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Monday, February 17, 2014

~An Agony

Freshness in your looks
Kindness in your heart
Boldness in your pronounce
Determined in your act
Best in your benevolence
Mildness in your walks
I love the way you were!
Even in my dream
Even that day in the frame
You look so visual  
Attempted not to fume in usual
I was attached in realism
Made an all-out effort to brainwash
The fatality of impure life
Indeed in the jealousy that you are good wife
Yet impermanence wipes you away
From the hand of caring husband.
Still our Sonam is sleeping in his best innocent


Unaware yet in his come back from dream
Broken father contemplate how to comfort
The sleeping child yet the jewel you left behind.
Still on the pillow of our juvenile love
I miss those giggles and annoyance
Mixed with emotion and pleasure
Yet I assume you’re come back in afterlife
I miss you!


I will love to read your constructive criticisms for if I may deserve.