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Monday, November 21, 2011

I am Sorry

This is written for the bird that succumbed to death after colliding on the wall of the building for which I failed to save her life. These birds are usually found near my room enjoying on a giant tree that bears fruit twice in a semester. Early in the morning I could hear them singing to their tone and chatting. It was on Sunday afternoon when I was studying, two birds flew directly from the tree with full speed and suddenly one collided on the building wall and died after few minutes.

This is the second incident. A month back another bird did the same. But luckily it was safe. It was funny for the instant but when I see them suffering with pain and struggling it’s really aching.

I am sorry for not clever enough to safe your life. You were warm when I picked from the ground. Your beak was broken and neck was too mislay to hold your head. I tried my level best to safe you but in vain. I know how this happened to you. Actually you shouldn’t be hastening this much. I know the tree is full of what you want and it will be plenty for thousands of you.

Luckily your friend was safe.

Your body became cold and rigid. And I knew you are death now. I am sorry dear cute bird. 

Giant tree where Birds enjoy

Building wall where it was collided

That handsome head
with a mighty beak, 
Hands like fists are
where there should be feet.

Wonderful colours cover
Your shape, enough splendors
To make a person gaze.

While you are alive-
With your wings held high
You put a smile on my face.
With all your power
You always left your trace.
Never did I see you frown
For your smile was never upside down.

You were always by my side
And although you are no longer 
I can still feel your presence
Your feathers warming my heart
I will always miss you.

And I know the favor will be returned some day
For when I see once again as like you
It will be in the sky where
They will once again hold their wings up high.
But I feel your good sound is already missing;

Tip of Giant tree


  1. Nice one bro.! It's good that you tried to save its life.
    Bro., if you wouldn't mind, I have small suggestions please:
    You may kindly check the spelling of 'safe' in the second line of first para. Since it is a verb, it should be 'save'. Then you may also see the spelling of 'to' in the third line of 3rd para. It should be 'too mislay' instead of 'to' i think. I know this are small mistakes you failed to check. I am not suggesting the corrections because you don't know their right form but just only to make you known about the small mistakes that took place simply. Hope you don't mind for this. You all are very much welcomed to make such suggestion for corrections in my posts too. I am and will be very happy to get such comments so that we learn about small things together. Keep posting!

  2. thank you bro. Langa for your comment and correction.. The problem is I never do editing before I post...

    Thank you and you are always welcomed for such ..


I will love to read your constructive criticisms for if I may deserve.