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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Go, Go, Gone~

In those colours of maroon and saffron robes; I see the dharma breath high and varied.
Flapping through the zigzag path to the hermit top; flap my ears – I hear
The bounty rich religious cymbal enticingly entangle my thoughts,’
The thoughts of worthless lone being mystified in an arena of Nirvana beyond concept. 

At Terday nay and Nabji Lhakhang

I sing and sing until thy hear my song,
The song that was composed for the selfless.
Come little butterfly, at your pace you carry my message.
Well the river shalt be fast, else I sing to the wind, the fastest.
I am deep into the emotions, emotions unveils the laconic of my song. 

Fortunate was I, to visit Terda Ney (secret place) at Nabji under Trongsa Dzongkhag. I hope I can visit more to such places in near future. 

I am frequently away to the places where it is worth to be. Bloggers, I plea  for mercy in failing to read your updates. 

Thank you

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Wonderland

Sometime one time in lifetime,
One day that day in that time,
You and me in our time together,
It was fun time transient well in our arena.

Good and bad the thing may be,
Sad and happy the moment be,
Hi and bye thy utter in succinct
Life shalt worth living for tomorrows leave past.
image from www.khinsider.com

Among those huge rich mountains,
Dwelling for the good of people,
Leaving the self for sack of others in hermit
Thou shall be the legendary archetype.

A fine white steed gallop steadfast,
Esoteric taste in clothes thy fear,
Oh! That is not that to consider…
I dream my wonderland 

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