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Friday, May 20, 2016

Therang - Shingkhar GC Road construction II

Starting from feasibility study to construction was divisive. Those Controversies hindered project about three months. Initially people discussed and minuted to change alignment diverting away from the mandate of having the GC road shortest possible. Initial construction by Dzongkhag administration diverted it mandates from the Guidelines Specifications. The gradient was high enough for vehicles to ply. Department had to propose for the gradient correction work for 3.18km length and unluckily certain length of the road pass through private land. Repeated bulldozing through private land proved injustice. Yet, holistically it was discussed with land owner and it was a success.

The target for this fiscal year was 8.1km. Total length of the road as per feasibility survey report was 11.32km. 3.18km was already trace cut by Dzongkhag but left with high gradient and department had to do correction work. Despite public unfriendly with the construction work, management risked to complete whole remaining length (8.1km) in this fiscal year.
Road is the top most priority of the government and people's want and need either. It is the crucial facility for the development to prosper. Impossibility is guaranteed to develop far flung villages and communities without road network.
Gradient correction work through pvt land. 
Everywhere the concern may be similar. People granted and sign for no objection agreement if road pass through their private land during the initial stage of feasibility studies. During construction stage, people aren't happy because they care their land since it is their livelihood. And this disagreement surfaced at construction of Shingkhar GC road. It marked as the most controversial road construction in the history of Department of Roads with frequent media reports in national level.

Despite hectic pressure from the public, management was challenging. It is best to act holistically considering laws of the land. No one is above law. The last resort for every disagreement is with laws and the system to decide. Decision taking is the toughest and pronouncing for advantage of larger interest is best. Never decide in view of self gain. Lead with laws and every problem will have strict solutions. Finally few individuals were apprehended.
Lyonpo Lekey's recent visit to his Gewog connected with road. 
People tense when the law act. After apprehension apprehensive thought about project was ended. Construction progressed well and it is my glory to inform general public that the construction of Therang - Shingkhar GC road is completed. Yet additional length of 1.24km to the proposed new gewog centre is under construction. Hopefully by the beginning of fiscal year 2016 - 2017 it will be completed.

I applaud and thank my concern site engineer for the dedicated work and as a team we grow. 
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  2. people want road but not gonna give a decimal of land for it. It happens every where. i use to say them that a decimal of land with road is more worth than an acre of it with no road. Unless their whole land is going to be damage, like by u-turns or it is erosion zone, they should understand. I know the value of land but still technology cannot be ignored

  3. The controversy is more than what it was made to appear - not because people fear losing their land to road. It was more than that - you would know more. I come from that place and we are informed of the issue. But it is nice to know that road is finally reach the Gewog Center - that is more important than all other things put together. Good work!

    1. Thank you Ngawang sir for the comment. Every reasons for the controversy are worth not to reflect here. I was engaged from bottom to top for the road construction controversial meetings and discussion for solutions. Being a fresh civil servant, to comment and reveal all those is not allowable. I am more than just happy that the road in constructed well despite hectic pressures.

  4. Your blog had a makeover. Nice!
    Good job on your teamwork. Hope things would be smoothed out soon.

  5. Cute pics!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase


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