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Monday, August 22, 2011

I know you are there in India...

I know that you are in Madhya Pradhis, India. I think the land is calling me. I know this is where you are. I feel it in my heart that you are home for me. You are Bartsham princess.

I see you with your dark flame red gold hair, golden eyes, and tanned skin; when I close my eyes. I hear your deep tone of voice caressing my ears, along with your deep echoing laugh. I get a pain in my neck looking up at your photos. I know the feel of your skin, the intoxicating scent of your skin, the hard planes of your body, and the familiarity of your voice and the unlimited dialogue. Your honesty, trust, loyalty, and caring endear you to no end. The intelligence, boldness, and courtesy shows you are the rock I need. You will always provide and I will be content I think..

You haunt my dreams. I will long for the day to meet you. I know that I must be open and ready to receive the happiness that I will get after meeting you. I am ready now.
This is my missive to the universe. Bring her who I am destined to be with to me, I want the other half of my soul. The throbbing grows ever more obvious. I wait on you with open arms.

Don't mind!!!!


  1. you terribly miss her man...its time to get some wings, spread it and fly there and hold her tight..:)

  2. if i have i could have done.. hehhe


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