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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Goodbye Rongthong Kunley Dorji

 Trees’ shedding their leaves, death of Giddafi and your death, once again brings home the universal truth of impermanence and decay, the weather becomes dry and crisp.

I still remember narrated story of your deeds from my friend Ngawang who is now working as Police. We were too small to understand such stuffs but he was well understood because the so called marching for the right of people (Drowa meeyee wangcha Gorang go) in 1990 in Gomdar Gewog-my prior block, instigated from his village, near his house. And his father told him in brief.

You have lived 73 years. And I know you are founding president of the so-called Druk National Congress (DNC) in Nepal. I know that at 11pm on October 19 you passed away at Manipal Institute of Medical Science in Gangtok, Sikkim. Due to your deeds many innocents were affected.

You were great enough to cause national threats but dull enough to know you wouldn’t be living long and fulfill your futile dreams. May be you thought that you are to live thousands of years and forgetting the basic fundamentals of life. And finally you are now once upon a time Rongthong Kunley Dorji.

It is nice and appreciated to know that you regretted just before your last breath. You left this wonderful heaven earth with full of regrets.  Carrying tones of regret and reconciliation you knew that, at a dharmic level- as Buddhist, the suffering one has to endure is a consequence of one’s Karma. “Thus, with my body, speech, and mind, as far as my mortal human capacities allow me to, I hereby forgive all those who have wronged me”, “And if I, knowingly or unknowingly, have caused hurt or harm to anybody by my aspiration or actions, seek forgiveness of them”.

Due to your activities many innocent, most Sharchops were affected a lot. They were deprived, once from getting Citizenship Identity Card (CID) and now continuing not getting No Objection Certificate (NOC) from police. Many intellectual youth and logical people were just left helpless because the record - involved in a demonstration was bold and red.

I too was not spared. Record showed that my mother was involved in demonstration. Impossible!! My mother just went to attend census meeting, where all the people of the Gewog were summoned and to their dismay it was not census, it was the arrest of the commoner who mostly are innocent and don’t know about the situation. Due to this trick, all people who were there was recorded as involve in demonstration.

Came 2005, I was qualified to study in higher secondary school with distinction. The big dilemma was whether I’ll get CID or not. I went Thimphu with my friends and luckily I got. Again time passed by with full of zeal and hard work, came 2007 where I was halted for a year due to the above mentioned problem of involved in demonstration. How much I tried it was in vain. Starting from the office of Gup to the Prime minister’s office visiting was only just. Nothing happened. To come tomorrow, after one week, after two weeks… were the Officers’ best words, And Dashos prolonged it even to a year and so on to solve the problem. And that one year story continues still for few. I was not only the one but many students who have had distinction in academic.

What so ever be, I am now happy that the people who were recorded as involved in demonstration now are rectified and issued NOC and CID card.

And one thing that I always rejoice due to this problem is the golden opportunity that I got to work as an Assistant Chemist for a year. It was life time experiences. And after that I resume my studies again.

Hope in future Bhutan will not have any Rongthong Kunley and Gidhafi like who on no account think prior to and regret only when death is right in front and wish to say: “To my country and my people, I pray: may all the gods, goddess, guardians and protectors, and all those of cosmic lineage, who command coincidence, always guide to protect you; may your positive karma, and your outer, inner and secret obstacles, be purified and cleared, may your negative karma, and your positive aspirations and actions, consequence glorious merit; may the times ahead bring you good future, prosperity, happiness and peace, and may all be auspicious for you”.

Pelden Drukpa Gyello!!! Not Drowa meeyee Wangcha Gorang Go.


  1. Dear Sangay,

    Sorry to hear that u r the victims ..anyway will pray that such things never happeaned again and everything will be soon sorted out.

  2. yab and i think by now everything should be solved but the notion of continuing to solve by the concern person is always bold and clear..

  3. nice post bro. It's sad to know about all this. I also heard a lot about it. Sangay, you may kindly check the spelling of Gaddafi. I know it's not a big deal but even then for the sake of correction i am suggesting. Hope you don't mind. Keep posting!

  4. thank you bro. Langa and your feed-backs are always welcome....

  5. sorry to know about your problem..anyways its better that you are now doing well...

  6. My case was solved but what for the rests? This is big question for them and it is frustrating to hear again and again the case of solving but never solve...

  7. dude, from my side, hats off. You surly have balls to write on a sensitive topic. I think our journalists should learn something from you. Brave Work.

