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Monday, April 30, 2012

Tribute to Teachers

To the one that let me know where I should step, where I should set my target, what are the remedies that we should have for to move ahead, that always fire me for my benefits and the one and only that assist me to be a responsible man in once life, I want to thank all my teachers who drive me till where I am today and where I’ll be life. And again I want to thank all who directly or indirectly let me learn little things from your deeds and experiences.

Respected teachers;

You are my source of inspiration. You are my candle that lit me in darkness. You are my advisers. And instead you are my second parents and I rejoice for having met with such wonderful teachers in my life.
I remember how I got heavy beatings, heavy scolding and 360 0 twists in my ears, 90o slaps and many more… I do not mean that it was bad. It is worth more than anything in life. Your power in shaping the destiny of mine was so powerful that I land up in what I want to be and thank you very much for the magic that you have poured on me.

This is simple poem devoted to you all;

Everybody, I want you to say,
2012, happy teachers day.
It’s time, we all pay,
Tribute to thy ray,
That let us success in our own way.

When paths are dark and tough,
Thy powers made, clear and bold,
You pave our way like gold,
You gave us, diverse eyes,
Those see the mischief bias.  

Happy teachers day, I wish you,
You help us decide our fate,
Understanding what we like and hate,
Your presence helps us understand our state,
And so, I happily wish, happy teachers day.
Be it sport or studies,
You teach us many times,
And it remains for lifetime,
You have always been there with support,
Even in our problems, like an escort.

Lastly, I plead, to remain the same,
To help us gain our name and fame,
Loud everybody, be loud as loudly as you say,
Clap everybody; clap more as you say,
Happy teachers day!, 2012.


  1. well written.
    Yeah, we owe a lot to our teachers. I join you in wishing our teachers a very Happy Teachers Day and of course a life full of joy and happiness.

  2. thank bro. Leo!! Lets remember our teachers for when they taught us ABCD, ka kha gha nga.... and showed us path to the difficult theories.. Happy teachers day and I treasure you all always!!

  3. well written boss...i too join u

  4. thank you tharchen and At Irahrosli for comment and do keep visiting !!


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