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Monday, November 3, 2014

Album Series I

It is when you look back; there will be beautiful things to ponder upon. I have an old album that was maintained long time ago during my schooling days. When I open after many winding years with so called technology, I find beautiful things adorn in it and short good stories born out of old photos. It is beautiful reminiscence indeed!
His Greatness

The first topic for the series is dedicated to my great father who value life in being a simple human being with dignity and honor. I remember his boldness in heart to be good no matter what the situation is. Little Buddha nature he considers he has and what I consider that is great, never someone like me will find safe place to get loads of blessings and be proud to be his son.

On the first page of my album, I see him with camouflage semblance. It was in 1990s. He was recruited for militia training at Samtse when the country faced interethnic conflict.

The tears of fear shed down continuously from the eyes of innocent mother. The little toddlers were left watching the sadness of his departure for the country. That time was time for nothing to my grandparents, mom and villagers, but a fear. Fear to be killed. Fear to be gone forever. Fear whether they can be able to unit again!

With no option but with carrying the heart to serve for the larger interest, he reached Samtse.
Dad with his comrades

The story is interesting. He grins when he narrated the whole story. He even opposes his commander. He was indeed sad and angry for mass punishment.

One day they were punished severely that he vomited a lot and that day he got very angry. He suddenly stood among the troops and said so harsh.

“I haven’t come here to get punish payable to someone’s mischief. I have come here to serve my country not your punishment. If you continue punishing in name of others, I don’t want to continue. I want to leave. I have left my kids back home. I am not a permanent troop. Even I can’t do penance for, if I am morally wrong to go against you.” Dasho (commander) was totally silent and from that day they were not punished much.
Look good in camouflage dress

I was impressed and grin when mom defy his deed. He was ethically right to go against.

More series coming soon……
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  1. Beautiful remembrance Sangay Sir, my father too served as an army, we have common in this. Presuming that you are a carbon copy of your dear father (if I am not mistaken lol :P). Hope all is well with sound in health. Do Great. Regards from me. Take Care. :)

  2. That is wonderful Sangay that he stood up for himself so that he would not have to go through so many punishments...

  3. Thats great of you sangay sir..keep sharing la...

  4. Our past is such an important part of our present and future. It does feel good to look back. Surely puts a smile on the face.

    1. Yea definitely SuperLux.. Thank you for reading my post~


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