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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Started What I Love to do...

Do the call of what thy passion desire
Struggle to reach where it might take thee
Just start and go...
Don't wait for tomorrows to come
For Tomorrows never comes!

I started to photograph. Those are few shots that I think its good! I hope I can capture the beauty of heavenly Zhemgang and its rich in the wild. Wish me luck!!!

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  1. Sangay...these are good, the more pictures you take the better you will get... keep working on it :-)

  2. You just started and I already see a photographer in you. I am sure it will get better with time. Looking forward to seeing Zhemgang through your camera. Good luck!

  3. If things are done listening to your heart, it will be very unlikely that one cannot travel far in that. It's good that you have already started doing what you love. Good. I too would love to see nature-rich Zhemgang through your 57 yellow notes worth camera bro. Thanks

  4. The photos are really amazing. I dint even know that you possess the skills of photography. Seriously. Please follow your passion. I will also give my shot in the near future. hehe.

  5. Taken like a pro! You are so good at this. You really should pursue this passion of yours.

  6. Nice shot Sangay! Keep it up! ^^

  7. Wow! Beautifully captured....Nice One.^_^


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