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Sunday, March 3, 2013

For those WHo gets Hurt!!

Once I was asked by a boy from my village, “what do you do with your girl friend?” I said, “Nothing”. I said nothing because he was too young to ask and know about.  And the same question I asked him back. “What you gonna do when you are in relationship?” he replied, “I want to kiss her first and then follow the next…?”!! What could be next, probably sex? And that was what he meant!
These days most of the girl ends up with tears! Their grievance is they went physical. Ahh! What is there when you are in or do physical relationship? It is very simple. When someone hurts you, cry a river, build a bridge and get over. 

What really you do when you love a man? When you love a man, you would like to hold his hand. You would like to hug him sometimes, hear his sound, and see his face too. When your beloved is far away, you hear only his sound. The sound is not enough I think. When you see him you are more satisfied. And when he touches you, certainly you are more satisfied. And what When you taste him, certainly I think you are even more satisfied. What is sex?!!  It is just meeting of two deep energies. 

You can’t just use the man. And you can’t call it love at all. You want the man to bring you a luxurious car, expensive ring, fur coat, take care of house and prepare meals! And you don’t want to share anything with him. 

When you love, you don’t have any secret and you share all. You are available when your heart is utterly open. When you love you are ready to go with him wherever he leads you, even to hell if he is going. 

One thing you have to know is, think and build your love before having sex. All most every man has this tendency. He will think whether he loves you or not only after sex. 

I have seen very big gigantic trees. They are deep rooted in the earth. If it is not deep rooted, it may topple down due to strong wind. There are other factors that may topple down the tree. If the tree wants to touch sky, it should have to go very deep down. Higher it wants to go, deeper it has to go into earth. Be rooted in your sex if you really want to become a lover. More and more energy will be converted into love and nobody will leave you away. 

When many girls are inquired, you will utter, you hate love. Why hate love? Hate is not a right relationship with anything. Hate simply shows that you are afraid. Hate simply shows that there is great fear in you.Today’s women run after money, power, respectability and prestige. If you really want to hate something hate money, hate power, and hate prestige. Sex is natural, money unnatural. Why hate love?


  1. You are really becoming Osho of Bhutan. Your writing is so persuasive and defining. Love it, and enjoyed it thoroughly.

    1. lol!! ANyways thank you bro!! I always have doubt that it is worth not reading for readers!!

  2. I don't want possessions... I never did... I always wanted love... I never understood why others wanted less...

    1. May be i think every love has a time!! ANd hope your time and the others is different!!

  3. Nice write-up. Enjoyed reading... :)

    If i make suggestion w.r.t the dzongkha sentence u've used on the top, u've used 'Tashi Delek' which according to me wud be 'Kadrinchey' instead. We usually use 'Tashi Delek' to wish on losars, birtdays etc...
    the msg u want 2 say is to thank 4 reading,nt 2 wish 4 reading ur blog. so 'kadrinchey' can b more appropriate.
    It may nt matter much though. Jst a suggestion....see what u feel

    1. Yue at the end suffice the usage of trashidelek.. it is a mere contradiction of usage of both to adequate the dzongkha grammar!! let me confirm and thank you for the suggestion!!

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