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Friday, November 4, 2011

Mila's Soekhar Guthog

A man was inspired. He was motivated. He has the power and will. And the man is Lam Kezang. The power and determination of him is what we can’t measure. In 2007 he visited Milarepa Tower in Qinghai, Tibet. “Ever since I visited the Milarepa Tower in Qinghai in 2007, I have had a dream to build a similar tower (Sekargutok or Nine-storied Tower) in Bhutan”.

Due to his immense aspiration to build such tower in Bhutan, Royal Government of Bhutan approved 5 acre site at Rigzinling, Sampheling Gewog, Phuntsholing under Chukha dzongkhag.
All the architectural drawing and access road to the site was completed. On 2nd November, 2011 corresponding to the seven day of nine month and Rabbit Metal year of Bhutanese calendar the ground breaking ceremony or Salang Tendrel was conducted by His Holiness Je Khenpo.

”We anticipate that, when finished, the Milarepa Tower will become an important spiritual centre as well as a major tourism and cultural attraction.

To build such a Tower will earn great merit for all who participate.

Please give generously! May all be auspicious!”
said Lam Kezang Tsheltrium. 
with one of the main sponsors
Lam Kezang

With Lam
The nine-story stupa Lord Milarepa last built was Soekargutok Stupa. It stands in its original position, symbolizing unwavering faith of Milarepa had in his teacher and Buddha dharma.

The merits of building stupas and monasteries are profound and vast and extremely we can't measure. Building a stupa-monastery in memory of Drukpa lineage master Lord Milarepa  is specially so. And contributing few or how much we can will earn merits. 


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