    And I am sorry to know what you went through.

  8. ayee ur highly mistaken.. mr sangay cholden..the fact that u could write and post such nasty article is because of mr ronghong kunley dorji's hard work...because of him...there is democracy in bhutan(u laughing..its ok).because of his continuous hard work from india and nepal ..but but u will not understand this right now..time will tell u...but more than sounding too dramatic..pls i request u pls...if ur such a big time blogger and hardcore nationalist...go to thimphu..and try to find out the real story of what ur govt is up to..i request all the bloogers to find out the real inside story..i dont think ill post anything now..long live BHUTAN.

  9. @ anonymous; whatever be, I don't know much and you are right but I am already frustrated of his deeds.. and hope such people won't be there in future... Who told you that democracy in Bhutan is due to Rongthong Kunley??

    Nice to know that you read it!!!

  10. Hats off to you sangay Cholden...for bringing out this very sensitive topic on your blog, it would have never seen the light in a gossip society like ours had u didn't post it.

    Thank you once again for sharing with us...
    yours sincerely
    Another Victim of such people..

  11. How naive and ignorant. I think you need to do a bit more research.
    #Find out why in the 1950's, hundreds of Sharchops were forced to flee Bhutan and finally settled in Arunanchal Pradesh.
    #Find out why some of them were arrested and brutally killed.
    #Find out why hardly any development took place in eastern Bhutan, despite Bhutan embarking on ambitious plans since the 70's.
    #Find out why it was only because of the Christian lobby(with their own agenda) that Kanglung finally got a school and a college.
    #Find out why in the last assembly session, MPs from Eastern Bhutan complained of the disparities in development between the East and the West.
    #Find out why there has always been a disparity in the RGOB's East-West development policies.
    #Find out why the RGOB has always discriminated against the Eastern Bhutanese(BEFORE THE COMING OF RONGTHONG KUNLEY DORJI).
    #Find out what compelled Rongthong Kunley Dorji to ultimately do what he had to do.
    #And find out why and how "democracy" finally came to Bhutan.

    1. May be those people who represent on behalf of the eastern Bhutanes epeople are useless.

      I think, for me, as far as you are capable, there is no discrimination from the Government.

    2. I think people like you need to be more informed. What do you mean by useless? Does the bangchang make them drunk and thus incapable of passing judgements on vital social and political advocacy from the east. I speak as a Ngalop and as far as I am concerned Bhutanese need to stop being fed the media version of the stories in Bhutan and sometimes consider reading independent newsmedia outside the country. See both sides of the story . Rongthong Kuneley might be a controversial figure and older generation might mark him as an "ngolop" but I wonder what made a druep do all the acts that he did. I honestly dont buy Rongthong Kuneleys crap and the bullshit the government of bhutan feeds us sometimes as well

  12. Oh! I forgot!
    #Also find out how much RGOB makes from Chukha, internal revenues, bilateral aids and the 1600 crores that Indian gives every year(look up the Government of India's Foreign Ministry website)
    # Find out how much of this RGOB actually spends on development, and where the rest of the money goes!!!

  13. Dear Sangay Cholden,

    Below is text of Rongthong Kunley Dorji’s original letter in full, just to allow you the opportunity to put your Kuensel-induced “with regret and reconcillation” perspective in order.

    13rd October, 2011

    Their Majesties, the Kings and Queens;
    The Hon’ble Prime Minister;
    The Council of Ministers;
    Members of Parliament;
    And the People of Bhutan.

    Your Majesties, Excellencies, Hon’ble Members, Brothers and Sisters,

    The last 20 years has been a momentous political journey for Bhutan and its people, with the final resultant changes laying a foundation for a promising future for all Bhutanese. I will not go into the nitty-gritty’s of the sequence of events – we all know this only too well.

    As far as my own personal journey in this is concerned, despite the Royal Government’s veil to shroud the facts, everyone is aware of the truth – the truth of what wrongs were committed, against whom, and by whom.

    At the onset, this road that I was compelled to travel, began, in all ignorance, as a means to get even for the wrongs committed against me. I didn’t quite know that this would slowly evolve into a profound path, with the most profound consequences – for Bhutan and its people, and for myself.

    Today, my personal samsaric ambitions of the last two decades – that of ushering Bhutan from an absolute Monarchy, to a Constitutional Democracy under Constitutional Monarchy for the benefit of all the people of Bhutan, have been achieved. But I have had this tremendous good fortune of also contemplating on my karmic journey. And I deeply thank all the Bhutanese people, inside and outside Bhutan, who have extended to me, their support and goodwill.

