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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Heat of Engineering (To my High School Friends)

Before you decide whether or not to study engineering at university, you have to develop a good understanding of what "engineering" actually is. What do engineers do? Where can engineering take you? How is it different to science or mathematics? Will you be able to get a job? And, how much will you get paid?
First of all, engineering is VERY broad. Specializations can range from traditional fields such as civil, electrical and mechanical engineering to new emerging branches like biomedical, computer systems, and green' technology. All engineering subjects are rooted firmly in combining advanced mathematical and scientific knowledge to solve real-world problems. Essentially, engineers are the problem-solvers, innovators and research and developers that make much of modern life possible. From the bridges you drive across, the car you drive and the GPS (a system that can show the exact position of a person or thing by using signals from satellites) system that tell you where to go - all were designed by a team of very skilled civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers.

As populations increase and the push to be ever more modern and sophisticated continues, jobs for engineering graduates continue to increase. Indeed with the emergence of new engineering fields, many new jobs are continually being created. For example, the development of the internet 15 years ago created a huge boom for computer systems or software programming engineers. Bhutan being in the developing stage always shouts of engineer shortage. Nowadays, in light of the global green movement, sustainable building processes and materials has become an increasingly prominent engineering field. All this leads us to believe that studying engineering will set you up for a very bright future - and because engineers are in such high demand, the pay is exceptionally good!
Of course, how much money you get should never be the determining factor for choosing any career; the true secret is to do something you feel truly passionate about. The very nature of engineering means that you will have to enjoy and be good at calculus, physics and a range of other maths and sciences. However, engineering is not only for maths, science or computer geeks! It is also a very good study choice if you're really passionate about working in a specialised field like environmental protection, bioengineering, advanced telecommunications, or robotics. If you like to solve problems and create things, then engineering could be for you.
Bear in mind that engineering does involve a lot of hard work! Not only will you be studying a wide range of topics, but there are many practical experiments, projects and research that you will have to do. All are time-consuming and require a great deal of commitment and determination to get done. Basically, engineering is not for the lazy student. Your laziness will be proved if you do engineering in College of Science and Technology or elsewhere you go in the engineering colleges.
Ultimately, the choice of what to study at university is a very important decision that draws on a lot of personal factors like your own interests, strengths and study habits. Outside factors such as job prospects or your parents' opinions and friends opinions should be considered, but certainly do not let your parents and friends decide for you what you should do!
Also, though engineering is a very male-dominated profession. Girls will have to be prepared for weird looks should not stop you determined girls from giving it a go and proving to all that girls can do engineering, too! And that has happened.
 Good Luck!!!

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