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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Defining Engineers

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Difference between Architecture and Civil Engineer (Structural Engg)

On Saturday Ugyen, my friend who is pursuing B. Arch at Delhi University came here at CST to meet us, Rangjungpas. We shared few ideas of what is architecture and in what respect it differs from civil engineering, in particular structural engineering.  

Here are those points.

By the time we are in high school, most of us have heard the terms "architect" and "engineer". If you work in the construction industry, had college friends who studied architecture or engineering, or paid for the construction of a building, you may have also learned that design (planning) is an essential part of the building process.
However, even if we know something about architects and engineers, most people tend to "see" only the act of building.
The two functions of design and construction are required to build all except the simplest buildings.
Most people can easily grasp the basic role that an architect plays, since the results of architecture tend to be visible. However, the role of a structural engineer is a mystery even to those who are aware that engineers are involved in the building process.
In general, engineers use the results of science and mathematics to design a wide range of physical elements and systems. There are numerous types of engineers, such as mechanical, chemical, electrical, aerospace, civil and structural.
A "structure" is any physical element built (constructed) by humans. The universe of structures is the complete set of physical elements constructed by people; also described as the "built environment".
Buildings are a subset of structures, which include a very wide range of physical elements, such as bridges, lighthouses, tunnels, dams, cranes and even airplanes.
Effective use of science and mathematics is required to provide competent design of buildings and other structures that we depend on every day. Appropriate use of artistic imagination results in buildings and structures with pleasing appearances that enhance our existence.
Ugyen's design

Design of a building or structure involves several steps, including visualization and development of the overall concept. However, the designer (or designers) must eventually develop a set of instructions (plans, specifications) to define the physical parts of the building to be constructed by the builder.
Architects and structural engineers often work together, particularly for design of buildings. Though schooling and responsibilities overlap, each profession is unique.
Key Differences between Architect and Structural Engineer
Differences between architects and structural engineers are best explained by describing the role and practice of each professional. However, key differences are summarized;
  1. Architects are generally responsible for design of buildings used primarily for everyday use by people. Structural engineers are responsible for design of a wide range of structures, such as bridges and power plants, for which an architect is not usually involved.
  2.  Architects are responsible for design of the building shape, layout and appearance. Structural engineers are responsible for design of the building elements (foundations, columns, beams) that support all other building elements.
  3. In general, the results of architecture are visible when the building is completed. In general, the results of engineering for buildings are not visible after construction.
  4. When the owner hires an architect, the architect manages the overall design process. For buildings, structural engineers most often works for the architect. In general, the architect defines parameters (criteria) that the structural engineer must use for design of the structural elements.
  5. The structural engineer uses relatively complex mathematics and computer software for design. The architect uses graphical techniques primarily, along with basic math.
  6. In college, much of architectural education is derived from art and art history. Coursework for the structural engineer is based almost entirely in science and mathematics.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

To My FathEr on fatheR's Day

It has often been cited that the good values and teachings parents give us, is essential for the future foundation of who we become as adults. I have had the privilege to have amazing parents, in particular my father, the person who has taught me the essentials I require in order to live the way I am doing.

I live in a country where most families do not celebrate Father's Day, even if fathers are very well honored and respected because of their roles in the family. My father lives in village far away from me. It is hard living without a father and a mother.

Although we don't really celebrate Father's Day, I always remember my father during the special day. Father's day was always a special day to me. My dad taught me about how to be good to all irrespective of how physically challenged the person is which happens to be one of his favorite subjects to discuss and I remember once I was briefed when I cheated a physically challenged woman in my village. It was too touching that I shed tears. I would look back on such moments with joy and a good lesson. My mother told me if you harm others and cheat he will be always brief you and is always like that. I smiled. And too today I remember this and smile.
http://www.zazzle.com/fathers+day+cards (Father's day card at Zazzle)

Though my father is uneducated I bet he is far better than few educated lords. He don’t know how to read but he knows how to become equivalent to a good reader in behaviors and mannerism. And now I am very happy that he is now attending Non-formal education class after his hectic day works in village.
Essentially, for the most part of my life, my dad has been one of my biggest rocks, which grounds me securely and focused on the pursuit of my dreams.  I have accomplished almost everything because of him and his perspective on never giving up, which I have adopted.  The father's days I now spent without my father is at times difficult however, the essential lessons he has left me will always be a major part of who I am.   Consequently, for such reasons, my father is always close by even though he is far away from me.
One of the major lessons I was taught was his perseverance, positive attitude and mannerisms even against all odds.  Lessons like this one has restored in me.
In conclusion, for me the strong sense of mannerisms of my father continues to linger and remembering my dad not only on father's day but on a daily basis and this is the best father's day gift I could now give him.
 Good luck my dad....

