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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dunglagang, Tsirang, Bhutan

Not many people wish to work in remote community. It is almost everyone’s disappointment to visit any villages for official tours or any other reasons. I think more than half of our citizens need to rethink to situate the situation that our children believe otherwise next time.

Every community is not too bad to neglect and consider. People are happy with electricity, safe drinking water, bumpy road, and community centre. Whatever we believe that is most done and available in urban society is now available in rural culture. It is beautiful and good thing to let know that people are happy individually.

Whenever I visit any community or village, I discover something that inspires me. This time the place is at Dunglagang under Tsirang district. Old cohort grandpa plays football in barefoot for the exhibition match and audience laugh out loud. What a beautiful thing to cheer up for! Every granny’s face shine when her grandpa kick ball like a toddler. Such moment will be engraved forever in my mind and write for everyone to let know – there is happiness! 

well played match!

Anyways, when the nature calls for jubilation, when it pours the sign of blessing with mild rain, when the subjects are waiting for the days to swiftly run by, and when it will exactly reach the destiny to bless with Blessed Rainy Day, I wish all Bhutanese a very Happy Blessed Rainy Day.  

Trashi Delek!!!
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