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Saturday, October 25, 2014

A sense in One~

Not so long ago I spent my childhood with my brothers. It was indeed a great intimacy of brotherhood. As we move to manhood and lead the different path in life, we are miles apart. Miles apart that we rarely get to meet physically.
Mentally I ever love close in your heart
Physically wish remain ever in my heart
To be with you – my brothers!
It has become culture for all. A culture to meet back home for only on occasions like, new year celebration, annual rituals, Diwali etc.. It is indeed the education kick us apart miles away. We study for life. We work for life with different organizations and we spent life separately for lifetime.
All accumulations are bound for dwindling.
The dualism bounds to separatism.
But it is again a new culture that gone friends get to meet at the crematorium. Our new start of life shall weaken with the unloving death. And it is enliven for gone friends to meet again for the death at the crematorium.
For every birth’s gladness
I can’t defend to face death madness.
Far and away on the uncertainty bridge

I was undeniably inspired by the pictures that I found in my PC to write this post. Not so long ago, I was in Mongar for the job training. It was good to see and relieving in me to know that they are happy together. A younger brother followed his brother. Sometimes afterward, there is an end. And on the bridge of uncertainty they dwells.
Far and away on the uncertainty bridge
You and I dwell for the purpose of life.
Not many miles in an arena of life
Yet life shall be worth living for and fortify
For the moving death!  

And the loving brothers passes through~
I was born and am living. You were born and we are living a life. Let’s forget not to live a life that will bring us immense and unending happiness. Wish you happiness for all beings on this wonderful mother earth. Embrace you mother with dignity and die with the same.

Have a nice weekend.

Trashi Delek!!!
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