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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Congratulation to the New Cabinet Ministers

It is indeed great and jovial for Bhutanese to see the second batch of elected competent cabinet ministers after so many allegations between two parties.  I, with immense appreciation congratulate the ten ministers and wish loads of luck in their future seem challenging endeavor.  Now people are taking turn to allege the new Prime minister for failing what he promised during campaign. Mr. Leki Dorji didn't make to be minister of Information and Communication. May be it is for the change and cause. 

I can’t think what is happening with the society and sometimes I doubt myself, do I live in Bhutanese society? Every topic that pertains to politics in social media is chased with grievances and allegations. People forget everything if given a chance and choice of anonymous identity. The chaos and riots on social Medias has disturbed the peaceful mind of people and what next is the biggest question mark.

 Is this the outcome of democracy? Is this the way people act in democracy? Do our ethical values vanish in democracy? Is politics really dirty? I am vexed after reading the editorial article ‘Crossing the Red Line” in The Bhutanese news paper. It is really disturbing to read such article. The aroma of politics is not really sweet. 

Being engineering student, it is great and inspiring to see first Bhutanese woman engineer stepping on the seat of minister as first woman minister. It is yet another history in her life and Bhutan. 

As per the promises, it is one now delivered and one broken that the five member representatives from eastern Bhutan got to be minister and one from central didn’t make up to the list. And among, it is in fact great that my constituency, Deothang-Gomdar, got education minister. 

I once more congratulate all the cabinet ministers and hope every promised made will be fulfilled as a team,  party and moreover as a government.


I will love to read your constructive criticisms for if I may deserve.