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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

For You are!!

The lucidity of thy beauty is my trust and hearty.
The irresistible and my love to you is your Bounty.
Gorgeous is the moon up in the sky,
Letting not to set to the west is my Spy.

We were anonymous when I whispered hi.
When times come for perceptive you said bye.
Thought I am to live all alone.
But you appear again to consider my lone.

Passage to our life is clear.
Message to you is sheer.
Let’s not waste time,
And merge for unity!


  1. beautiful verse, keep posting.
    lover boy. :P
    (bro, what if this option of having to type jumbled word during commenting is changed in your setting. After all, it has not much impact menna la)
    - Leo

    1. Yea but it's in the system! Let me check!! and thank you Leo bro! for comment!!

  2. Awesome and profound words, I often feel as if I will be alone too... I am praying not. Really nice Sangay:)

    1. thank you madam Launa for ur wonderful comment! Hope you will not be alone!


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