitute. There are many unannounced prostitute I believe. I believe because I read every posts of the Thimphu Confession Page. And it is not only for money you do sex, there are many who cares not to do with random guys. There was an era when you often shy away with when people talk about sex. But now think? Starting from the style of your dressing which you called fashion, the height of sexually have gone high. 

When you answer to the call and go for the reason to satisfy sexually you become call girl. When you have mobile phone and call all over the world and quarrel with your spouse, you don’t hate mobile phone instead you blame your spouse. You don’t realize the power and drawbacks of modernization. 

In this modern world you eat for the taste. While in the ancient civilization, people killed animals for hunger. Hunger was their basic necessity. And we diverted our eating habit from lone to share with all. If somebody wants to eat alone you will say he is animal-like. Your eating habit should be natural. We geared around food and created that hunger has less become important and taste became more important. 

And yea we still feel disgusting .Think of you are asking a lady a question or vice versa, “Where were you?”  She/he answered “I was in toilet”. If you ask what you were doing in toilet, will not it be disgusting?  What will be his/her reaction?