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Sunday, September 2, 2012

The scenery moon!

Today, during the day of amusement and serenity,
With you, my angel and jewel of my soul,
You manifest the power and divinity of thy love,
And the day is your birthday!!

To love and give my love to you is what I owe,
Your beauty and charming smile best suits you,
The precious gems and value gold – may not shower like rain,
Since I am a poor boy but I value you the most.
For you to be free from illness and live prosperous life
Is what I pray for you, my sweetheart!

Crossing skye!

The prettiness of cheery moon,
Is the merit of the sky and you - my life!
And please gorgeous moon please!
Remain always there serenely.
Or else I will be saddest person this Earth.
My eyes won’t stop to shed ocean of tears.

In the world of uncertainty life,
With you, my dear feeling the merit,
Disappearance of thy presence,
Shall distinguish me worthless!

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