    While at the logical, samsaric level, we attribute the wrongs committed against oneself to the perpetrators, we also know that, at a Dharmic level – as Buddhists, that the suffering one has to endure, is a consequence of one’s karma, with the “perpetrators” merely acting out their roles as catalysts and giving design to their own karma.

    For me, I think, and I hope, that my karmic consequences have come as a blessing for all the Bhutanese people. And this for me is glorious redemption.

    Even so, I am human, and there are these fleeting moments, again in all Dharmic ignorance, when I still am overtaken by thoughts of bitterness towards my wrong-doers.

    Age is catching up with all of us. My own health too, might not allow me too much time to redeem myself of these constant momentary negative contemplations. And I also do not want to let too much time slip by, for we know not what tomorrow might have in store for us.

    Thus, with my body, speech and mind, and as far as my mortal human capacities allow me to, I hereby forgive all those who have wronged me, all those who have conspired together with those who have wronged me, all those who were forced to collaborate with those who have wronged me, and all those who have, by way of ignorance or otherwise, desired ill-will towards me.

    And if I, knowingly or unknowingly, have caused hurt or harm to anybody by my aspirations or actions, seek forgiveness of them.

    To my country and my people, I pray: may all the Gods, Goddesses, Guardians and Protectors, and all Those of cosmic lineage who command co-incidence, always guide and protect you; may your negative karma, and your outer, inner and secret obstacles, be pacified and cleared; may your positive karma, and your positive aspirations and actions, consequence glorious merit; may the times ahead bring you good fortune, prosperity, happiness and peace, and may all be auspicious for you.

    Rongthong Kunley Dorji

  14. @Sonam Dorji, I think unknowingly I have disturbed your mind.. If be, my intention was not for to..

    I beg your pardon ...

  15. Oh! no. you didn't disturb my mind. This was just to make you and your readers look through the veil that surrounds you, and begin examining things more deeply.

    Information is the key to progress today. But it could also do equal damage if distorted.

    So use your knowledge constructively for the good of our country and our people.

  16. Hey Sangay Cholden
    Just read your article on the great man,Rongthong Kunley Dorji.How ignorant you are of your surround ing and the situation that govern you.Ignorance can stifle learning, in that a person who falsely believes he or she is knowledgeable will not seek out clarification of his beliefs, but rather rely on his ignorant position.As the Great Charles Darwin said "ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge."
    U should have done thorough research before even
    attempting to write an article on the great man.

    Youths should try to know the reason why a great man like R.K Dorji is born.He fought to bring about Democracy in a country where the King was above the constitution.He succeded.Every one in Bhutan and outside of it is aware that the Democracy is the handiwork of Rongthong Kunley Dorji and his party members in Druk National Congress. You have doubt but even u know in ur deepest of deepest conscience that,this is the absolute truth
    So use your little knowledge constructively for the good of our country and our people

    1. Why Rongthong kuenley is great!!! Folish statement. If he is the great, then i am the best!!!!

      Just stop bullshitting.

      Only few of u, asshole people like him. Majority of us have a deep repect for our Monarch. Palden Drukpa, Lha Gyal Lo!!!!

      Rongthong kuenley Ngyey Wa (Hell), Ya so

  17. sangay....it may be true that you endured so much mental pain due to his deeds but you cannot directly pour so much on him....Behind the curtain, there are so much to be judged before you really come into that strand.
    He was such a great exiled freedom fighter who after having thought that benefits would surpass the wrongs fought for institution of democracy in Bhutan. He was promoter of democracy in Bhutan though we unknowingly wronged him to that limit.
    I would be sorry if my say contradicts yours. Actually, that is the field to be judged before drawing a conclusion instantly...
    So you can think over it.........

  18. sure Mr. Sherab Tenzin... your say contradicts with what I really know about him and what I have gone through...

  19. Hey Sangay
    Just wanted to say that even Lord Buddha was questioned when he tried to teach his teachings..The great man Rongthong Kunley Dorji is after all a man..U are questioning the man right now,let the people of Bhutan have power and u will come to know his greatness..Do u not know that Honour and pride is what makes a man.He was falsely accused of crimes he never committed.U should get all Your answers if u have followed his life and work.People conspired against him by reporting all kinds of negative information to the ruler of Bhutan.He was tortured by a person who was not authorised,Sonam Drukpa.
    After all the greatest and the absolute truth is that one has to die when one is born in this world.One has to be answerable to God when one leaves the world.Even the Kings are not spared.

