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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The O My...

Flying away far and beyond the boundary of my heart
Singing the rhythmic song in ecstasy
O my bird, my bird, pleasure frees to roam around.
Wafting the decorated wings in the air of yours
Blowing thy gentle mesmerism
O my bird, my bird,
Toddling to and fro beyond the boundary of your domicile
Chuckling the inner essence of yours
O my baby, my baby, innocent rules to learn more.
Showing the innocent smiles over again and over
Craving thy little heart
O my baby, my baby
Together with same kind is great enjoyment passing well...
Calling far and yet beyond the boundary of thine solitary
Thinking the aroma of intimacy
O my darling, my sweetheart, thine missing is my dying
In those wanton pictures among those sandalwood
It is pastime passing excellent
O my babe, my darling
O friend, my friend
Laughing happy is good time together
Crying together is hard time passing hard wherever
O friend, my friend
Far and away yet in the inner core of my heart
Breathe beyond the limit of essence embedded in you and me 
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  1. Interesting poem Sangay... lots of emotions :)

    I hope things are going well with you :)

    1. Thank you maim~ Yea I am fine with everything around me the same...

  2. Emotions webbed in poetic expression. Nice one Sangay. Keep on writing...

  3. Reading your poetic thought made me a bird inside your lines because your thoughts in the form of lines is simply wonderful...thanks

    1. Thank you Sancha for such interesting and poetic comment too ...

  4. enjoyed reading it ata!.... take care...

    1. Thank you SOnam. Keep visiting and study well~

  5. An aesthetically woven poem brother Sangay. Loved reading. Keep writing. Keep sharing. Hope everything is going well everyday. Do Great. Take Care. :)

    1. Thank you Ugyen for your good comment. Yea, I am doing good and hope you too~

  6. Beautiful words and a high sensitivity !


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