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Thursday, April 11, 2013


Plato said, at the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet. So let’s be a donor at touch of every like and share of the post with photos of TkCr.org.

I am not a social worker nor am I someone who carries loads of name and fame. I am simple guy loitering in my thoughts and practical to be good to everyone that will relate to me during my existence. I am not blowing my own trumpet. I am not writing this article to oblige away someone’s attention. If you hate to help or at least murmur behind, I am sorry. And I’ll ask you now; can ethical disciplines be practiced and inculcated for yourself that’ll not benefit others? Or will you be happy if you don’t pour your happiness on to others? What do you do when you are happy? 

There are many little adorable kids loitering and begging in the very near street Jaigon. I bet almost everyone who visited for different purposes might have encountered those little kids. Equivalent Bhutanese kids at this age will be busy playing with friends and enjoying under the guidance and care of dear parents. When I say this, I don’t mean I am not concern of the left out kids of my own nation. Most of those unfortunates resulted due to alcoholic drama of their parents but not due to genuine poverty. 

I know the poverty is there in some pocket of my country but they are not as miserable as one you are seeing and feeling. 

There are few millionaires helping those kids. There are millions commoners thinking and wishing them to be rich to help them. There are leaders and social workers striving to elevate that child massacre. 
Photo of the page

It is usual sight of photos on facebook of skinny weary dark child labeled with emotional words seeking for donation. And there are photos of beautiful and sexy ladies who we are fan of, handsome men whom we called actors, and like, comment and share their status and photos. What is the cause in liking their photos, status etc..? And sorry I am not arguing not to like and comment on their status when facebook is free for every face and you have the full liberty of your choice. 

There are few genuine pages which are unquestionably for the cause. Every likes, shares and comments are counted for the donation. The more like they got more donors donate. This is a page TkCr.org on facebook. They are working hard to stop the above mentioned menace. And to proof every donation, they upload original receipts. That is why I recommend everyone to like the page which is definitely helping those unfortunate children. 

We believe in gaining merit through giving. It is the simplest thing that you can give and gain merit for which every click on like button of yours are counted. I can’t expect any platform which for very simple work is tot up. The cause and condition gets fulfilled. 

Plato said, at the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet. So let’s be a donor at touch of every like and share of the post with photos of TkCr.org.


  1. Kindness is a language of rose which in turn would accumulate good merits in our life.. thanks for the information... I am you must be aware of the recent launch of the mobile education for street kids.. you can check t our here http://www.targetmap.com/viewer.aspx?reportId=23598

    enjoyed reading... happy blogging...

    1. thank you dorji for your comment and the link!!

  2. I liked the page Sangay... this was a really nice post :)


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