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Sunday, September 13, 2015

If I die young....

Thank you people for making me believe that such people do exist in those seem mundane world. If I die young, I wouldn’t have face to know all those grievances that they have to claim for.

People say life is all about experience. It is all about to serve other. I am serving other and I don’t mind getting lost to the service of others.

Today people say something and tomorrow they are otherwise. Here in front of me they will promise and tomorrow they are otherwise. People are unbelievable. Today the river is flowing down and tomorrow it is same. Here in front of me sun rises from the east and tomorrow it is same. Nature remains unchanged. It is people who change not the nature. If I die young, I wouldn’t have to face the dishonest nature of timid mind.

Within not even a year of my working life, from grassroots to the top, I got to climb. The journey got to deal all about fear and challenges. Why should the root be strong? And why should the tree topple if the roots are not strong? United we stand. Divided we fall. If I die young, I wouldn’t know the reality of united we stand.

Democracy isn’t all about to shout grievances. It comes with responsibility and accountability. I am not responsible to teach you democracy. I am responsible to serve you best I can. Let democracy flourish not blemish with autocracy. But first understand it and act. If I die young, I wouldn’t have to bear the grumble of misconstrued democracy.

Sun as it claim fearless.  Through my lens...

The sun flower claims to be sun for its own, be idle and firm where I am. From the mild bud to the sunny fearless flower, I shall accomplish….

Life is all about experiences and if I die young, I wouldn’t experience what life is.

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  1. Yes Sangay, if you die young, you would not be able to see some very important things in life ... nature stays the same in many ways and people change all the time...

  2. Life's too beautiful to miss out. Even when we mess up sometimes, good things happen. Stay alive as long as you can. :)

  3. You must visit some countries while you are still healthy and alive.
    Life is just a journey for everyone of us and we shape them the way we want it to be. We should take the middle path always and live meaningfully each day. Warm greetings from me in Malaysia.


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