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Monday, November 10, 2014

A King - The Selfless

It was a greatest gift for Bhutanese from heaven on 11th November 1955. His majesty the Fourth Druk Gyelpo was born to King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck and Ashi Kezang Choden Wangchuck in Dechencholing Palace, Thimphu corresponding to the Wood Sheep Year of Bhutanese Calendar.
From a very young age, his majesty received Buddhist as well as modern education. He grew up with the pace of modern development of the nation which his father had set in motion. He was trained by his father in governance from a young age.
It was indeed unfortunate for the young Crown Prince and Nation on 21 July 1972. His father passed away at Nairobi in Kenya.  It was on June 2nd he was officially enthroned as the Fourth King of Bhutan. He was the youngest monarch in the world then. The Nation made him to shoulder the daunting responsibility of steering the nation on the path of progress.
Bhutan saw enormous progress in the reign of the Fourth King. The independent and sovereign status of the nation was cemented further with country joined many regional and internal cooperative bodies.
His Majesty the Fourth Dragon King of Bhutan
It was during his reign Bhutan began to steadily progress towards democracy. In 2006, the king announced to hand over the control of government to the people. The work for the first democratic government began. The constitution which constitutes 35 articles was written in consultation with the people and the election commission was set up. Finally in 2008, Bhutan saw its first parliamentary elections and began the new system of governance according to the wish of His Majesty the King.
The major achievement of the fourth king was the Philosophy of Gross National Happiness. GNH was offered as an alternative measure of development of GDP. Development progress should be measured by how much people are happy rather than how much money the nation made – this was the essence of GNH.
Bhutan had been a hideout to the ULFA (United Liberation Front of Assam), the NDFB (National Democratic Front of Bodoland) and the KLO (Kamtapur Liberation Organization). These insurgents had established several bases in the Bhutanese forests across the southern border. This was threat to the national security and the centuries old Indo-Bhutanese relationship.
Despite several peaceful talks with the militants to leave the country and having failed the deadline, this was indication that the rebels had no intention to leave Bhutan. They rather established new camps in more inaccessible areas of Samdrup Jongkhar region.
At last when every possible peaceful request to the militants failed, Bhutan had no other choice but to take up arms and launch a military attack against them. The day was on 15th December 2003.
His Majesty himself led the operation to flush out those militants. It is perhaps the only King of our times, Jigme Singye Wangchuck who has led his army into a battlefield, who willingly put his life to risk for the sake of people and the national security. The selfless, My King.
As we celebrate 60th birth anniversary of your majesty, I pray for the long live and even better prosperous life ahead in times to come.
Happy Birthday your majesty and Long Live. Trashi Delek la
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  1. Nice write -up on our great king on his 60th birthday...thanks

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  3. Wishing our fourth Druk Gyalpo, Happy Anniversary. May shower of happiness always come upon you. :)

  4. The dramatic story of your country ! I wish peace for your nation and around the world !

  5. Sangay, I wonder man and story of your country... thank you for sharing ;)

  6. Uma postarem maravilhosa eu não sabia amei fica sabendo sobre esse assunto. Curta e siga o meu canal

  7. Wow, great to know! Thanks for sharing that here.


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