Image source: Father's day card at Zazzle

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A rEAl jeRRy

Rat can be quite a menace. People hate rat.  For each every household rats will be there running around, rummaging through food, damaging supplies and breeding beyond control.  Even one rat is enough to turn one's house inside out.

I was studying and preparing for my next exam, Principle of Surveying II. All of a sudden a real cute Jerry ran inside my room as if he is being chased by Tom. I thought Tom may follow him immediately. I waited for a while to see what will follow next.  Then I became a real big Tom. I chased him.

Rats are peculiar in nature. Once they find their setting disturbed, they will begun to relocate them selves to more suitable area. Disturbing their setting will cause them to come out into the open area more often  in search of place, in which people will trap them.  People uses different methods to trap rats. They use fresh food, poisonous bait, peppermint oil which will be available in market and blue pads etc.. But his real enemy Tom, chase him until succeeds.

I was a real Tom on that day. I slowly got up from my chair and started blocking the space under the door. Once I have done with, I started to frighten him with the broom. He was too scared. He tried his possible way to escape but in vain. Finally I got him, Mr. Jerry. And I lost 30 minutes of my study time.

He was too cute and adorable. I thought to keep it as pet but thinking he wouldn't be a good pet I released safely behind our hostel.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Something tHAt I drAw



Simple plan and elevation of dining hall

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Why CSTians say Engineering is Difficult

Currently CST limits engineers to the traditional or 'normal' types of engineers. Most people would agree on what an engineer does in general: in the main, he or she studies and designs bridges, airfields, ports and other structures ( civil engineer ); aircrafts, machines, turbines, autos etc (aircraft, mechanical and automotive engineers); power stations, pylons, integrated circuit boards and computers (electrical, electronics and computer engineers). Of course there are also engineers who study and design water treatment plants, distillation refineries for petrochemicals etc (chemical and petroleum engineers); enzyme vats and wineries and pharmaceutical factories (biochemical and biomedical engineer); satellite and telecommunication systems (telecommunications engineer)
Whether we should or should not study engineering or any relevant courses at university depends very much on the certain factors, which we the future matriculating student should weigh before coming to an informed decision, where CST student lack it; moreover almost all students under RUB lack this knowledge of what the course is about and where it will take you afterward. Here, since I am engineering student I focus on as to why most of the CSTian say engineering is severe for them.

While in school and while choosing what to study at the university, it solely depends on how much you have scored. All most all students never know actually what engineering is when they join the college. All most all are pretty sure that engineers are highly paid and demanding job in the market.
After joining here in CST and studying engineering as major, I realized that one should know before hand what actually engineering is. Scoring in the high school to 80s and 90s were nothing. That’s why student get frustrated when they see their marks scribbled in 50s and 60s.
Actually we should have real ability for math. It is not necessary to be math genius to take up engineering. But we should have good scoring at math at high school. If not we wouldn’t be selected since everything is on merit basis. Putting hard work in math and scoring high can’t justify. We should have logic to study math.
CST Lab.

 Yes, you might have done well in your pre-university or High School subjects but at the university you will have to deal with much more difficult subjects like Thermodynamics, Soil Mechanics, Engineering Math (advanced calculus, vector analysis, complex algebra, differential equations, among others) and a host of engineering related courses. That said, and all students do not let these perceived difficulties stop from pursuing the program. Because they persevere in their studies and maintain their discipline, and they are able to sail through. And remembering scoring in high school can’t be an excuse.

Another thing to determine is we should be committed...  Running at last moment wouldn't help much. When Saturday night rolls around and all friends are headed out to party on college night, there is a strong possibility that if you are committed you will be stuck in the computer lab with your classmates studying. This is not to say you won't have fun but sometimes school will just have to take priority of the college lifestyle. 

If you are reading this and thinking, "hey no sweat", then engineering may be the route for you and then you will just have to figure out which concentration you think you will enjoy the most. If you feel a little hung up on the math or the possibility of missing that awesome party, then maybe you should just stick to being a business major.

