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Monday, March 31, 2014

I salute!

I was away for long from blogging. I was busy and I am sorry you are busy too! I have two Leisber Blog awards that I have to answer. Soon I will come up with those answers. Till then I am fine and hope you too.  Take care!

This is simple random poem that the crazy man scribbled after he snapped the photo below on the steel flyover bridge in Phuntsholing town.  

He was crazier when he read the poem from top and then reread it from the bottom again. He salutes! 

Far away I neared the horizon of thy departure
Bearing the angst and agony of your rejection
Slowly and mildly holding my breath, hand held on my chest
I came here to salute for the challenge.

One day in the morning I’ll be singing alone up with the lark
Giving my sight to the lovely little grasses along the path
Feeling the gentle zephyr playing to bend that little petal
I went to salute for humble nature existence.
I salute!

Oh la la! Oh la la! I sing and dance with you
They wear the apron of Michael Jackson
I laugh, you laugh and we laugh to the rhythm of tune
Forgot the misery behind, yet we lit our face wit beam
Yes I came here to salute for the jovial instant.

On that night the moon proved beautiful and brand
Today the sun looks so amiable and brightens
Tomorrow shall not rule with misery and melancholy
The beauty and happiness shall prevail
I salute for the beauty and happiness.

From the east it welcomes the day
Meandering through the diverse ways
Struggling through the bumpy road of verve
And to the west where it folds the day!
I salute and I salute, oh! I salute!


  1. It's good to see you back Sangay. I want to learn to salute the good memories... even the sad memories... for they made me who I am today...:-/

    1. Thank you maim for constantly reading my post and giving me inspiring words!

  2. This is very interesting man. Enjoyed reading.

  3. Enjoy reading it Sangay! I feel like dancing ;)

    1. hehe thank you maim Rima, yes dance maim for i will salute!

  4. jigs boss... salute.... salute!!!

    1. Haha.. Thank you Jigme, theory man! Salute!

  5. This is a beautiful and heart felt poem and very easy to relate to for we have all felt the sadness on the departure of someone or something. I especially love the first 2 verses - the first about the loss and the second about the resolution and concentration on nature and small things "Giving my sight to the lovely little grasses along the path". I think it is so importatnt to find our happiness everyday in these small things. Don't you?

    1. THANK you Lee for the wonderful and inspiring comment. Yea happiness in those many things adds up more value in life!!


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