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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Blacktopping of Dakpai-Buli-Nimshong GC Road

Dakpai-Buli-Nimshong GC Road starts at Dakpai, 18.00 km on Tingtibi – Zhemgang SNH at an altitude of 1263 m. It traverses through forest touching many villages until Buli (36.60 km), 1698 m. The highest elevation, it passes between Dakpai & Buli is at Talila (18.00 km), 2014 m.

From Buli, the road inclines up through randomly dense forest till Gonglithang (5.10 km), 2154 m. The road further inclines up through the continuously dense forest & crosses Malaya top (10.50 km) at an altitude of 2626 m. The road, then declines down until Rongdigang (19.60 km), 1833 m and incline bit up with four short zigs. Further it traverses straight until Churmulung (25.50 km), 1937 m and then decline down till Nimshong (30.20 km), 1740 m.

The road, Dakpai-Buli was constructed in early years of ninth fifth year plan and Buli-Nimshong road was constructed in later years of 10th fifth year plan.
Blacktopping work in progress at Nimshong
From the above alignment description of the road, it is clear that the road stretch from Dakpai to Buli (36.60 km) passes through uniform elevation variation. Whereas, the road stretch from Buli crosses the highest elevation variation. Due to high elevation and dense forest cover along Gonglithang until Rongdigang, the road corridor and the pavement in particular receive less sun, leaving the road stretch marshy and damp throughout the year.

Although major sections of the road have been blacktopped, it is observed deterioration of wearing coarse in the form of potholes; alligator cracks, depression distress, shoving etc. At certain stretch, the gross failures of pavement are observed.

Due to more damp and marshy locations, almost 2.40 km of road beyond Malaya towards Nimshong were left without blacktopping.
Road stretch through dense jungle beyond Malaya
To forgo the blacktopping of marshy sections, discussion were held in various meetings and even in Department’s Quarterly meeting and resolute the same.

That’s why, certain stretch along Buli to Nimshong GC (2.40 km out of 30.20 km target) road was not blacktopped. Nonetheless, estimates for the remaining pavement improvement works have been prepared inclusive of cross drainage and road drainage for the betterment of smooth road along the high elevation ranges. 

I generously regret the inconveniences caused to the public of Upper Kheng, UK.

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  1. Wow!!! You are back after 2 years!!! It's like winning a lottery to read your new post. Hahaha

    Please don't disappear again as I like to read your posts about development in Bhutan.

    1. Thank you, hope i can update regularly henceforth.

  2. I hope by the time I visit Zhemgang, all the road has been blacktopped fully and can travel conveniently :D Happy to see you back to blogging la! :)

    1. I hope, everything related to road improvement activities expedite before you visit Zhemgang :) haha... You are wholeheartedly welcome to visit remote Zhemgang.

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