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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Father

22 years old son!

I walked slow, actually, still thinking....and then, I saw him, I saw my dad waiting for me at the corner of the block...he smiled when he saw me, and it was clearly visible to my eyes that he has aged...He looks healthy though...His face is radiant, but even with his charming smile, he can't just hide all the wrinkles on his face....It made me so sad suddenly to realize that the man who has raised me up is getting older.... and too I am getting old....

Friday, April 22, 2011

Child Catches a Dream

Today I am proud. Yesterdays was pain. I have written a history. History is always painful, you know. HISTORY cannot be written without pain. If we win without trouble its called victory. If we win with trouble it's history.

Today I believe I am a child, catches a dream of becoming an engineer.  From the day I crossed my sixth standard i believes in "only a star who is an equally good actor can be a superstar."

Another milestones is there to go for catching another dream. ???????   WIFEEEEEEEEEEEE... hehehe