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Thursday, November 4, 2010

About my friends.....

{1}   Sangay Jamtsho {Douley/Khamjay/Gomchen and etc..}

My best and only together friend I can say. He is known by numerous names.
Like Khamjay, Douley, Gomchen and many more...... Together with him is just like my childhood days.
He is from Khaling. He completed +2 from Khaling High School.. He is sometimes good at theory of calling nickname. He is rude if one goes and distrub his sleep. He is compassionate fellow. He goes for never harming the living beings. He talks only beaf. He shuned taking other meat because he experienced very dreadful consequences, for fish, accidently born stucking happened, chicken same and many more ..

He is good in study and too good in dancing. Come JAM session of college, his one hand inside jean pocket, wear tidy dress... AHHH AHHH COME ON BABY.... like Michal Jackson he will dance. And moreover he'll try and dance with all the college girls....

(2) Sonam Rabten

HE is usually called as Ajang, Psyco: there is no specific reason why we call him psyco and he is not so. Ahh he is love GURU. He is good and nice but moddy fellow yaar.. He loves girls at first sight. I cannot count for how many girls he felt in love. He is from Pam, Trashingang. I like to be him and accompany. When ever he visualized about his dear one, first he owns computer and open the folder that contains the pics of his dear one!!!

One thing he cannot leave behind is BULBUL from Rangjung. Her nAME is Dechen ..... and is studying in eleventth standard, science as major. if she ran away from him I cannot imagine how his life will be. I pray he be with her only and be future partner...

(3) Dechen Norbu....

Auuu he is from Phongmey, son of a shopkeeper, well know in Phongmey. Whatever be the situation i like to be with him and the mentioned frens.

Shall i say  more about him??? himmmmmmmmmmmm , he too i can say is dedicated lover. Hope he wouldn't suicide for some one yaar...  He missed her very much. Who is she?? She is no other then Dechen...
he loves her more than anything i think. I am proud that i have such dedicated frens here in CST. ....

If one find him standing unusually : shows that he is bit unhappy..

Deki Phuntsho (Nick name Inventor)

Popular known as PYKALA.  From Tashigang Bartsham. He is a man of nick name caller. Friends will be given oblique comments whenever they laugh. "Normal"," zai ana wai", "zo rang" and many more will be his best words to use with friends. But friends never mind for what he is and for what he is called. Everyone knows that his nature is like that.
But he sometimes get frustrated when he is called back as "BAINANG SHING", mean his face resembles like an oak tree so rough full of pimples. 
He too is a good dancer and football fan. 

Choki Dorji

Man who knows everything about Psycho. Better to be careful with him. The moment you speak something, its sure that you got a name Psycho. AuuHH!! what a man he is.  Sometimes JK (Jabarjasti Korean) best suit him because his hair style justifies. Sometimes I see him in football field trying his best luck to get  a chance to at least hit ball before game complete. Sometimes I wonder if there really exist such footballer. hahaha,... don't mind choki... 
Any how its nice company with you all..

Chimi Wangchuk (BUSH)

No wonder, he is not from US nor he is the then president of US, Goerge W Bush. He is known as BUSH. May be bush of his hometown, Bumthang. He too is like choki Dorji. Psycho is best word with me. WHenever I see him, i see as if his mouth is solely made to speak only word "psyco". No wonder, such people exist on this beautiful earth. What ever the case be he is a good friend who never mind for anything done to him. 

Namgay (RABA)

Popular, voice of CST!!! No doubt he is a good singer. Just I was surprised once. Once he was shouting. Oh my god!!! he shout as if like a moo of goat.. Name Raba is not derived fromm here. It is derived from his beard that is exactly like goat's beard.  Ahaha... 

Lastly I have many friends who are always with me and help me a lot.. Thanks for being with me and bearing with me. Good luck...

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