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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Are we Helpless??

Let me represent our dear youth, young men and women. This could me what our youth strive for. And here it goes…..

There is no guide book to this game we call life. There are no wrong or right answers; our only clue to living life is our heart.

But what’s one heart without another? What be the point of living life only to fade back into black in the end?
All I ever asked for is a friend or two, but no one ever hears, am I not loud enough? Not clear enough? Or is it I’m not good enough? Is it what I’m asking for not what I need, because in this moment I’m empty inside?

Tonight I’m so insane I want to leave home and scream in the middle street “Hey everyone, I’m alive! I exist! I’m actually real, I’m here.”

Maybe then it’ll be clear to the world what I want is only friendship, love and job, nothing more.
I’ve never asked for money, an unfortunate lesser person could use that prayer elsewhere. I’ve never caused harm to anyone, so why it that I’m treated this way?

Why can I never be happy?
Who am I?
Where and why am I here?

My body’s young, my memories new, yet my soul seem old. All I know is love, yet I’m always kept back in the shadows, no one knows I’m here.

Now I’m making sure tonight someone will know I am here. I’m waiting to meet them, and for whatever is the reason, this mysterious force we call life is keeping me from them.

And I’m sorry, I’m not sure I can make it through alone, please help me get by. My strength has been drain throughout the years, I feel like I’ll break. Help me before I snap into 2 more incomplete parts.

My wish: I will sleep tonight and hope to see you there where I go every night. Only this time it won’t be a field of nightmares but of freedom. And when I wake, beauty will illuminate my life.

But in reality: I know I will wake up to the same world as today is. And so I will keep losing and losing my sanity at age 17. Dealing with depression, with no love, no friends.

So please listen. Please tell me you can hear me; please tell me you know I exist. Tell me I’m not alone; tell me I don’t HAVE TO be alone anymore. This is the last straw, before I become lonely forever, heartless and cold, the one thing I truly despise is the thing I’ll become soon without you. Someone save me.

Help our youth to discover diamond in them. 

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