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Monday, May 2, 2016


Sunday morning, near my home
I was sitting on the bench idle.
I was waiting for the sun to rise.

I could hear the beautiful chirp.
That was soothing beautiful!

Before the rise, beautiful bird welcome the day!
Thank you. The day was awesome hence. 

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  1. Beautiful bird and fantastic photos !!
    Happy May !

  2. Lovely birds and great photos Sangay! Beautiful words too! Keep posting!:)

  3. Nice birdies. Chirp Chirp!... Fly Sangay to Malaysia please.

  4. I could sense the hope and the shot in your images. I know how difficult it is to shoot a bird because i hold a hard step into some places and jungles just to fire some good shots for the love of a bird. so, when patience meets the hope and right flashes of time meets the shutter block it appears to be the apt bird shot...great one


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