    Do u still not realise what a great man R.K Dorji was?Funny?Who in our country is capable or was capable of fighting for ones right against the absolute power of the royal families.
    Which ruler in their right sense of mind would give democracy to his people??????
    U have to fight for it and thats what Rongthong Kunley Dorji and his party members in Druk National Congress did.Democracy in our country is very young,yes the King is still powerful then the our Prime Minsiter but its going to evolve.
    By the way Sangay Choden be a responsible citizen of our country for the betterment of our country.Sometimes one has to think of your country before ones personal problems.

    long live Bhutan.Long live Democracy

  20. Long live hero of democracy


    1. Fuck you!!!!Bull shit!!!

      The main hero of our democracy is our beloved monarch.

  21. some comment are really suck i think people itself suck. goddamn shit how dare they are blamming to motherland so shamefull with no respect,past is past forget about past why people are bothering.

  22. @anonymous .... Its their view...
    we can't blame for their view but can be corrected....

  23. Bhutan is literally ruled by haaps,Parops,Bumthaps and kurtoeps of Khengpa origin.Thanks to the southern Movement so many changes came in.But still democracy is just the sham showcase.
    And by the way Bhutan'S half the national budget goes to royal treasury.

    1. Fuck you, you don't bullshit. Ngolop, Changka!!!

      If i am before you, i will put my 15 inches pennis to your tight Ass!!!Then you will realize, the real story.

  24. Quite a intresting coloumn,,,,well friends there are good people and there are bad people,,,We never know what Rongthong kinley did,,,nor do we kno how the 1st primeminister of bhutan was killed,,,we donot kno how scary the bhutanese history is,,,we donot kno how corrupt the people in power are,,,evrything is concealed in bhutan,,,,that is not the fault of our Mother Land,,,,The people in power n the mother land are seperate entities,,,The future lies in our hand,,,lets stop blaming each other,,,Some people are more fortunate than others in Bhutan,,Not evryone of them are to b blamed,,,but than with time evrything will b fine,,,Karma is there to protect us,,,be good humanbeings and love ur nation,,,,rest will b fine,,,All we can do in Bhutan is hope for the best n try to b the change u wanna c,,,,,

  25. hey you enjoy some ones death how do u call ur self a human or even buddhist and educated person saying that.you don't have a soul to show slighhtest respect the dead.shame on u...n remba every story has two side and u just listened to one side of it .....u r coward u couldn't even stand against that dasho or goverment official who prolonged watevrer it is...n yeah we rest of bhutanes feel shame on ur coward action.

    1. hello; U don't know because you didn't went through such situations and i know every action and deeds of his!! Any how its glad that you read it!! DO keep visiting!!!

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  27. I am quite surprised to see that many of people has endevoured to write against the article of sangay no matter wherther anonymous or not. I am born and brought up in bhutan. I have tried to raised questions onvonline furom quite a times but most of time I landed up receiving negative comments and response. No matter how well educated, we really lack people with profound intelectuals. But this time I am bery happy that many of us has supported and acknowledged the good hard work of this man (RT). For how long can the truth be concealed under the carpet?. We have lots of things to be solved before its too late right from nepali ethnic exodus to ningmapa masters to sharchops to tibetans to mms scandals to many more. Do we really think we r safe in our own country? Certainly not. Prayers to those who has worked tirelessly for the sake of our country and its people. Druk gyalo

  28. Thinking about past is seemingly waste, it must be thoughtful to know the future path. Let us be very sure about our beautiful future. All the good and bad things had been done, that was only to bring Bhutan to the great and safe destination. We have heartfelt sadness and joys to all the leaders of our past history but now we have strong and dynamic leaders and strong public to extend thier support and patriot toward it's country. We have beautiful country, people and strong government.
    Wasting no time, let's go to our respective village and vote for our great candidate, which happens this 13th of July, 2013. That really is your government and your living mother land! Let's do it!

  29. Why did the Government punish inocent children for what their parents did. Doesn't Bhutan respect children's rights ???? Also as you mentioned just for attending a meeting your mother was blacklisted. That is not fair, how could people be accused of something they haven't done. That is gross miscarriage of justice. I feel sorry you suffered for no fault of your.


I will love to read your constructive criticisms for if I may deserve.