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Friday, October 17, 2014

For my two Younger brothers

I don’t know why I feel to believe this feeling. May be I concern my two younger brothers who are leading different path as I and their mistake to turn back to my path can be a sin.
I hope with inspiration from our parent and great gurus, they will do justice to what they have opted to go for and live with. Whenever we gather back home with dad and mom, they wish their commitment to go beyond what people usually mull over.
I dedicate the poem to them who are yet to complete their studies from Trashigang Dratshang and Tango Buddhist University. I hope due to my mundane mind I don’t parallel my conducts to them.
During tender years of not even in your teens,
‘Twas where you woo’d the gentle mind well,
Wonder and ponder my mind over thy great deed,
I feel complete aroma in thy life chosen to be monk ever.
Brother Tsheten Tashi
Going on the heavenly abbot called earth,
Beautified with little chirping birds and delight people
When I go to practice religion for universal wellbeing,
I feel complete aroma in my temperament.

In the heavenly abbot of Tango monastery,
With great gurus and loving friends,
When I remember the pleasant face of yearning love,
I feel complete numbness in my heart and soul.
Brother Kezang Rangdel

During my entire eighteen years of survival,
Enjoyed the beauty of dwelling on this wonderful earth,
Yet when I think of my past mischief time alone together
My eyes can’t control to shed ocean of tears.

With not as much of good merit in my past life,
I can feel the paining result in my current verve,
With deep submission and prostration, I pray,
Pray for the wellbeing of sentient beings on the contemporary world!
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  1. Its amazing and indeed sad to read the lines. but if its for the good and for the benefit of entire beings its wonderful...A wise people think twice and fall once but clever think once and fall many times yet they exist...thanks

  2. I thinks we have all felt this Sangay when we gain some wisdom... and we continue to gain it as we grow older...

    I hope you have a happy Friday :)


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