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Friday, August 12, 2011

College LifE : Outcome

The moment when I saw -you are selected for BE courses for example on the declaration of the selected students in the respective colleges under RUB, my thinking actually was or is never an intention to work hard and come out as successful person. I think only to see and enjoy the beauty of charming and sexy girls, jam session where most of the student will be a first timer.

College years have a lot to teach one individual and each one will stumble upon their path in their own time. But in the mean time it is all about experiencing opportunities at every corner to find what you like. I guarantee very few people will stick with the first idea they decide to pursue and discover the real diamond in them. 

Industrial tour

scene from industrial tour to calcutta

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Having learned and developed the skill to think for our self instead of what we were being taught in the classroom should change our life and it will be wonder to mention tremendously. Everyone has to travel their own path and in this time we will discover what makes us happy. For me that will be learning to think for myself.

Therefore, college will be definitely the best years of my life because these years will teach me the best lesson in life: be content in whatever we do and happiness will follow.

Enjoying football match

The most basic thing is to study, work hard and discover what is within oneself. Jamming, romancing, partying etc is like part time work.


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