Don't mind for random!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

If I aM a GiRl

If I am a girl, my mercy story would be…. My first time wasn't what you would call romantic. I was 15 or very young years old, a beautiful, simple and loving girl in school, and had very low self esteem. I had a boyfriend. Sure we talked, but it wasn't much different from how I talked to my best guy friend. In fact I was probably closer to my best guy friend than I was with my boyfriend.
But everything changed when I met this guy. He was in my 3rd period class and like me was kind of socially awkward. So I decided to be bold and introduce myself. Or a guy came and proposes me. A couple days or month later he texted me and invited me to lunch. I was surprised at first because he was a senior and seniors rarely dated freshmen at first instant. I was also hesitant because I had a boyfriend. But I came to the conclusion that it wasn't a big deal. I was just going to lunch with a friend, nothing wrong with that right? I gave a thought. But that lunch led to more little "dates". He was so sweet to me, telling me I looked pretty, gently taking my hand when ever he got the chance. He was the boyfriend I always wanted- cute and sweet- I was very happy with him. After a couple months things began to change. Instead of going places for lunch we just walked to my house which was just down the bazaar from the school and make out. Making out soon led to other things, things I'd never done before and things that I definitely wasn't emotionally ready for. Then one day it just happened. We had sex during our lunch hour and then just went back to school like nothing had happened. I started crying in class overwhelmed by what had just happened and wishing it hadn't. I tried to comfort myself by thinking stuff like "A lot of girls do that, it's no big deal" and "I love him, that should make it okay." 
I really did love him. More than anyone on the planet. But that just made it so much more painful when he decided he didn't want me anymore. At school he slowly began to pull away, he didn't talk to me very much and at times it seemed like it went to great lengths to avoid me. I was hurt but I wouldn't give up, so I pretended like it wasn't happening. When my friends asked me what was up between us I would just smile and act like everything was just fine. It wasn't until a couple weeks afterwards that I realized I had to let him go. But I refused to look like a weak silly love-struck girl (even though I was) so I sent him and email telling him he was a moron and many other words that I probably shouldn't mention.
For months I cried myself to sleep over him. I still loved him with all my heart but now he didn't speak to me or even look at me. After months of depression, I was finally able to let go and be happy again. I would later find out that the guy I loved so much wasn't who I thought he was. He had tons of girlfriends and had slept with every one of them. After he finally got a girl to sleep with him he always dumped them. I wasn't alone and that some how gave me peace. There were other girls that knew my pain. I met one of his other girlfriends and the similarities between us were astonishing! We were shy, fair-haired, and tall and both determined not to let this insignificant boy ruin our lives. We've become very good friends.
 I write this to get sympathy for who has come across such. There are many girls who are victimized by pitiless boys. You are the one who had sex, you are the one that have to pay for your mistake, and to ask for sympathy would be just silly. I wrote this to urge young girl who are very beautiful, charming like an angel to know that they have so much value. And listening to some of my friends, such stories make me feel sympathy. Please don't give yourself to the first boy that seems to love you. Make sure you really know someone before you decide to have sex. Remember that you are a gift that only a very special person deserves.
Good Luck…!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sex Sex Sex

Don’t mind if anyone read this. Actually I was busy with my studies. When I was studying, such grimy thinking strikes my mind. And I feel it’s interesting.

There are two things people can't have too much of in this life - one is money, and the other is sex. While most people will never be really rich, everyone can have as much sex as they want. Sex is the most fun you can have without laughing, and it makes you feel good. It makes sense.

Our bodies are formed to enjoy pleasure. We crave it, we need it, want more of it.

Sex is everywhere. It's in movies, on TV, in books and magazines, and all over the Internet. These things are hobbies taken up by nearly everyone in the world. And it's quite obvious that sex is unavoidable.Sex is an enjoyable experience. Studies indicate that people, who enjoy regular sex sleep better, live longer and are generally healthier than their abstinent counterparts.

If a girls are in a new relationship they fear that boy is only after sex. This is what each every girl say whenever a boy propose. And it is advisable not to jump straight into bed with partner. And it’s better make sure that we spend time together and do activities "Other than sex" to keep a relationship strong and gain more trust in our partner. Actually relationship includes sex with passion and desire. Instead of just sex this is more like "making love" and sharing our body and soul with partner. And some have sex for fun.

Ultimately, sex is a preference. How often we have sex depends on our body and how comfortable we feel in sharing it with someone else. There is no such thing as too much sex as long as we are aware of how it affects both our mind and body.

Its really funny to think such while studying.